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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John 
Page in 1737 hy King George II of England, was 
carried hv his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, ApQQ,ir775 2009 




ck note from the math department 
thank you for all of your work and commitment 
making B-wing a better place 
ere you solved problems with style and grace 
lling jokes that make us laugh 
Especially the ones not about math 
ow that you will be missed 

your department, your colleagues and all of 
r students 
wish you much happiness 
r home will always be at BHS 


r. Stephen- 
ig them 
call them 
, Mather"'-'*- 

Comments from your Math Colleagues: 

You have left such big shoes to fill, it will take two of us ~ C 
lYou hove mode working at BHS a joy, from your friendship, to 
Vour guidance, and always your support. I thank you for mak- 
ing my thirteen years such a rewarding experience. ~ Colleen 


I would like to say thank you for the best mentoring experi- 
||ence of my career. When I arrived here at BHS, it was 
your guidance that helped me to quickly get on track as an 
lodministrator and teacher. I sincerely appreciate our time to- 
gether and look forward to our conversations when you are 
in the building. Your impact as a teacher in this school will 

|words cannot explain the influence you have had in my life, so ||be felt for years to come. Cose in point: Two of our former 
I will use moth - you are my 2, my pi and my x ~ Christine students (yours and mine), one of whom is a junior, visited 

P'hank you for supporting us in our first year at BHS ~ Liz I [this week and asked how you were doing. They now attend 

Cowles, Jesse Dix, Amanda Faulkner, and David Kalpin one of the top colleges in the country and fondly remember 

If you ever do completely retire, I will miss our old conversations and appreciate their time in your class. You will always be 
|immensely :) ~ Dotty | [remembered as a great teacher and good friend. 

You are a great soul ~ Amanda Faulkner Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I want to soy that 

thanks for your abiding faith in my integrity as a teacher and I [I'm happy you cut off ihot pony tail. ~Rich Carson 
or the unqualified support over the lost ten years during good Hola Richard... 

times and bad. Your personal example helped me temper my .11 has been a great pleasure knowing you and working with 
jteachings with compassion and challenge my students without ||youl Although, I have to admit, there were times when I had| 
overwhelming them. Thanks also for the thoughtful converse- my doubts . You pushed me off a bridge woy too many 
Itions we hove had concerning mathematics and life in general. Iltimes in your Calculus class when we were sharing my 
I hope we con continue the dialogue in the coming years at classroom. Thonks for being such a killer roommatel J 
Watch City ~ Venk Muchisimas grocios for also being such a wonderful 

[There is no greater gift than friendship and I am grateful to have| |chaperonel You mode our trip to Puerto Rico a memoroble 
yours. You've been there for me personally and professionally, and unforgettable experience. I mean, who can forget the 
[without fail, for my entire Bedford career. I connot thank you | [infamous "booty shotsi" ~Barb 
enough. ~ Jerry Pe 

ugh. ~ Jerry Peters 
.Mr. Stephenson loved to teach and used to work in industry. 
[He loved to point out that, if you liked it, teaching was o great 
job, particularly here ot Bedford High. He would soy... 
[ "isn't this a great gig?l" 

And he would always say it with a broad smile on his 

Richard really cores about people, and about the kind of between colleagues that can moke you feel as though 
I [you're part of a family. Maybe a dysfunctional family, 

sometimes, but a family nonetheless. I've hordly gotten to 
I [do more than exchange hurried greetings with him in the 
hallway this year, but I've still been really heartened and 

|face I ~ Mr, McGowon ^|Cheered by his presence. ~ Lorry Shoinfeld ^| 

Be [That Somethi 

When you first walk into high school, you 
immediately begin to ponder who you 
want to be here, what you want to 
OOOOinpfish/ and how you want others to 
see you. In order to find yourself, 
however, you have to find something that 
makes you, you. Like a piece of a collage, 
each of us is unique in our own special 
way. Whether youVe the star football 
player, a mathlete, or a yearbook editor, 
finding something that youVe truly 
[ •T«H!ft»1it»lfel about is what molds you into 
the person that you grow up to be. At 
BHS, the possibilites are endless. With 
handsful of clubs and Division title sports 
teams, you are bound to find something 
in this high school where your true colors 
can shine through. In the end, one of the 
greatest feelings from high school will 
be to look back and say, "Hey I was a 
part of something in that school. I made 
a difference." High school is not only a 
transitional time from adolescence to adult- 
hood, but it's something that makes you 
laugh, something that inspires you, or even 
just something that interests you, [be that 
something] that everyone will remember. 
[Be that something] that no one 


The academics at BHS are not only challenging and thought 
provoking, but also diverse and ennpowering. Students at BHS 
not only learn the basics to help them succeed in college, but 
also the basics in order to succeed in life. 

Be [Athletic] 

Sports in the fall and v/inter seasons were about new experi- 
ences and broadening new horizons. Whether it was having 
new coaches, new teammates, or even a whole new team, the 
athletes pushed through obstacles and gave it their all. It didn't 
matter if they were bleeding, sweating, or crying, athletes gave 
it their all. 


Whether it was during an x-block or a Friday after school, students] 
at BHS were constantly participating in some form of activity. Cui 
ture and language clubs, honor societies, and community service 
organizations were just some of the clubs that BHS had to offer. 
These clubs and activities provided students with a positive outlet, 
which benefited the members, school, and community. 

Be [Cre^^ 

In a world overwhelrnS^^i5iSlS^fTnofegy, one o^^^KsTffHngs | 
in life is to simply be creative. Think outside the box. Whether 
you sculpt, take pictures, sing, or act, being inventive is not only 
a way to show a different side of you, but also to explore your 


Our World 

"Over the summer, I spent seven weeks volunteering in the Volta region of Ghana. I worked in an orphan- 
age, taught in a school, and did HIV Awareness work. What inspired me most was the kids at the orphan- 
age. Though many of them had HIV, they were persistent and resilient, determined to make the most of their 
lives. To work with them, and help make their lives a little better, was a really rewarding experience." 

Odd Job 




This summer I started work- 
ing at Crestview Kennel in 
Bedford. I always wanted 
to work with animals as a 
zookeeper, but I'm not old 
enough to volunteer at a 
zoo, I have to be 18. Now 
I take part in the care and 
maintenance of about 40 
dogs. Seeing all those dogs, 
Koppy to see me everyday is 

ii\ was a computer tech guy 
at BHS, I basically set up 
all the computers in the 
system with Derek Ching 
and Brandy Reed over 
the summer. I still know 
nothing about computers, 
but I know how to set them 
up, take them down, and 
move them. ^ 

Be [Adventurous] While you're in high school, you probably have a job. We never seem to hove enough 
cosh in our pockets. Working hard and still getting paid minimum wage isn't always fun, but we oil had fun 
memories from odd customers, or making new friendships with our coworkers, people you never would have as- 
sociated with except at work. Most of us were working at CVS, department stores, restaurants, and some of us 
even had more unique jobs like working at kennels and helping the Lone and Davis Schools. 

C^On half days, I'm a chaper- 
one for the Lone and Davis 
School students. I've seen 
an animal show where I got 
to touch a turtle, saw Beverly 
Hills Chihuahua, and even 
went to Fun World. It's a lot 
of fun because I get to visit 
different places, getting paid 
to re-live my childhood. 

needed this job at 
shalls to pay for the Belize 
trip. For the first 3 months, 
I channeled my perfection- 
ism in my job. I organized 
the boxes in the shoe 
department, making sure 
they were all aligned. 

What Went 


Students at BHS bring many things 
to Bedford Day. They raise funds 
for their classes with dunk tanks and 
kissing booths and also show the 
town what happens in school. Some 
groups that took part were the robot- 
ics team, the school chorus, and the 

On January 13th, 2008 the Buc Stop 
opened for business. A school store run 
by the students in the Business classes, the 
Buc Stop is a convenient place to pur- 
chase school apparel, snacks, and other 
items. It is located in lower C hall. 

In 2008, government classes had a mock 
debate. Students divided into Republican 
or Democratic parties and represented 
either Barack Obama or John McCain. 
They worked to persuade their fellow 
students to vote for their candidate. 

On February 4th, 2009, the long awaited annual Mr. 
BHS was quite a show as contestants Tommy Borkovic, 
Ben Bosco, Alex Bradford, Jomin Fine, David Finkelstein, 
Nick Neveux, and Nick Tate competed for the prestigious 
title. However it was ultimately Alex who the judges 
deemed fit to wear the crown. 

osted the First 

Annual Fashion Show at BHS. Senior guys and gals 
strutted their stuff on the runway to raise money for 
their All Night Graduation Party. The show was a 
success and the participants looked phenomenal! 

On At BHS 


The Multicultural performance on February! 1 th, 2009 was a fantastic show of students' background here at BHS. Th^^^^j^ 
Dean from Brandeis shared some poems, while the Marblehead Choir and the Step Team showcased their African Hel 
tage through song and dance. Laura Castaneda celebrated her heritage with her fellow Latinos in an amazing perfor- 
mance of different Latino music and dance. Emily Chen performed on the Guzheng or Chinese zither to represent her 
Chinese background. World Drumming and the chorus performed "Dhoom" from an Indian Bollywood film. At the end, 
a presentation of "Stand By Me" was shown, sung bv^^rent singers all over the world. 

The Final Touch 

Claddagh Rings Blue Hats Spirit Shirts 

Just For Kicks 

Flip Flops Converse 

A tree, dedicated to Janine King who passed away October 
8th, 2007, was planted in the high school's senior courtyard. 
Each student held a yellow balloon, representing the Jamai- 
can flag, Janine's heritage, or a purple balloon, Janine's 
favorite color. Janine, we hope you have found peace in 
eternal life. 

The Gadgets 

Blackberry iPhone Sidekick 


24. Find Your Passion 

22. Participate In 
Senior Skip Day 


14. Go To The 
Bedford K-12 
Art Show 

16. Subnnit 
Something To The 

This past year for the Class of 2009 has been a fun, stressful, and reflec- |' 
tive time. It's the final chapter of a book that began when, holding onto our 
parents' hands for dear life, we took our first steps into Pre-School and Kinder- ^ 
garten. What we've learned and experienced in the last days of high school 
we take with us as we begin our life beyond graduation. For the seniors of 
2009 the transition from a High School student to on aspiring adult has been a 
difficult, yet worthwhile prologue to the rest of our lives. 


h.[Be] ene 
IC^n ine. [Be] 

lert [Be] 
e] • [Be] 
Idid • [Be] 
[Be] joyo 
[Be] spl 
inkful • [B 
[Be] fas 


^KI&B^] excifeH 

• I be| artistic • [bej 

Class Officers 

[Be] spontane 

^Be/ a/amorous 
e] cour 
e] funn 
.[Be] b 
Be] helpfu 

• [Be] thankful • [Be] witty 

nd • [Be] lovely • [Be] lucky 
] successful • [Be] witty • [6 

• [Be] cool • [Be] responsibl|p™ 

fBeJ yourself [Be] 

inded • [Be] pnceless • [Be] eiBIB 

• [Be] superb • [Be] versatile'' 
mpressive • [Be] important • [Be] ffj 
1 artistic • [Be] entertaininn 



Bottom Row: Treasurer Kristine Tom, President Emma Howie, Vice President Rachel 
Darby, Secretary Gillian Weeks. Top Row: Prom Comittee Moniko Joshi, Cora Bentley, 
Courtney Cox, and Dewayne Clachar 

^^Looking back on our childhood, it is amaz- 
ing to see the progression that has taken 
place in our lives. As a class, we have a re- 
markable variety of characters who create 
a well-rounded and amiable atmosphere in 
which to learn and live. This sense of diver- 
sity has made us all stronger and taught us 
the traits in ourselves that will withstand for 
years to come. From play dates to prom 
dates and intramural soccer to division 
league champions, we have all flourished 
in our own individual ways, and have each 
other to thank for it. This bond will remain 
for eternity as we share the sacred memo- 
ries of what has brought us together dur- 
ing our time here in Bedford. I am proud 
to say that I have had the luxury of being 
among such talented, intelligent and conge- 
nial people: Bedford High School's Senior 
Class of 2009. » 

-Sen/or Class President Emma Howie 


Being a senior doesn't mec 

n you're perfect just feels that way. 

Bradford Bolich 


Melody Morris 


Drew Hearing 

Mae Steinberg, 

Tyler Cummings & 
Green Man (Coim Hurley) 


Jackson Orr 

Michael Pacheco 

Patrick Packenham 

Alicia Petitti 



Mosf L/lce/y To... 

Be the 1 st mayor of Bedford... Davio Dispena 
Live with his mom... Nick Romanelli 
Die without caffeine... Katie Norregaard 
Get into an argument... Sheila Werth, 
Become a bouncer... Dave Micu 
Be the next blonde bombshell..,. MichqeJ ,P,ql 
Bench press an 

Become a neurobiologist... Charlotte WJi 
Marry a computer...Assaf Shah< 
Follow a Rock 'n Roll Tour..^ 
Be the screaming parenl^at his kid's game,J 
Go to prom with a teac^^^^ewayi 
Star in the sequel to Just Friends. ..Ale: 

an unexpected college party animal.. .Alex Heyl 
a log cabin... Chris t^^^^^^ 
Be a groundskeeper for the Red Sox. ..Tyler Cummings 
Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake Minghan C. 
Most likely to quietly take over the world... Aimee Y. 
Marry a millionaire or die trying. ..Natalia Bienkowski 
Become a Townie...Cora B., Danielle B., Joyce M. 
Tell you a random fact...Adrien Jarvis 





Dave Micu and Mike Dale 

Prom Court: 

Cora Bentley, Claire Criniti, Jynette DeMorco, Chelsea 
Niemeyer, Mae Steinberg, GJ. Baratta, Alex Bradford, 
Dewayne Clachar, Thomas McNulty, and Brett Plugis 

a night to remember 


juniors only 

May 23, 2008 
Marriot Hote 
Burlington, Massac 

June A, 2008 

bleacher painting 


"The Great Paint Fig^^^^ 


The paint fight that almost wasn't. The class of 2009's turrj^ 
J bleacher pamfing tradition was almost cancelled by the administration due to previous years of getting paint on the 
ck. The seniors would have hod to paint the rock in front of the school, had it not been for the class officers who were 
ie tp keep the tradition in place. The class of 2009 hopes to see the tradtton continued for years to come! 


Assaf Shahcr 

Ennma Howie, Marissa Masek, Diana 

Johnson, and Holly Kelly show off 
their bleacher painting spirit at school! 

Shannon Gallagher, Katie Norregaard, 
Annie Leslie, Natalia Bienkowski, 
Sarah Medwar, and Claire Criniti 


With the beqinning of each new school year, c sea of new faces aopear at BHS. 
No. I'm not talkinp about those silly freshman. BHS is not only comprised of students from 
Bedford, but also from Boston and Honscom Air Force Base. With parents in 
the military, student from the base have had the unique experience of traveliF 
across not only the United States, but also many exciting parts of the 
world. This color coordinated map exemolifies the freauency ^ot, 
which some of these students move and the diveristy of places! 
in which the military places them and their fa milies^ 
Despite moving all their lives, these seniors hoTe*"^^! 
somehow made their way to BHS and ^^^^^V 
are undoubtedly leaving an inspirational markl 
on this schooL 

^Germany. We woul^always^ 
go camping and they had I 
■| great campsites! Germany | 
HHHHHHHM | wos SO pretty with amazing ■ 

" Japan. The people, ' food/" 
^atmosphere, and food were| 
amazing! " j 

CA, England, 

CO, MA Japan MD VA Germany, Iceland, FL, VA, AL, AR, 
' ' Japan, TX, LA, HI, CA, Belgium, CA, MA 

^ " WasT/ngfon. If was 
I pretty there and people I 
P were super fn'end/y/" | 



^" Ar/zona. weofTier^ 
^ was greaf/" ^ 



you remember 

ou grew up in 



Be [Tenacious] 

Tenacious- persistent, refusing to 
give up or give in; remaining constant 
to a purpose, idea, or task in the face 
of obstacles or discouragement 

If there ever was a time to enjoy the high school experience fully without 
worrying about the future or being the low man on the totem pole, it had 
to be Junior year. The perfect balance between feeling like high school 
will never end, and the anticipation of senior year creeping slowly over 
the horizon, junior year is an extremely fun and exciting time to be a 
student. Sure, the course load is a burden, but it only makes those good 
times that much more exciting when the weight of class work is temporarily 
lifted from our minds. Being a junior as opposed to a senior leaves you 
feeling firmly attached to your school (both feet are still securely inside 

^^^^the door), yetthere is a certain share 

of leadership and a 
feeling of "running 
the campus". 

Junior year is the most important part of our high school experience. We can 
finally call ourselves upperclassmen and finally get to drive ourselves and our friends 
around. We get to invite people to our own semi and prom for the first time and can 
participate in the infamous bleacher painting. However, even though we wish it was, 
this year isn't all about having fun. We're in harder classes and get more work and 
have to start studying for the test that can make or break our future, the SAT. Colleges 
have become top priority and we're all starting to think about what it will be like to fi- 
nally be out on our own. Once we finish junior year we'll finally be seniors and almost 

in the clear so keep working hard, we're almost there!^^ 

-Junior Class President Sophia Kesler 



From Left: Dan Kipp strikes a pose while performing at the Tournament of Plays. Amanda 
Rogers, Carson nankins, and Hannah Levenson smile for the camera during tne spirit 
games. Jennifer Purks, Nick Giglio, and Sarah Watson hang out during break. Sarah 
Gault, Molly Cain, and Amy Campbell spend time together over the summer. Amanda 
O'Donnell sits outside BHS during the fall with some Fiends. Heather Kaufmann, Sarah 
Stimson, Anoush Arakelian, Wendy Lin, Louisa Bauer, Don Johnston, and Evan Marshall 
after Madgrical Dinner. Right Page: (Right) Prom Comittee members, Victoria Taggort, 
and Kristina Barr work alongside of Class Officers Sophia Kesler, Collie Anderson and 
Gabby Bard to sell candy grams to benefit the class of 2010. 

Left (Top Row): Vice President Don Kipp, Student Representative Joke Bogrod-Denton. 

(Bottom) President Sophia Kelser,Treasurer Collie Anderson and 

Secretary Gabby Bard. 

Prom Comittee Nikki Lespasio, Victoria Taggart.Kristina Barr, and Ben Rose 

Best Friends 

Below: Heath- 
er Smiles and 

Manya Wal- 
lace hang out 

during spirit 

Alysso Trem- 
bloy and Abby I 
Stone act silly | 
together. Right: 
Nicole Yen and I 
'endy Lin pose I 
together for the | 

Above (Top Row): Carson Hankins, Amanda Rogers, Jamie 
— McConnell, Gabby Bard, Mirella Ruggiero, Kristen Cangiano, 
Sophia Kesler. Bottom Row: Victoria Taggart, Sarah Stimson, 
Alyssa Moloney, Kristina Barr, and Collie Anderson pose for 
Left: Anoush Arokelion and Louisa Bauer get ready for the spirit 
sophomore), Justin Brooks, Derek O'Rourke, and John Isnor tailgate 

pictures before this year's Semi-formal, 
gomes. Scott Johnson, Josh Goodridge 
before the big football gome against Arlington. Left; K.C. Mondello, Kristen Cangiano, and Tim Pike get 
ready for Pep Rally. 




Callie Anderson 
Anoush Arakelian 
Gabriel Arocha 
Alexander Ball 
Gobriele Bard 

Samantha Barkhouse 
Leon Barnes 
Kristina Barr 
Timothy Barry 
Louisa Bauer 

Philip Beecy 
Bethany Benjamin 
Lucia Benne 
Benjamin Berenson 
Zachary Berman 

Katherine Boebel 
Jake Bograd-Denton 

Matthew Bowers 
Christopher Bridgeman 
Justin Brooks 

Samantha Brown 
Molly Coin 
Amy Campbe 
Kevin Cangiono 
Kristen Cangiono 

ear]. To get into a 
good college, you have 
to do well this year. And 

a lot of people think 
you hove to take certain 
classes to get into college 
and I want to go my own 
-Victoria Clare 

The biggest 
stress as a 


unior IS... 

Derek Ching 
Judy Chong 
Victoria Clare 
Heather Clariett 
Kathryn Coe 

Sarah Cook 
Dylan Curtin 
Richard Davidson 
Matthew Davis 
Alexandra Desiato 

Michael Dirrane 
Zachary Donahue 
Cotter Ellis 
Malesia Ferreira 
Peter Fotis 

Cheyenne Fox-Tree 
Dennis Gagnon 
Sarah Gault 
Nicholas Giglio 
Oliver Goldschmidt 

Dylan Gonsolves 
Evan Graessle 
Christopher Grant 
Chelsea Graybeal 
Sean Greene 

unior c ass 


Kimberly Hagan 
Carson Hankins 
Charlotte Harris 
Elizabeth Harris 
Jordan Higgins 

Kyle Huemme 
Arenmongla Imsong 
Zachary Inz 
Nicholas loffredo 
Devin Jacobs 

Scott Johnson 
Daniel Johnston 
Kevin Judge 
Heather Kaufmann 
David Kercher 

Sophia Kesler] 
Daniel Kipp 
Dylan Koundakjian 
Alex Kovacs 
Jillian Krank 

Michal Kruk 
Zachary Land 
Andrew Landnnan 
Nicole Lespasio 
Hannah Levenson 

What I 

hope everyone 
keeps a positive 
outlook on life, y 
and I hope that I POpe StOyS 
won't turn into a 
generally unhappy 
isolated person" 
-Richard Davidson 


e same.. 

nnuch fun in life as 
do in school, that I 
still have the same 
opportunities, and 
that I get to interact 
with such interesting 
Valerie Whiteneck 

"My friends- 
they've made 
me who I am 
today.. .and my 
Iteammates, thank 
-Nikki Lespasio 

ne I 
will never 

"Tim Barry and 
Phil for all of ou 
great X-block 
-Zack Bernnan 

Wendy Lin 
Jason Litchfield 
Mark Mallet 
Alyssa Maloney 
Michael Maloney-Ward 

Harry Markuse 
Evan Marshall 
Robert Maxon 
Jannie McConnell 
Nicholas McDermott 

Timothy McDonald 
Aileen McGrory 
Brittiani Miller 
Ryan Malloy 
Keith Mondello 

Chaquanda Montes 

Albert Mooreheod 
Brandon Mottolo 
Syndhia Mungalachetty 
Sara Neto 

Veronica Niebels 
Coral O'Connor 
Kelsey O'Connor 
Victoria O'Connor 
Amanda O'Donnell 

unior class 

Evan O'Malley 
Derek O'Rourke 
Amos Oliver 

Tristan Osgood 
Chelsea Pandes 

Lindsey Pandes 
Sean Pearson 
George Phillos 
Robert Piccirillo 
Timothy Pike 

Morto Pisera*""^ " *" 
Dejae Pizarro 
Heather Poirier 
Joseph Pompo 
Alyssa Puchacz 

Jennifer Purks 
David Roimond 
Shreyas Ravi 
Travis Rennich 
Irena Rimkus 

Amanda Rogers 
Benjamin Rose 
Gregory Rosen 
Michael Rubin 

Mirello Ruggiero 

Sylvester Ruggiero 
Philip Sands-Arnold 
Nizhum Shaikh 
Natasha Shropshire 
Tristan Sjolie 


Rachel Skorupka 
Heather Smiles 
Alexander Smith 
Sarah Stimpson 
Abigail Stone 

IMarijke Struijk 
Shelby Sullivan 
Victoria Taggart 
Sahil Tembulkar 
Andrew Thomas 

Michael Thorson 
Matthew Tiano 
Kira Topeka 
' Alyssa Tremblay 
Morielle Valeri 

Manya Wallace 
Brianna Walsh 
Timothy Walsh 
James Wang 
Dennis Warner 

James Washer 
Brandon Watson 
Sarah Watson 
Nevin Whalley 
Valerie Whiteneck 

Kiorro Wright 
Nicole Yen 
Justin Yeung 
Michael Zelixon 



1. (Left) Victoria Taggart, Jake Bograd-Denton, 
Dan Kipp, Nikki Lesposio, Callie Anderson, Ben 
Rose during this year's spirit games. 2. Anoush 
Arakelian, Sarah Goult, and Molly Coin dress up 
for their history fair performance. 3. Irena Rimkus 
and Zach Bermon support the junior class. 4. 
During the Semi-formal Sam Brown, Kiorra Wright, 
and Alysso Moloney pose for a picture. 5. Chris 
Grant, AJ Mooreheod, and Dylan Gonsalves sing 
Spanish Christmas carols during Spanish class. 6. 
Sarah Neto, Brittiani Miller, and Brandon Watson 
work on a project together. 7. Katie Coe and Sam 
Borkhouse go from class to class gathering the 
recycling during X-block. 8. Evan Graessle falls 
asleep during X-block. 9. Dan Johnston, Anoush 
Arakelian, Andrew Thomas, and Matt Bowers 
during history fair. 10. Gabby Bard gets caught 
in the hallway by our photographers. 1 1 . Sohil 
Tembulkar, Don Johnston, and Louisa Bauer get 
dressed up for Halloween. 12. Morto Pisera and 
Alii Desioto during this year's semi-formal. 
13. Jake Bograd-Denton works during doss. 





\ j^^ft I 


Class Offi 


Be [Ready] 

As of right now, oil members of the class of 201 1 ore halfway through their 
high school career. We only have two more years, and then we leave BHS, moving 
on to bigger and better things. Maybe you have spent the past two years dedicat- 
ing yourself solely to school, or have completely slacked off, or maybe (hopefully) 
have been working on having the time of your life. Whatever you have been doing, 
look ahead to the next two years and think about how you want to use them. What 
mark do you want to leave at BHS? How do you want to look back on your high 
school years? If you like the way things are going, then keep it up! But if you want 
a change, or if you want to leave a different mark change it up and try something 
new. We only have two more years to go, we're halfway through. 

-Sophomore Mary Guay 

Left: The class of 2011 I 
packs the bleachers during 
the Homecoming pep rally. 
Right: Courtney Stocey 
and Anne Dickinson-Meltz 
flaunt their buccaneer 
spirit! Far Right: Ashley 
Mitchell and Yovanna Ser- 
ret cheer on the sophomore 
class. Below: Justin Linscott 
makes Jessica Tittle laugh. 
Catherine Davidson pon- 
ders the future. Michaela 
Criniti does her homework 
during an X-block. 

Left (Top): Emily 
^ Walling, and Taryn^^^ffl^^J 
Criscione, Mike Cusock^^^^ 

Stephen Adams 
Ashleigh Anderson 

Jeremy Anderson 
Nicholas Badalaty 

Lucine Bahtiarian 

Gina Ballard 
Eliakim Barkovic 
Kevin Barry 

Rose Bennett 
Nicholas Berman 

Jack Bernardon 
Branden Black 
Kayla Bograd-Denton 
Isobel Boles 
Benjamin Bosco 

Arthur Boyd T 
Jaclyn Bradford 
Gabriella Buso 
Karina Cammarono 
Matthew Capozza 

Adam Cormichael 
Estefania Castanedo 
Alexandra Caturono 

Ching Hua Chang 
Geena Chen 

Michael Chiu 
Valerie Clare 
Dajaon Clark 
Joshua Clarke 
Patrick Coady 

more c ass 


Jacqueline Cohen 
Andrew Colgan 
James Collins 
Rachel Cooley 
Ryan Creagh 

Michcela Criniti 
Kevin Criscione 
Michael Cusock- 
Alexander Cuti 
Rebecca Darby 

Catherine Davidson 
Cullen Deas 
Taylor DeLaPena 
Derek Dennis 
Anne Dickinson- 

Brian Dizio 
Emma Dombkowski 
Audrey Domigan 
Sean Donnellan 
Nicholas Donovan 

Jessica Doucette 
Holly Drake 
Rachel Dushman 
Koshano Dykes 
Jessica Dyment 

Marcos Enriquez 
Hilana Ezekiel 
Francis Fay 
Jeffrey Ferro 
Barbara Feuerstein 


Benjamin Finel 
David Finkelstein] 
Kylie Foy 
Kaitlyn Friden 
Emily Gao 

sophomore class 

Andrew Giangrande 
Harley Glenn 
Carl Gocht 
Robert Goeke 
Joshua Goodridge 

Andrew Green 
Dominic Green 
Mary Guay 
Erica Hamilton 
Emma Haviland 

Tim Hennessey 
Kate Hrinishin 
Anthony Hronowski 
Grace Huemme 
Haley Huggins 

Laura Humphries 
Alice Hwang 
Andrea lovino 
Amelia Jackson 
James Kaupelis 

Jenni Keefe 
Nicole Khvilivitzky 
Allyson Kilduff 
Ed Kim 
Aaron Kinch 


Andrew Kitterman 
William Kopperl 
Natalie La Duke 
Kayla Larsen 
Julia Latady 

Bryan LeBlanc 
Nathan LeBlanc 
William Lee 
Michael Leskouski 
Jacob Levenstein 

Justin Linscott 
Benjamin List 
Michael Lu 
Natalie Ma 
Kiriti Manne 

Malik Mardini 
Michael Marino 
Cameron Moron 
Jessica Marshall 
Zackary Mortinikus 

■ David Matthews 
4 Cody McCouley 

Scot McCoy 
Sean Mclver 
Ariel McManus 

Alexandra McNaught 
Haley Merlo 
Ashley Mitchell 
Julia Montalto 
Joseph Moore 


omore c ass 

Briana Murphy 
Alexander Nathanson 
Dylan O'Nei 
Austin Orr 
Alexa Poppas 

Stephanie Parham 
Rebecca Pelletier 
Brandon Perrine 
Taryn Peterson 
John Phillips 

Emily Pietrasik 
Laura Plansky 
Jeremy Poe 
Gabrielle Queenan 
Bryan Rackowski 

Josh Rayman 
Brandy Reed 
Jennifer Reyes 
Julie Reynolds 
Benjamin Richter 

Alexandra Riley 
Alan Rooney 
Alex Rosier 
Kothryn Rosinski 
Matthew Russell 

Zochary Schmitz 
Katherine Segal 
Hoileigh Seil 
Yovonna Serret 
Molly Siegentholer 


an Smith 
Paul Sobchenko 
Andrew Spector 
Courtney Stocey 
Demetrius Steed 

Mysterio Sweeney 
Devon Tate 
Ambernique Taylor 
Nicholas Taylor 
Sarah Taylor 

Wesley Taylor 

Ariana Terrasi 
Jessica Tittle 
Gary Trudelle 
Lucas Vatcher 

Rebecca Waghorne 
Victoria Waldron 
Benjamin Waldron- 
i Anno Walling 
Alexandra Walsh 

Sarah Wafers 
Ben Weaver 
Benjamin Weichman 
Arielle Wentworth 
Alyson Werth 

■ Kyle Whitmore 
Dan Wilkerson 
Alexander Williams 
Monica Wong 
Jama Yusuf 


1. Gina Ballard, Barbara Feuerstein, Jessica Doucette, and 
Laura Humphries dress up for Halloween. 2. Members of tfie 
sopfiomore class eagerly watch the spirit games. 3. Best frienas /vioiiy 
Siegenthaler and Michaela Criniti smile for the camera. 4. Jeff Ferro 
and Josh Goodridge show their good sides in the science lab. 5. Holeyl 
Merlo, Rachel Cooley, Justin Linscott, Emma Dombkowski, and Jessie 
Dyment are looking very snazzy at Mr. BHS. 6. Taylor De La Pena uses 
her time wisely. 7. Dave Matthews and Michael Lu whip out their cell 
phones in X-block. 8. Laura Humphries, Ariana Terassi, Julia Montolto, 
Monica Wong, and Michael Marino take a break from dancing at 
a party to snap a quick picture. 9. Sophomore students show their 
support for ALS by participating in a walk outside of school. 10. Cam 
Moron and Cody McCauley fool around during class. 11. Haley 
Merlo and Natalie Ma go over their notes during X-block. 12. Kayla 
Bograd-Denton, Mary Guoy, and Catherine Davidson show us their 
funny side. 13. Patrick Coody, Mary Guay, Ben Bosco, Anne Dickinson- 
Meltz, and other members of student government discuss matters of 
the student body.l4. Jeff Ferro gives the iconic "I want YOLJI" look to 
the camera, while hugging Erica Hamilton, a multitalented man. 15. 
Devon Tate and Rachel Cooley smile for the camera on their way to 
class. 16. Benji Weichman and Bryan LeBlanc en route from History 
Fair to the Winter Chorus concert. 17. The Sophomore Class Officers 
Patrick Coody, Kayla Bograd-Denton, Mary Guay, Courtney Stacy, 
Anne-Dickenson Meltz, stand behind the class advisors Mrs. Billioun 
and Captain Carson. 


Freshman class participating in the Pep rally tug- 
of war. 2 Jessica Charette sends o message to a 
friend while Cassidy Boyen focuses on her work. 
3. Ezra Mendoles smiles for the camera 4. Taylor 
Laney, Brittany Niemeyer and Mario Tiano work 
hard in the yearbook office. 5 Mrs. last's history 
class is deep in a class discussion. 6. Latia Duront 
studying for her test next block. 7 Sydney Arsenaull 
and Jessica Reed possing through the halls during 
x-block.8. Apple, Maddie, and Lizzie Seibert ore a 
triple dose of green helping to make our school a 
more eco-friendly place. 

mm " 

^^^^ H^l^^ vIkl^ 


Be [Careful] 

**The beginning of freshman year was a little nerve wracking for everyone. It's weird to think that a school 
that's only across the street is a whole different world. We had been in middle school for so long, and transitioning 
from 7th grade to 8th grade was not a huge step. As we transitioned from 8th grade to 9th things got a whole lot 
different. We all had to enter a school where there would now be three other grades ahead of us. We would now be 
the youngest. We all heard rumors that the "freshies" would be slammed into lockers, and shoved into trash cons. But 
that was not true. Freshman year has taught us to become more independent and stand up for what we believe in. As 
a freshman we were also introduced to a lot of new people. Some of us have been with each other since kindergar- 
ten, but now we were introduced to people from different places such as Hanscom Air Force Base and people that 
have moved to Bedford from different states and even different countries. The thing I think is unique about the freshman 
class is that a lot of us have siblings that are seniors. That gave us some comfort on entering the High School because 
we had a familiar face there to say hi to in the hallway and to show us around, because they have been in the School 
for the past couple of years. I have discovered that in the High School people are not afraid to be who they are, 
everyone's there own person. Personally, I was amazed at all the clubs that the High School had to offer as a way for 
students to express themselves and do what they love to do. Such as drama club, anime club, Latin club, and dance 
team, to name a few. Even though it was very nerve wracking on the first day, it was also very comforting to know that 
all of the upperclassmen had been through this before, and knew how we felt. Freshman year has prepared us for the 
years to come. When we come back next year, we will know our way around and will know the people that will be 
there. Freshman year has been great and on behalf of the whole class I can not wait for the years to come in the High 

-Freshman Class President Kari Lua 

1 . Shannon Dirrane, Jessuly McCabe, and Tim Keohan show their projects to their teacher. 2. Kat Bartley and Amber Ball talk 
about fun times at the new school. 3. Elle Thompson, Evan Wong and their friends read in the library. 4. Alyssa Catties makes 
wide, sweeping gestures in order to get her point across in the play "Excuses,Excuses". 5. Latio Durant campaigns for freshman 
class president. 6. The best the freshman could offer huddle at the Pep rally. 7. Members of the freshman class set up for tug-of- 
war during the Pep rally. 8. Keepin' it fresh, Justin McAfee and Lev Macht-Greenberg pose for a photo. 9. Brittany Niemeyer and 
Leah Weisner swap stories about teachers while posing for a picture.! 0. Elle Thompson and Sam Bigda-Peyton review before o 
test in the library. 1 1 . BriAnn Cockrum is finding x-blocks a welcome departure from the curriculum, 12. Aryn Colonero organizes 
her binders during x-block. 13. Freshman get bored during x-block and play paper football . 

Class Officers 

From Left: 
Vice President 
Emily Medwar, 
Emma Currier, 
Karl Lua 
Lindsy Pang 



man c ass 

Aaron Allen 
Vincent Anderson 
Daniel Antonoff 
Armen Arakelian 
Sydney Arsenault 

Jonathan Banister 
Kristen Baratta 
Amy Barr 
Megan Barr 
Elizabeth Barry 

Will Barry 
Katarina Bartley 
Cossidy Boyen 
Shivani Bharat 
Samuel Bigda- 

Sarita Biswas 
Samantha Blakeley 
Cameron Bochman 
Marina Boebel 
Thomas Bojorcas 

Jessie Boring 
Meredith Brady 
Sarah Breslcu 
Robert Brown 
Jamie Burdge 

Gomporing freihinen: 

^^^''"r , 1,1,. .hadowol an older 

„„d (oilow your own po.h, - ^^^^^^ ?„„p„,d .o .heir 

older siblings. ^^^^.^ hey hod to say: 

Kristen Baratta 


Q: Did you find your freshman year to be bet- 
ter than how your brother described it? 
A:l find it the some as GJ. made it out to be, 
because he said not to be nervous and to en- 
joy the new experiences 
Q: What do you intend to do during your 
time at BHS to differentiate yourself from thai 
of your brother? 

A: I intend to be more involved with athletics. 

Alexandria Capozza 
Brendon Carroll 
Alyssa Catties 
Nicholas Cebry 
Jessica Charette 

Christian Chavez 
Michael Chen 
Yongyi Chen 
Paul Cho 
Kirk Choquette 

Capree Chukwuka 
Alicia Cicchino 
Sean Clasby 
Elise Clerkin 
BriAnn Cockrum 

Aryn Colonero 
Ambrosia Coots 
Alexander Cordero 
Matthew Coughlin 
Jeannine Cullen 

Emma Currier 
Chames Cyphers 
Robert Daley 
Christina Deang 
Shannon Dennis 

Q: Did you find your freshman year to be better than how your sister described it? 
A: I honestly think that it has had its ups and downs just like my sis said it would. She had an 
awesome time her freshmen year, but I'd have to say that it's been good so far, just not as 
great as her freshmen year was. 

Q: What do you intend to do during your time at BHS to differentiate yourself from your 

A: Well there are a lot of things that I want to do that my sis has already done. The things, 
though, that I'd do to differentiate myself from her are to maybe play some volleyball, take 
some classes she's never taken before, and participate in different clubs than her. 

Christina Deang 



man c ass 

Vanessa Desiato 
Jesse Dickinson-Meltz 
Emily Di 
Noah Dines 
Shannon Dirrane 

Robert Doherty 
Eleni Drives 
Latia Durant 
Desiree Enriquez 
Nicholas Falzone 

Ashton Fan Chan 
Sequoya FoxTree - 
Joshua Franklin 
Patrick Frazier 
Marin Gardner 

Alexandra Giglio 
Lillian Goldschmidt 
Lawrence Gonzalez 
Samantha Good 
Joshua Goodman 

Eileen Goodrich 
Alexa Harris 
Robert FHartwell 
Joclyn Hayes 
Beth He 

Q: Did you find your freshman year to be better tfian fiow your brotfier described it? 
A: I found nny freshman year to be better then what my brother joey told me it was going to bi 
like. Being somewhat nervous going into this year, it was nice to have an older sibling to show 
me the ropes. I was expecting tfie older kids to push me around, and short passing periods. This 
was not the case. My freshman year is turning out great thanks to my bro's advice. 
Q: What do you intend to do during your time at BHS to differentiate yourself from your 

A: What I plan on doing to differentiate my time at BHS from my brother's would just be my 
own person. I have learned a lot from my brother regarding high school, and I will always have 
that in mind. 

Jack Heimann 
Danielle Hickox 

Erin Hurley 
Somcntha Hussey 
Sarah Iwany 

Kadijah John 
Hannah Johnson 
Kerry Judge 
Areen Kalantari 
Oussama Kanane 

Alexander Kauz 
Timothy Keohan 
Zona Khoury 
Briana Kilduff 
Helen Kissel 

Sarah Koeninger 
Ridhinna Kolla 
James Kuo 
Casey LaGrassa 
Taylor Laney 

Kyle Laughlin 
Amanda Lee 
Michael Lee 
Eric Leitzke 
Dieshai Lewis 


Q: Did you find your freshman year to be better than how your brother and 
sister described it? 

A: Yes. They said it would not be easy, that the teachers would be nnean, and 
that the upperclassmen would pick on you because you were a freshman. Thank- 
fully I haven't had much of that. 

QrWhat do you intend to do during your time at BHS to differentiate yourself 

from brother and sister? 

A: I don't know, we'll see what happens. 

; IP ' • 



man c ass 

Tieshai Lewis 
Devin Liang 
Andrew Litchfield 
Daniel Liu 
Jeremy Lu 

Kari Lua 
Lev Mocht-Greenberg 
Lara MacLeod 
Justin McAfee 
Kiana McAuley- 
Po mercy 

Jessuly McCabe 
Sfiaylynn McGrory 
James McMahan III 
Abby McNulty 
Emily Medwar 

Ezra Mendales 
Sean Mendell 
Mahiri Mendes-Brooks 
Brittany Mericantante 
Claire Miller 

Talia Miller 
Greg Mitcfiell 
Conor Mohen 
Carina Montrond 
Jesse Moreno 

Shaylynn McGrory 

1 Q: Did you find your freshman year to be better or worse than how your sister said it was going to be? 

A: My sister told me all of the things that I should and should not do as a freshmen before 1 got to high- 
school. Although she was just trying to be helpful, it made me kind of nervous. When she told me that 
people make fun of you for being a freshmen I was scared but when I go to high school I realized that 

no one really does, and if they do that they are kidding. 

Q: What do you intend to do during your BHS tenure to separate your legacy from the your sister's? 
A: I am doing rifle team, which no one in my family has ever done. But, I am not trying to differentiate 
I myself from my sister, I know we are different people, and so does everyone else. 

Dreana Morgan 
Sharae Mullgrave 
Ashley Nagy 
Khoa Nguyen 
Justin Niebels 

Brittany Nienneyer 
Saraphina Njoroge 
Julina Nocera 
Nicklas Nocera 
Megan Norregaord 

Colleen Nugent 
Sean O'Connell 
Hannah O'Connell 
Joshua Olmeda 
Alexis Orav 

Senen Paez 
Justin Paganetti 
Lindsy Pang 
Madison Patterson 
Ashley Pearce 

Briana Peterson 
Colin Petschek 
Tyler Pierce 
Christopher Potter 
Benjamin Radio 

C helsey Sjol ie 

Q: Did you find your freshman year to be better or worse than how your brother f 
described it? 

A: It was better, I guess. I don't really know how his freshman year was. 
Q: What do you intend to do during your time at BHS to differentiate yourself 
from your brother? 

A: Well, I'm doing more sports than he is, but other than that, I don't know. 



man c ass 

Sonyo Rauschenbach 
Jessica Reed 
Joel Reubenstein 
Margaret Rhodes 
Michael Ringuette 

Nathan Rogers 
Marci Rohtstein 
Julia Romanelli 
Tessa Rosenberry 
Robert Santamoria ^ 

Adela Scharff 
Nathaniel Scholnick 
Elizabeth Seibert 
Julia Seibert 
Madeline Seibert 

Travis Sell 
Adrienne Silver 
Chelsey Sjolie 
Caroline Slak 
Justin Smith 

Jonathan Soldon ^^""^ 
Perry Soohoo W M 
Richard Spaulding 
Taylor Stokowski ^ 
Joshua Stretch 

Brittany Niemeyer 


Q: Did you find your freshmen year to be better than how your sister described it? 
ArYeoh, I think that my sister made it a lot better for me by being there. 
Q: What do you intend to do during your time at BHS to differentiate yourself from 
your sister? 

A:l think that my sister set the bar pretty high, so there is nothing to differentiate, we are 
both very outgoing. 

Andrew Stygles 
Robert Taggart Jr 
Lynnelle Thompson 
Maria Tiano 
Anthony Tomao 

Tiffany Tong 
Gary Trudelle 
Rose Turner 
Alyssa Unumb 
Nicholas Vafiodes 

Caroline Valeri 
Myles Veomett 
Elisabeth Watson 
Gabriel Webber 
Leah Weisner 

Renee White 
Thomas Wilkins 
Nicholas Williamson 
Alexander Winkler 
Evan Wong 

Catherine Wyatt 
Elisabeth Yancey 
Natasha Yeung 
illie Zacharakis 
Jennifer Zolla 

Caroline Valeri 

"Umm, I expected BHS teachers to be how they are, which is a good thing, and 
my sister is taking classes like Spanish, she is higher in English and for her senior 
year I think she's going to take Marine Bio, or something along those lines. But I'm 
taking Latin, and I'm going to try to get in higher math and science courses, but I 
don't know what I'm going to be doing my senior year." 


riass candic 

1. Colin Petschek and Caroline Valeri partner up 
for homework, two heads are better than one! 

2. Jimmy McMahan pretends to be reading Of 
M/ce and Men while Evan Wong looks on, 3. 
Kirk Choquette checks his fro before he heads to 
class. 4. Elle Thompson and Erin Hurley defi- 
nitely see why high school is better than middle 
school. 5. Alexandra Giglio studies Physics 
during class. 6. While her grades haven't gone 
down the toilet, Meredith Brady shows that the 
hall passes definitely have. 7. Greg Mitchell fo- 
cuses on putting the final touches on his artwork. 
8. Meredith Brady and Kristen Barratta adjust 

to the high school workload together. 9. Aryn 
Colonero and Alex Cordero mug for the camera 
10. Kristen Barratta and Megan Barr pose for 
their photo. Don't they have anything oetter to 
do? 1 1 . Lara Macleod catches up on her stud- 
ies in the library. 12. Pang for treasurer! Lindsy 
Pang rallies for support during the Freshman 

elections. 13. Chelsey Sjolie, Taylor Stokowski, 

and Ashley Pierce hong out in the hallway. 14. 
Nick Williamson is loving his freshman year. His 
face says it all. 

New Releases: 

TheCuriousCaseOfDanaButton • CardinalRoyale • Valcurry • TheDechellis • FunWithDix&Jane • 27Dresser • 


I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 





•^ioCountryForHeldman • CrouchingTigerHiddenKalpin • KornfeldOfDreams • CoolHandLew • WeAreMartell • It'sAWonderfulStief 

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 



• Elizabeth 

• Amanda 

• Liono Heldmon* David Kolpin * Tovo Kornfeld • Arthur Lew • Ashley Martell • Scott Stief * 



1. Mr. Connolly flicks fhe switch. 2. Ms. 
Gustofson and Ms. Goldboun read Things Fall 
Apart by Chinuo Achebe. 3. Mr. Stief scopes 
the room for more physics to solve! 4. Mrs. Bi 
louin utilizes her prep period. 5. Ms. Supprise 
enthusiastically tells her friend, "This conversa- 
tion is going in the yearbook!" 6:. Mr. Mongon 
acts as sportscaster for the pep rally. 7. We 
AARRRE BHS. Mr, Tracey and Mrs. Vogel 
display their Bedford spirit. 8. Mrs. Alexander 
and Ms. Button display their Buccaneer spirit. 
9. "No, banana head. That's why you're get- 
ting parse errors, fix that formatting there and 
you should be fine. "-Mr. McGowan 10. Mrs. 
Maczko shows her Halloween spirit. 11. "Ok, 
get out your content outlines." - Mr. Sunderland 
12. Mr. Donnelly and his daughter Josie enjoy 
the pep rally. 13. Gorilla on bike terrorizes 
sophomores , creating chaos in the hallway. 
14. Can you smell what Hebert is cooking? 


Administrators & 
Program Directors: 

Kimberly Alexander 
Angela Allen 
Charles Alperin 
Gene Amico 
Ann Basile 

Jon Sills 

Bill Berlino 
Beth Billouin 
Dotty Blake 
Dave Boschetto 
Janet Brady 

Bill Brincklow 
Dana Button 
Janeen Caldwell 
^ Kathryn Cardinal 
Marylin Carlo 

Brenda Cello 
Joe Colbert 
Sue Collins 
Kim Comeiro 
Kevin Connolly 

Elizabeth Cowles 
Christine Curry 
Nancy D'anadragora 
Tess Daigle 
Shawn Daley 

Kevin Tracey 

Keith Mangan 


Whitney Davis 
Brian Dechellis 
Diane Dinitto 
Jesse Dix 
Richard Donnelly 

Cassandra Dresser 
Estee Dubitsky 
Lindsay Easter 
Chris Edris 
Amanda Faulkner 

Jim Felker 
Justine Flora 
Deborah Flynn 
Karen Ford 
Jerome Freedman 

Cio Gisone 
Sumiko Goldbaun 
Susan Goldstein 
Janel Halupowski 
Gail Hannon 

Jane Harvey 
Joel Hebert ^ 
Liana Heidmon 
Polly Herz 
Jane Higgins 

Aleta Devaney 

Marylou Sallee 

Barbara Barnett 

Diane Ryan 


Donna Higson 
David Kalpin 
Tova Kornfeld 
Heather Kurzman 
John Lohiff 

Megan Last 
Cintia Laurencio 
Bernard Leclerc 
Sarah Leshay 
Arthur Lew 

Allison Lohrunn 
Mon Luke 
Sandra Maczko 
Phillip Maffa 

Ashley Martell 

Sharon McDonald 
Sean McGowan 
I Antigone Mchugh 
Osvaldo Mejia 
Patricia Messenger 

Ann Milligan 
Lisa Morrison 
Charlotte Mullaney 
Nicole O'Toole 
Katie Paul 

Richard Carson Colleen Irving Christine Larimore Diane Pritchett 

Jerry Peters 
Jeanie Piantedosi 
Bill Rimsa 
Susan Rosen 
Deb Sakelakos 

Karen Santos 
Kim Santos 
Larry Sheinfeld 
Susan Simberg 

Jeanne Smyth 

Maureen Sullivan 
James Sunderland 
Alan Sutkus 
Lucas Taddeo, Jr. 
Carrie Taylor 

Deneise Terenzoni 
Nancy Thorsen 
Janine Towie 
Cheryl Valerioni 
Kathy Vankuilenburg 

Laurie Venuti 
Paula Verrier 
Christine Walker 
Ken Whittier 
Joseph Zahko 




Support Staff 

Special Education 


These are the people who help and support us throughout our BHS years. Whether it is to help us with 
college apps, lend a listening ear, cure our headaches, help us to be organized, help us find info for 
projects, recommend a good book , improve our reading skills, or help us with our tech problems, 
these people are always there to help. 



Skill Center Reading Specialist Tech Specialists 

Behind-the-Scenes Staff 

Instructional Tech 

At the core of every great operation are the behind-the-scenes specialists. BHS's secretaries, custodial, and 
cafeteria staff are the fuel that runs the well-oiled Bedford High School machine. This group of dedicated 
individuals keep the everyday workings of the school running smoothly and efficiently. 

Thank you. 


Be [Enlightened] 

Learning is what school is all about. It's the reason for its existence, it's the one concept that all 
other things in this school revolve around. Bedford High School offers more than just the 5 core 
subjects of Science, Math, Foreign Language, English, and Social Studies. We also have Art, 
Music, and Occupational Education courses. Our school is fortunate to have teachers who are 
willing to teach students more than those same familiar courses taught in all schools. Our teach- 
ers offer us classes like Marine Biology, French Cinema, World Mythology, and Economics, 
creating a fun and more interesting curriculum to choose from. 





"Science is about observing, experiment- 
ing, and discovering. As teachers v^'e are 
constantly observing the amazing abilities 
the students hove and experimenting 
and discovering nev^^ ways to teach and 
create a passion for science. There is a 
Chinese proverb that states, 'All of the 
flowers of all the tomorrows are in the 
seeds of today. If you are our seeds, we 
ore your gardeners.'" 

- Mr. Griffin / / 


Mrs. Beth Billouin 
Ms. Liana Heldma 
Mrs. Heather Kurzman 
Mrs, Sarah Leshay 
Mr. Arthur Lew 
Mr. Sean McGowan 
Mrs. Lisa Morriso 
Mr. Matthew Rose 
Mr. Scott Stief 
Mrs. Janine Towie 
Mr. Joseph Zahka 

The Science 


Be [Experimental] The Science Department, one of 
the largest departments in the school, engages our curios- 
ity about the physical world, htands-on activities, obser- 
vations, and experiments make learning about how the 
world works even more interesting. The core sciences 
of physics, chemistry, and biology are taught here with 
such enthusiasm it's hard not to love discovering how it all 
works. Other sciences like forensics, marine biology, en- 
II gineering, and power and energy expand on the specific 
topics that we learned previously. 

I. Mr. McGowan gets caught off guard and smiles for the camera. 2. Mr. Rose helps out two fresh- 
men with their physics homework. 3. Mr. Lew prepares a lesson plan for his upcoming classes. 

4. Mrs. Leshay's smile radiates her excitement for the subject. 5. Mr. Stief watches his students set 
up an experiment. 6. The APES class visits Deer Island's waste treatment plant. 7. Kristine Tom, 
Christie Chiu, and Mrs. Towie show off their plaques from the Women of Science Competition. 8. 
Mr. Griffin takes on the weight of the world. 9. Mrs. Billouin spends her downtime talking to Alex- 
andra Walsh and Elizabeth Harris. 10. Ms. Heldman helps a student with his chemistry homework. 

II. Mr. Zahka gives a student extra help during X-block. i 

There's a big calculus party, and all the functions are invited, ln(x) is talking to some trig functions, when he sees his friend e'' sulking in a corner. ln{x)"What's 

From the Math Department: 

Everything you need to know for college: 
• 5 out of 4 seniors fiove problems witfi 


Mrs. Dottie Blake 

Ms. Kim Comeiro 

Ms. Elizabeth Cowles 

Mr. Jesse Dix 

Ms. Amanda Faulkner 

Mr. David Kalpin 

Mr. Sean McGowa 

Mr. Jerry Peters 
|Mr. Richard Stephensoj 
^Mr. CJ. Venkatesh 




"The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies i 



Decause he delights in it and he 

rong e^?" e'': "I'm so lonely!" In(x): "Well you should go integrate yourself into the crowd!" e'' 'Looks up and cries*: It won't make a difference!" 


3. Find X. 

Algebra II 

"Uh. >«»h, Honwworti H«tp Ur»«7 1 ne«d lo h«v« you fficpt»ln 
lha quadratic aQusUon In roughly ttw amount of ante 
It letrev to o«t a cup of coTTae. 

The Mathematics 


Be [Analytical] Math is more than having the 
right answer, it's about mastering the process 
that leads to the right answer. Sometimes, that's 
hard and may even become frustrating. Math 
teachers understand the struggles that we go 
through. They focus on the concepts their stu- 
dents need to succeed and put much of them- 
selves into their lessons to make math fun and 
interesting. As math students, we went from 
the simple equations like y = x + 2 , to finding 
the angles of geometrical figures, and finally to 
complex mathematical statements like 
f(x) = ln(x4-78) 

1. Mrs. Blake helps Becca Michel with her test corrections. 2. Mr. Dix points out the steps to take for a math problem. 
3. Mrs. Irving looks over some notes for an upcoming class. 4. Mrs. Comeiro pauses to collect her thoughts. 
5. Mr. McGowan corrects tests. 6. "Hi" says Mrs. Larimore as she gets surprised by the camera. 7. Mrs. Faulkner pre- 
pares for her next class. 8. Mr. Peters welcomes his students. 9. Mr. Kalpin goes over a test with a student. 
10. Mr. Stephenson says "GO MATH!" and Mr. Venkatesh smiles in approval. 

delights in it because it is beautiful." - Henri Poincare 










Salve! Bonjour! jHola! 
Welcome to the Foreign Language 
department where... 

"Everyone smiles in the same language!" 
Why learn a foreign language? Simple, 
one language is never enough! If you talk 
to a man in a language he understands, 
that goes to his head. If you talk to him in 
his language, that goes to his heart. 
(Nelson Mandela) §r ^ 


The Foreign Langua 


Be [Bilingual] Salve! Bonjour! Hola! Those 
greetings ore heard around^flS. Reading, 
listening, writing, and speaking skills go be- 
yond the textbook. Teachers incorporate 
games, nnusic, language lab, and computer 
technologies to make the languages come 
alive. Students learn a language and the cor- 
responding culture by watching foreign films, 
celebrating cultural holidays, and sampling 
foods from around the world. Groups traveling 
to Spain, Puerto Rico, France, and Italy have 
extended learning beyond the classroom. 

. Ms. Button tutors her student after school. 2. Mr. Mejia grades 
)apers. 3. Mrs. Flannery-Lawrence prepares a lesson. 
. Ms. Button reviews a student's answers to a worksheet. 5. Ms. 
bub teaches her students to recognize Spanish sounds by using 
5ony Soloist. 6. Mrs. Santos dresses as a leopard for Halloween. 

Mrs. Flannery-Lawrence, the pirate, patrols the hallways. 8. Mrs. 
Alexander helps her student to adjust a toga. 9. Mr. Mejia and Mrs. 
Lourencio hang out in the cafeteria during the Activities Fair. 

Ms. Jane Harve 
Mr. Joel Hebert 
Mr. Justin Jourdan 
Mrs. Patricia Messenger 
Mr. Daniel Niven 
Mrs. Kelly Sullivan 
Mrs. Maureen Suliiv 
Ms. Kristen Tocci 
Ms. Christine WallcSr 
Mr. Chris Zellner 

The English 

Be [Literate] There's a lot going on in 
Bedford High School's English Department. 
Students are learning to read with under- 
standing and to write with clarit^^rucial 
skills that will mark them as educdted peo- 
Lif B P'®- Teachers make classical literature from 
around the world come alive, transporting 
^\o frf\TlOj— students to another world and another time. 

Other English classes demonstrate how an- 
cient myths shaped the world, encouraging 
students to create stories of their own, pub- 
lish a newspaper, become a film critic, and 
study about African-American cultures. The 
English Deparment also brings guest speak- 
ers to the classes, including Robert Pinsky, 

former U.S. Poet Laureate. 
1. Mr. Niven looks smart in his black rimmed glasses. 2. An interested Mike Dale speaks with Robert Pinsky about the 
meaning of his famous works. 3. Ms. Sollee concentrates on reading her many e-mails. 4. Mr. Hebert is deep in thought. 
5. Mrs. K. Sullivan is grading students' papers. 6. Mr. Zellner gets lost in his reading. 7. Mrs. M. Sullivan welcomes a 
class of 5th graders to the high school to give a presentation on a book that they read. 8. Mrs. Messenger helps Dreana 
Morgan on on essay.9. Mr. Berlino prepares a lesson, gathering quotes for his next English class. 10. English students 
visit the Peobody Essex Museum on a field trip for Global Voices. 11 . A yummy Shakespeare coke makes Shakespeare 
Festival Week a real treat! 


"Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said 
that "Certainty generally is illusion, and repose is not the 
destiny of man. We hope you leave BHS knowing that the 
study of history and society should be both one or under- 
standing and questioning that which is held to be certain, 
and that your zeal to do so will never cease as you achieve 
_ your dreams. We also hope that as you look back at your 
Difour years of study, that you look upon us as a group whose 
passion is to bring history to life. 

We hope you saw that passion from the high expectations 
and demands for excellence from Ms. Rosecon and Ms. 
Kirkpatrick. We hope you saw history and society brought to 
life from the creativity of Mr. Walsh and the orpanizafional 
efforts of Mr. Fay. We hope you saw it as the ' Brain Trust" of 
Donnelly, Sunderland, and Boschetto constantly strived to im- 
prove our ability to instruct and your ability to think critically. 
We also hope tnat you drew from the impassioned efforts of 
Ms. Lost and Ms. Verrier to become active, compassionate 
citizens of your hometown and country. 

But to a person, including our newest members Ms. Curry 
and Ms. Kornfeld, we would all agree that no matter how 
ardent or noble our efforts may be, the best part of trying to 
bring history to life for students is to watch how students bring 
life to history. Your class has come a long way since your 8th 
grade Conestoga wagon projects. You have been notion- 
D'ally recognized for your historical research. Ever since your 
freshman year, you continually sought to understand history, 
engage yourself in making meaning out of history, and dis- 
play on ability to create ideas and present thoughtful insight 
about the world we live in." Ms. Kirkpatrick ^ ^ 











i J 



Ms. nriqMhkkr PA 

Mr. Dave BoschettQ 
Ms. Christine Curr 
Mr. Rich Donnelly 
Mr. Tom Fay 
Ms. Tova Kornfeld 
Mrs. Megan Last 
Mrs. Milena Rosecan 
Mr. James Sunderland 
Mrs. Paula Verriej^^ 
Hennis Wals 

S I G M U N D 


The Social Studies 

Be [Historical] The social studies teachers are 
strong motivators and create helpful learning 
environments. Their classes explore cultural, 
political, an^^Riai subjects. How facts are sup- 
ported, and how they are to be interpreted are 
the stuff that make those classes great! Indepen- 
dent thinking, reassuring support, and a sense 
of fun are typical. Remember that if history is 
not learned, past mistakes will be repeated. We 
learn more about our fellow man; mainly their 
history, but through the studies of psychology 
and sociology, also the science behind what 
makes them tick. 

1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2. The Bedford participants in the National History Day competition. Congratu- 
lations! First place went to "The Seneca Falls Convention: An Event That Sparked and Ultimately Unified The Women's 
Rights Movement" created by Katie Harkins, Gemma Smith, and Jynette DeMarco. A group documentary "Yalta Compro- 
nises: The Failure Of Such A Peace" produced by Jonathan Gault, Soi Horon, Hamish McPhail, Kristine Tom, and Suzanne 
Warner won second place. 3-8. Candids of: Ms. Kornfeld, Mr. Walsh, Mrs. Verrier, Ms. Curry, Mrs. Last, and Mr. Sunder- 
land 9. Ms. Rosecan welcomes us to her class. 10. This year's juniors at the History Fair. 11. Aileen McGrory performs a 
skit for the History Fair. 12. Molly Coin, Anoush Arekalion, and Sarah Gault perform their play for parents and students at 
the History Fair. 13. Harry Morkuse stands in front of his exhibit. 













The Occupational Education Depart- 
ment, comprised of Family and Con- 
sumer Sciences, Technology Education, 
Business Education, and the School-to- 
Careers Program is quite varied and 
versatile. Sixty percent of my time is 
devoted to teaching, and forty percent 
to department work. Having such a 
wide variety of tasks and subject areas 
keeps my job interesting. No two days 
are ever the same, and there is never 
a shortage of things to do! I learn 
new things every day from the talented 
teachers in this department whose com- 
mitment and professionalism far exceed, 
their job descriptions, helping me to 
remain on task and accomplish the # 4r 
goals we've set. 

- Mrs. Burns 

The Occupational 

Education Department 


Be [Curious] Occupational Education teachers demonstrate academic sub- 
jects through practical skills. It's not hard to see the applications of trigone 
etry in Mr. Connolly's shop. A student in Ms. Flora's Marketing class can learn 
how to become an entrepreneur and how to be smarter with money. Mrs. 
Caves' Early Childhood Education students learn about and how to care for 
Preschool children. Occ Ed students learn about health, nutrition, the economy, 
food preparation and presentation. Occupational Education teachers get,^^^^ 
many thanks from their appreciative students, who know that they can use these 
skills later on. 

1. Megan Barr kneads some bread dough in Foods class. 2. Theresa Deang and tocisy^tter^Se pTdy 
hood Education. 3. Mrs. Taylor rules the Foods room with an iron spatula. 4. AJ Nathanson works with the chop saw in 
Manufacturing. 5. Natty Young and Joe Lua put another coat of finish on their tables while Mr. Connolly points them in 
the right direction. 6. Anne Dickinson Meltz channels her inner Julia Child in Foods Class. 7, Amanda Rogers teaches the 
nursery inE^^^^^^^^ucg^^^fiJ^^J^^ygson Meltz rips a piece of wood on the table sow. 

Mrs. Eileen Caves 
Mr. Kevin Connolly 
Ms. Justine Flora 
Ms. Carrie Taylor 








It is easy to say what I like 
about being a JROTC Instructor. 
I like getting up every morning 
knowing that I will get to work with 
some of the most dedicated, nicest, 
considerate and caring kids I have 
ever hod the opportunity to know. 
Some have traveled and lived all 
around the world in places such 
as Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, 
Turkey, France, and Australia, to 
name a few. Chief Edrls and I have 
seen our cadets go on to some of 
the most prestigious universities in the 
country and graduate as computer 
engineers, nurses. Air Force pilots, 
soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, 
and doctors. They are just like you 
with the same desires and dreams. 

- Captain Carson 

Reserve Officer 

Training Corps 


Be [Influential] The Air Force Junior Reserve 
Officer Training Corps, known more common! 
by the acronym ROTC, teaches students about 
the fundamentals of aviation, space, military 
customs and courtesies, and leadership skills, 
ffrhese courses are designed for students who 
may be interested in serving our country and 
want to learn more aboutwhgtjhe Air Force is 
all about. 

aneuvers for drill 

team. 2. Chames Cyphers, Mike Maloney-Ward, and 
Areen Kalanfari reverently fold the flag. 3. Just because 
they have ties doesnt mean it's all business. Larry Gonzalez 
and Aaron Allen joke around after uniform inspection 
4. The ROTC change of command taking place during X- 
block. 5. "Old Glory" in the new lobby. 







i am very pro .d of the BHS Art 
Department. ore o group of four 
art'ot-tejcfiers and '16O+ students 
wno nave worked together to learn 
skills, express creative ideas, and 
critique art. Vv'e were excited to host 'Jf 
the K-12 Art Exhibit m ^he newly 
renovated BHS ihis /ear. Each 
Bedford art student had an artwork 
exhibited. Senior Majors created 
personal installations of their work. 

- Mrs. Devaney 

Be [Creative] There are so many different ways 
to express yourself at BHS. Different classes 
offer different mediums to get your ideas out. 
Some point on canvases, sculpt tfiings out of 
cloy, or draw pictures witfi pencils. Everyone 
con express thiemselves tf^rougfi art. You can 
create abstract masterpieces instead of being 
tied to the real world in your depictions. The art 
teachers motivate their students to do their best 
and jet their creativity flow freely. 


Ms. Whitney Da 
Mr. Larry Sheinfeid 
Ms. Eileen Wagra 

1. Art by Marijke Struijk 2. Angela Agiorgousis paints the finishing touches on her plaster- 
form figure. 3.The seniors dicuss different forms of art 4. Sam Barkhouse slowly sculpts her 
giant coil pot 5. Beth Goeke paints a waterfall of colors. 6. Alex McNaught sketches through 
observations. 7. An anonymous artist shapes a mug on the wheel. 8. Phil Sands-Arnold ever so 
carefully shades in his picture. 

This page is sponsored by: 

way" Good Luck 2009, 

Mrs. Devaney Great Rood Gallery & Framing 




There are two things that continually delight 
and surprise me about BHS music students: their 
loyalty to the music program and their personal 
integrity. Students are willing to put in extra time 
to create a good program and parents are willing 
to support and help their children in their efforts. 
People who come to the shows and the concerts 
only see the end product and don't realize the 
time the students have devoted to rehearsal. 

I also appreciate that my music students are 
such good people. It gives me hope for the future 
of the world when I work with these good music 

- Mrs. Pritchett 

Be [Harmonious] Any student in- 
rested in singing or playing on instru- 
ent will find an outlet for his or her 
nthusiasm through the encouragennent, 
support, and direction of the excellent 
teachers of the music department. The 
music department teaches students to 
work together and help each other to 
create a great performances. Bella 
Chords, Pep Band, and Band are some 
of the options available for students. 

1. Maddie Siebert gets some good vibes from the xylophone. 2. Gabby Queenan plays a tune JHE TEACHERS: 
on the flute. 3. Jen Zolla weaves melodies through the air with her flute 4. The pep band, a great Hn^DlH 
outgrowth of the bond program, led by Mr. Felker 5. "I know it's hard to play but think of it as Mr. Jim Felker 
dipping your toes in the water of weirdness"- Mr. Felker 6. Jacob Moore and Cassandra Therioult fi^^ pf^j| Moffo 
sit ready to make music with the bond. And what' re you doing over there Minghan? A little relaxed Ms. Nicole O'Toole 
for band practice, yes? 



Persevere! Do not give in to 
frailty. Respect the possibilites of 
your own body. Relish in the in- 
tensity. It is the team's desire that 
affords excellence. 


A Champion finds a way, 
a loser finds an excuse.'' 


Part of being a champ 
is acting like a champ. You 
have to learn how to win and 
not run away when you lose. 
Everyone has bad stretches and 
real successes. Either way, you 
have to be careful not to lose 
your confidence or becomg. 



To be an athlete, you have to be willing to commit, 
persevere, and aspire to a common goal. To each individual 
athlete, playing a game wasn't just any game to them, it was 
something more, it was their life. The athletes spent grueling 
hours everyday at practice for months on end preparing for 
each and every team that they were going to face tjioj 
Through each sport, athletes learned 
couldn't learn in the class roo^^^^^^^^^p^^^ou have 
to work as a tea^^^^^^^^^^^^^far goal, have respect 
for eosk^^^^^^^^^^^ake pride in their team^ 

:very team grew into a fai 
^Tfor each other teamm< 
school or not.^ 

ig with 

the Mo\<r 


The 2008-2009 Varsity football team is one to remember. This team is unlike 
any other team to remember, in that they are the best football team to ever come 
through Bedford High School. With a 10-1 regular season record and a Dual 
County League Small Championship title, the 2008 Bucs have the best record 
ever at BHS, and the first league title in 27 years. Prominent seniors were Cap- 
tains Dave Micu, Brendan Gibson, and Joe Tiano, along with undoubtedly one of 
the greatest individual players in BHS history, Ryan Carter. A strong Junior class 
consisting of starters Tim McDonald, Kevin Cangiono, Ben Rose, Matt Tiano, K.C. 
Mondello, Louis Baker, Dylan Gonsalves, Leon "Lucky" Barnes, Tim Pike, and Bran- 
don Watson look to form a strong foundation for next season. Sophomore 

Steven Adams also returns as a starter. DCL All-Stars for this season were 
Ryan Carter, Ben Rose, Tim Pike, K.C. Mondello, Brendan Gibson, Kevin 
Cangiono, Tim McDonald, and Joe Tiano. 

it out 

cheer eadin 

This year the fall cheerleading tear 
^as lead by senior captains Gianna Rug 
^giero, Danielle Basile, and Jen Soto. The 
teams small size allowed the girls to form close 
)onds and work together to develop themselves 
as a competetive part of the DCL. The seniors 
brought experience and leadership to the team, 
while teaching the new underclassmen how to 
master complicated skills. From the beginning of 
the summer until the end of November the team 
worked diligently at perfecting their routine for 
their up coming competitions. This year the girls 
placed highest in history at their annual DCL com- 
petition held atWestford Academy where Dan- 
ielle Basile was honored with the award of DCL 
All-Star. In their competition in Beverly the girls 
earned a solid 3rd place award. The cheer 
leading team will be graduating seniors: 
Danielle Basile, Jen Burdge, Jynette De 
marco, Gianna Ruggiero, Daisie 
Smith, Jen Soto, and Lindsay 

Waltham W 2-1 

Wayland W 1-0 

Concord-Carlisle W 2-0 

Boston Latin W 2-0 

@ Lincoln-Sudbury W 1-0 

@ Weston W 2-0 

©Arlington T 1-1 

@Somerville W 1-0 

@ Acton-Boxboro T 1-1 

Westford L 2-0 

@ Wayland W 3-2 

@ Concord Academy W 2-1 

@ Weston W 2-1 

Tyngsboro T 0-0 

Arlington W 1-0 

@Tyngsboro T 0-0 

Concord-Carlisle W 2-1 

©Chelsea W 2-1 

©Winchester L 1-0 

nCl (-t^G^^ 

4 t • 



The boys soccer team finished their season with an 
impressive record of 11-1-4. The team was lead 
by senior captains Mike Dunlea, Stephen Da- 
lyrmple, and Brett Plugis. The teams success was 
powered by a talented offense and backed by a 
strong defensive line. Senior captain Mike Dunlea 
and Junior Alex Covocks were the bucs leading 
scorers this year helping the bucs move ahead of 
^their opponents. A season highlight came from the 
Bucs win over Concord-Carlise in overtime during 
their first round of the state tournament. The team 
had the best record in Dual County League and 
was honored with the title of Dual County League 
Champs. The team will graduate seniors Scott 
Doherty, Stephen Dalyrmple, Brett Plugis, Ryne 
Tillman, Eric Larson, Minghan Chang, Nick Miz- 
zoni, Mike Dunlea, Hamish McPhail, Thomas Hei- 
man, John Aiken, Davio Dispena, Tommy Barkovic, 
and Eric Johnson. 

The Lady Bucs hod a very successful season this year. They 
were lead by Senior captains Stephanie Crockett and Claire Criniti and 
Junior captain Gabby Bard. The girls ended their regular season with 
a 7-2-6 record and went on to win the next 3 games in the Small DCL 
Division League. Their final gome was bittersweet against the tenacious 
and challenging Newburyport. The Bedford girls scored the first goal, 
and Newburyport fired back to tie up the game. The game ended 
in overtime when Newburyport scored the final goal. Despite losing 
against Newburyport in the finals, the girls clenched their first Division 
title for girl's soccer in Bedford High School history! The girl's had an 
amazing season with a Division banner to prove it. 

@Waltham T 1-1 

@Wayland W 1-0 

©Concord-Carlisle W 3-0 

@ Boston Latin W 2-0 

Lincoln-Sudbury L 1-0 

Weston W 3-0 

@ Weston L 4-0 

Arlington L 1-0 

@Westford L 2-0 

Concord-Carlisle T 0-0 

@ Weston W 3-1 

©Arlington L 2-1 

Tyngsboro W 5-0 

Newton South L 2-0 

@Ursuline W 3-2 

@ Lowell Catholic W 4-0 

@ Georgetown W 1 -0 

@ Greater Lowell W 6-0 
@ Newburyport L 2-1 (OT) 



@ Waltham 
Newton South 
@ Westford 
@ Arlington 
@ Burke 

©Central Catholic 

W 3-2 

L 3-2 

W 3-0 

L 3-0 

W 3-2 

L 3-0 

L 3-0 

L 3-0 

L 3-1 

W 3-0 

L 3-0 


f his year the volleyball team was lead by strong seniors Alli- 
on Matthews, Sam Duda, Alex Chang, Sarah Caliri, 
poeke, Christie Chiu, and Celeste Kopperl. Struck wit 
p difficult schedule the girls stepped up to the chal- 
lenge and their efforts showed by being named 
DCL Small Champs. Newcomers Jacqui Coher 
and Anna Walling were a great asset to the 
team and show signs of a successful future. . 
The team conquered Burke in the first 
round of the state tournament but fell 
short to Central Catholic in the Semf 
Finals. The bucs have consistenyj| 
qualified for the state tourna- 
ment and young promising 
team aims to have the 
same success next 





"The will to win means nothing without the will to train' 

'Relentless: To be a consistent winner does not mean training for just 
one day, one month, or even one year - but for a lifetime." 



@ Wayland L 25-30 

Waltham W 23-37 

@ Weston L 29-30 

Acton-Boxboro L 21-37 

Arlington L 23-35 

Concord-Carlisle L 15-48 

©Tyngsboro W 19-42 

Boston Latin L 27-28 

@ Lincoln-Sudbury L 15-50 


@ Wayland W 22-33 

Weston W 22-35 

Waltham W 15-48 

@ Acton-Boxboro L 23-38 

Arlington W 23-31 

Concord-Carlisle L 23-36 

@Tyngsboro W 17-41 

@ Boston Latin W 1 5-45 

@ Lincoln-Sudbury L 22-39 


if ^ 


.Stride. ,^ 
by stride 

This year for cross-country was full of changes. The cross- 
country mega-team was divided into two different smaller 
teams, the boys and the girls. Each team also received a 
new coach, Coach Shilder for the boys, Coach Hebert for 
the girls. Times were tough and many people suffered nu- 
merous injuries. However, as a whole, the cross-country 
teams became a force to be reckoned with. The girls won 
two of their meets for the first time in years, and the boys 
qualified for All-States, a feat that hasn't been achieved in 
more than a decade. Johnathan Gualt placed third in the 
Massacusettts State Championship boys varsity meet in 
Franklin Park. Captains for the boys team were Jonathan 
Gault, Alex Bradford, and Chris Donovan. The girls team 
was lead by senior Katelyn Mohen and junior Sarah Gault 


@ Waltham 
@ Newton South 
@ Tyngsboro 
Boston Latin 
@ Wayiand 
@ Weston 
@ Acton-Boxboro 
@ Concord-Carlisle 
@ Lincoln-Sudbury 
1 @ Arlington 






"We had a really fun 
season. In my four years, 
this was the most successful 
we have ever been. I'm re- 
ally going to miss golf next 
year, and I wish the team 
the best of luck." 
-Senior Alex Heyl 

This years golf team ended its season at 6-9- 
1 challenging a connpetitive DCL. The players 
were determinded to improve on their technique 
and skills and their efforts showed through on the 
course. Leading the team were juniors John Isnor 
and Tristan Osgood who consitently placed in the 
teams 1 st and 2nd spots. Team showed strong 
ability in all aspects of the game. The Bucs fo- 
cused on having a positive attiude and enjoying 
the gome of golf. Graduating seniors include Alex 
Heyl, Kelly Sullivan, Tyler Cummings, J. P. Driscoll, 
Colin hHurley, and Natty Young. 

"Even though I only played for one year I feel like we played the 
game the right way, we had fun with golf and our teammates 
- SerwoT Tyler Cummings 



Infield V 


The Bedford Field Hockey 
was lead by captains Jenna 
Kuhn, Marina Tomao, Cora 
Bentley, and Allison Hagar. 
The girls came out strong dur 
ing pre-season and were chal- 
lenged with a difficult schedule 
The girls worked together on 
their offensive and defensive 
^skills. Cora Bentley, Amanda 
Rogers, Victoria Taggort, and 
goalies Nikki Lespasio and 
Kate Hrinishin did a solid job 
on defense. Holding together 
Pi the midfield were seniors 

Marina Tomao, Jenna Kuhn, 
i Alii Hagar, and junior Collie 
*' Anderson. Offensivily the girls 
^ greoted plays by sophomore 
newcomers Erica Hamilton, 
Allie Walsh and seniors Emma 
Howie and Kelsey Hartwell. A 
highlight from the season came 
from the bucs win over Tyngs- 
boro 2-0 and their tie against 
Arlington. The DCL- All-Stars 

r the season were seniors 
Cora Bentley and Jenna Kuhn. 
The team will miss the contribu 
tions from seniors Cora Bentley 
Marina Tomao, Allison Hagar, 
Jenna Kuhn, Jessie Spencer, 
Emma Howie, Kelsey Hartwell, 
and manager Heather Maras- 


■ I 1 

3rd Row: Lucas Vatcher, Malik Mardini, Jake 
Levenstein, Nick Taylor, Paul Sobchenko, Derek 

2nd Row: Will Kopperl, Nick Berman, Ben 
Weaver, Andrew kitterman, Andrew Giangrande, 
Andre Specter, Adam Carmichael 
1 St Row: Matt Russell, Eric Lietzke, Coral 
O'Connor, Sohil Tembulkor, Robert Maxon, Zach 
Schmitz, Jeremy Anderson 

Field Hocke 

3rd Row: Sarita Biswas, Emily Dill, Alexandra 
Giglio, Elizabeth Watson, Alexandra Copoz- 
za. Carina Montrond-Silveiro 
2nd Row: Elizabeth Barry, Tessa Rossenberry, 
Emma Currier, Shannon Dennis, Maria Tiano, 
Brittany Niemeyer, Jessica Reed, Jen Zolla 
1 St Row: Kristen Baratto, Casey LoGrassa, 
Nicole Khvilitsky, Alexandra McNaught, 
Veronica Niebels, Margaret Rhodes, Hannah 


2nd Row: Cassidy Boyen, Megan Barr, Julia 
Romanelli, Julia Montalto, Emily Medwor, Sam 
Hussey, Gabby Buso, Monica Wong 
1st Row: Mary Guay, Becco Darby, Taryn 
Peterson, Koylo Boebel, Carson Hankins, Jordan 
Higgins, Anne Dickinson Meltz, Courtney Stacey 

2nd Row: Jessica Doucette, Marin Gardner, 
Horley Glenn, Kaitlyn Crockett, Becky Waghorne, 
Gabby Queenon. Victoria Waldron, Alice Huang, 
Anno Walling 

1st Row: Eileen McGray, Arenmongia Imsong, 
Wendy Lin, Sam Barkhouse, Amanda O'Donnell 






4th Row: Jimmy McMahon, Mahiri Brooks, Jeremy Lu, Andrew 
-itchfield, Jamie Burdge, Justin McAfee 3rd Row: Areen Kclan- 
ari, Alex Orav, Lorry Gonzales, Sequoya Foxtree-McGrath, Josh 
rrankin. Josh Goodman, Conor Mohen 2nd Row: Justin Poganetti, 
Tim Keohan, Steven Golden, Sean Closby, Bobby Hortwell, Evan 
vVong, Anthony Tomao 1 st Row: Matt Coughlin, Jonathan Banis- 
ter, Sam Bigda-Peyton, Nick Folzone 

(Right) 2nd Row: Megan Norregaord, Adrienne Silver, Kotorina 
Bartley, Briano Kilduff, Kari Luo, Lynnelle Thompson, Somontha 

1 st Row: Abby McNulty, Jean Weisner, Julino Nocera, Tiffany 
long, Alysso Unumb, Rose Mary Turner, Erin Hurley 

Boys Soccer 

2nd Row: Caroline Slok, Kiano McAuley-Pomeroy, 
Lillie Zachorokis, Jaclyn Hayes, Adelo Scharff,Coach 
Lisa Tsour 1st Row: Eleni Drivas, Tolio Miller, Shoy- 
lynn McGroy, Marci Rohstein, Jessuly McCabe 

Field Hockey 


3rd Row:Alex Cordero, Nick Cebry, James Kuo, , Robert Da- 
ley, Chomes Cyphers, Senen Paez, 

2nd Row: Bobby Taggart, Myles Veomett, Kirk Choquefte, Lev 
Mocht-Greenberg, Noah Dines, Ezra Mendoles, Mike Ringuette 
1st Row: Christian Chavez, Armen Arakelian, Robert Do- 
herty, Nathan Rogers, Sean O'Connell, Note Scholnick, Colin 



Bedford High School Rifle Team 2009: 

Michael Maloney-Ward, Jacob Moore, Alain Slak, Victor Wang, 
Ethan Harrington, Nick Tate, Michael Chen, Michael Ringuette, 
Chames Cyphers, Tristan Sjolie, Victoria O'Connor, Matt Davis, Rich- 
ard Davidson, Nick Badalaty, Chris Bridgeman, Shaylynn McGrory, 
Lingzi Pang, Catherine Wyott, Justin Smith 

2009 BHS Rifle Team Stondinqs: 

Mike Chen 


Tori O Connor 


Guen Cyphers 


Lingsy Pang 


Nick Badalaty 


Mike Ringuette 


Chris Bridgeman 


Tnstan S|olie 


Richard Davidson 


Alain Slak 


MoH Davis 


Justin Smith 


Ethan Harrington 


Nick Tale 


Mike Maloney-Word 


Victor Wang 


Shaylynn McGrory 


Katie Wyott 


Michael Chiu 


Riflry is 98% mental, 2% 
physical. The new shoot- 
ers this year show plenty 
of promise. We're third in 
the state so far and aim- 
ing for first, as we have 
not held the distinction 
since 2005. 




Bedford Rifle team has had a 
tradition of excellence with their high 
standard of achievment rising higher 
every year. "The rifle team doesn't 
quite get enough appreciation for 
what they do. It's a lot of work and it 
takes more skill than people realize. 
It requires concentration and endur- 
ance. You have to force yourself to 
hold uncomfortable positions for 
extended amounts of time, everything 
precise, and in order." said Nick Tate. 
"Every year we consistently do very 
well, and this year was no exception." 
Coaches Richard Carson and team 
Captains Ethan Harrington, Nick Tate, 
and Victor Wang lead the team to 
a season of success with the help of 
fourteen underclassmen. Senior Ethan 
Harrington broke the school record 
by shooting a 278 replacing Tristan 




Waltham W 75-68 

@ Newton South L 79-71 

©Concord-Carlisle W 69-62 

Maiden L 68-58 

@ Maiden catholic W 79-48 

Bostin Latin W 61-54 

@ Lincoln-Sudbury W 70-61 

@ Weston L 80-72 


@ Arlington 

@ Tyngsboro 

@ Acton-Boxboro 


@ Woyland 







@ Bishop Fenwick 

W 75-68 
L 79-71 
W 69-62 
L 68-58 
W 79-48 
W 61-54 
W 70-61 
L 80-72 
L 85-77 
W 68-47 
W 63-44 
W 79-66 
W 81-74 
L 67-66 
L 66-61 
W 73-49 
W 75-69 
W 62-51 
W 63-45 
W 60-48 
L 69-68 

"I think this season has been good. We 
haven't played up to our potential or our 
expectations but when we needed a key 
victory or a statement game we always 
found o way to get it done. As the sea- 
son went along our team chemistry got a 
lot better which helped us win key games 
and will help us in the post season" 
-Dewoyne Clochor 

"Grade or Class has been thrown out the window. 
Their ultimate goal is to be successful and they've 
accomplished those goals. It's a lot of contribution 
from many players in different games, there was not a 
reliance on one person to carry the team/' 

-Coach Jim Byrnes 



The boys basketball team was 
lead by senior captains Ryne 
Tillman, Ray Bowen and Davio 
Dispena. The bucs ended their season 
13-6 qualifying for states and making it 
to the quarter finals only to lose by one 
point in the last seconds of the game 
against Bishop Fenwick. A proud moment 
for the team was with their win of 81-74 over 
an undefeated Westford who ranked third in 
the state. The five seniors Ryne Tillman, Ray 
Bowen, Davio Dispena, Dewayne Clachar, 
and Stephen Dalrymple represented the 
team well on and off the court. The team per 
formances has been ranked 8th in Division 
The Feburary 6th game against Weston 
was the 200th win for the basketball pro- 
gram since Coach Byrnes started 
coaching. Talented Juniors Mike Thorse 
Kevin Cangiano,Michael Rubin, an 
Tim Pike look to continue to 
a competitive team for next 



@ Waltham 
Newton South 
@ Concord-Carlisle 
@ Stonehom 
@ Matigon 
@ Boston Latin 
@ Weston 
@ Tyngsboro 
@ Westford Academy 
@ Woyland 
@ Weston 
@ Arlington 
Newton North 
@ Waltham 
@ Ipswich 
@ St. Mary's 


W 40-33 
W 46-32 
L 44-33 
L 33-28 
W 47-34 
W 48-37 
L 50-43 
L 48-40 
W 46-28 
W 39-23 
W 59-23 
L 41-34 
L 62-37 
W 47-16 
L 52-44 
L 40-34 
W 44-25 
W 62-20 
L 46-29 
W 52-38 
W 63-60 
L 63-37 





; girls basketball team kept up with 
tradition and had a very successful 
season. The team was lead by senior 
captain Joyce Mahoney and junior 
Kristen Congiono. The girls finished 
their season 1 1 -9 and made it to the 
semi-finals against St. Mary's. Seniors 
Barbara Neto, Sarah Caliri, Kelly Sul- 
livan, and Joyce Mahoneys' experionce 
helped the Bucs keep posession against 
difficult teams. The teams overall drive 
and focus led them to make great come- 
backs. The Bucs conquered Ipswich 
who they faced in states in previous 
years with a score of 63-60. The Bucs 
continued on to the semi-finals but fell 
short to St. Mary's 63-37 Other key 
players included Jamie McConnell, Erica 
Hamilton, Louisa Bauer, Gabby Bard, 
and Alyssa Moloney. The team looks 
return a solid team for next season. 

3rd row (left):Chadiji John, Caroline Valerijulio MonaltoBrittany Mericontante.Kotarina Bartli 
Alex Riley, Allyson Kilcluff,Briana Kilduff, Arielle Wentworth, Coach Billioun 2nd Row Erin 
Hurley, Jamie Mcdonald, Ashley Anderson, Marielle Valeri, Nikki Lespasio,Brianna Murphy, 
Chelsey Sjolie J sf Row: Janelle Clachar, Lindsey Wilkins, Elizabeth Harris, Gianna Ruggiero, 
Daisy Smith 


its d ctout 



This year the winter cheerleader's routine 
qualified them for two major competitions. At 
both the Braintree and St. Mary's competi- 
tions their score made them eligible for Re- 
gional. One of the team's stand out per- 
formers was Brianna Murphy who received 
first place for her jumps and tumbling skills 
out of 200 other competitors. The team was 
lead by senior captain Gianna Ruggiero and 
junior captain Elizabeth Harris. Even with 
many newcomers the girls were able to form 
a solid routine and perfect difficult stunts. 
The girls learned from each other and came 
together to consistently perform at a high 
level during basketball games, practices, and 
competitions. They captivated the basketball 
audience just as they had the judges. 


• Hollisfon W 94-87 
Hopkinfon L 95-82 

Tyngsboro W 89-85 
Medfield L 94-87 

Waltham W 99-8 1 

Arlington W 91-84 


200 yd Medley #15 2:04.08 

Marfa Pisera, Alex Giglio, 

Stacey Hronowski, Suzanne Warner 

50 yd Free Style #5 25.30 

Alex Giglio 

200 yd Free Style #6 1 :46:60 

Alex Giglio, Marina Tomao, 

Marfa Pisera, Suzanne Warner 

400 yd Free Style Relay # 1 2 3:57.00 

Alex Giglio, Stacey Hronowski, 

Marta Pisera, Suzanne Warner 

1 Meter Diving #6 450.50 

Max O'Brien r T C 



This year the swim team qualified for states 
in five different events. The 2008/2009 
season captains were Suzanne Warner ' 
and Jun-Qui Zhai. Seniors from this season 
include Suzanne Warner, Marina Tomao, 
Stacey Hronov^ski, Katie Norregaard, 
Elijah Webber, Max O'Brien, and Jun-Qui 
Zhai. Alex Giglio, Stacey Hronoskwi, Mar- 
ta Pisera, and Suzanne Warner v/orked to- 
gether to place 15th in the 200 yd Medley 
and 14th in the 400 yd Free Style Relay. 
Freshman Alex Giglio made her mark in 
the 50 yd Free Style placing 5th with a 
time of 25.30. Senior diver Max O'Brien 
placed 6th in states and will continue 
on his diving career in college. Placing 
in the top ten in the state was the swim 
teams 200 yd Free Style team composing 
of Marino Tomao, Alex Giglio, Suzanne 
Warner and Morto Pisera. The team looks 
for underclassmen Marto Pisera, Jen Purks, 
and Alex Giglio to return to states again 
next season. 



"It's a ton of fun. It's really relaxed we 
fiave teem dinners, good team unity, we 
fiave techno dance parties. That's really 
what it's all about. Having fun." 

-Brett Plugis 

This years Ski team had one of its most success- 
ful seasons. Lead by senior's captains Brett 
Plugis, Chris Donovan, Annie Leslie. The Boys 
team placed 3rd in the division and the girl's 
team placed 5th. Brett Plugis and Amy Lamp- 
bell came just one place short of qualifying for 
the state race. The team will return a talented 
group of underclassmen for the next season. 

A . 

Rockport W 6-4 

@ Tyngsboro L 6-2 

Weston L 4-0 

@ East Boston W 5-2 

Minuteman W 3-1 

Lowell L 8-1 

@Wayland L 2-1 

Concord-Carlisle L 3-0 

@ Minuteman W 9-3 

Newton South T 3-3 

Tyngsboro L 4-0 

©Weston L 7-2 

Bostin Latin W 4-0 

Dracut L 0-4 

@ Lowell L 8-1 

Wayland L 2-8 

@ Dracut T 6-6 

©Concord-Carlisle L 5-2 

@ Newton South W 5-0 




This years hockey team cam{ 
out strong making key wins 
with the help of seniors J. P. 
Driscoll, Will Muggins, Dan- 
ielle Basile, Colin Hurley, 
Keith Roop, and Stephen 
Kazarian alongside a strong 
underclass base. The Bucs 
worked hard as a team and 
were able to build on their 
defensive and offensive skills. 
Junior John Isnor and captain 
J. P. Driscoll were major play- 
makers and had consistent 
shots on goal. Jimmy Collins 
was the Bucs leading scorer. 
The team's growth showed in 
their record of 6- 1 1 -2 and will 
continue to progress under 
juniors John Isnor, Cotter Elis, 
Justin Brooks, Dylan Kound- 
akjiall, and Zack Donahue. 



One Step 


The Boys track team captains consisted of seniors Jona- 
than Gault, Alex Bradford, and Minghan Chang. The 
Team hod a talented distance squad, led by senior cap- 
tains Jonathan Gault and Alex Bradford. Andrew Thomas 
and Jarryd Heyl ran strong in the 1000m. The 4x800m 
relay team also qualified for states and set a school 
record. The talent of the distance squad showed by their 
many 1 st places finishes. Minghan Chang had a strong 
season in the 300m run. Girls' captains were Katelyn 
Mohen and Sarah Gault. Sarah and freshman Marina 
Boebel qualified for states on the girls' side. 









It is difficult to compete 
with a squad as small as 
we hove. I think that if 
we could just field some 
competitors in certain 
events, like the 55m 
hurdles or the high jump, 
then we would hove won 
a couple meets. 

Team Captain Jonathan Gault broke the 
school records in the 1 mile (4m30s held 
by Bob Bradford and Mike Waters) and 
2 mile (9m47s held by Joe Collins) this 

The New School Record; 

1- mile: 4:28.13 

2- mile: 9:31.95 

Top row: James Washer, John Aiken, Homish MacPhail, Minghon Chang, Alex Bradford, Jona- 
than Gault, Tommy Barkovic, Andrew Thomas, Benjamin Fine, Robert Piccirillo, Tim Barry, Jimmy 
Ferro 2nd row: Sarah Taylor, Elizabeth Seibert, Julio Seibert, Devon Tate, Claire Miller, Katlyn 
Mohen, Sarah Gault, Sarah Watson, Cassidy Bayen, Marino Boebel, Katherine Boebel, Rose 
Bennett 1st row: Kevin Criscione, Nathan Scholnick, Mohiri Mendes-Brooks, Jesse Moreno, 
rJick Donovan,Tim Keohan, Ben Richter, Senen Paez and Jarryd Heyl. 


Wayland L 66-28 

@ Arlington L 57-33 

@ Sharon L 47-34 





Boys Basketbal 

Girls Basketball 


Above-Top Row:Seon Mclver, 
Mike Cusock, Nick Nocera, 
Joey Volbono, Zach Ber- 
man, Mike Dirrane. Bottom 
rowjoel Reubenstein, Kyle 
Loughlin, Robert Brown , Will 

Left-Top row:Anna Welling, 
Casey LoGrosso, Emily Piefrosik, 
Elizabeth Watson, Allie Co- 
pozzo, Renee White. Bottom 
Row: Elle Thompson, Stephanie 
Porham, Kristen Boratta, Julia 
Romanelli, Jen Zolla 

Girls Basketball Boys Basketball 


Left-Top Row: Dreana Morgan, Brittany Niemeyer, Latia Durant, 
Capre Chukwuka,Kadijah John, Jessie Reed. Bottom Row-Taylor 
Laney, Jessie Chorette, Abby McNulty, Madison Patterson, 
Megan Barr. 

Right-Top Row:Sean Clasby, Kyle Loughlin, Larry Gonzales, jonornan 
Banister, Nathan Rogers, Nick Williamson, Matt Cooghlin, Vince 
Anderson Bottom Row-Armen Arakelian, Arndrew Litchfield, Kirk Ov> 
quette, Bobby Hartwell, Justin Pogainetti, Lev MochtOreenbeng 






I II 1^ 

Bedford's finest take on the DCL 

Anything you 


we can 

Cross Country + Track 

This year's football team has made school history through their 

record and qualification of a bowl game. Their upset over Tyn- -ri . i i r , ^ i ^ , 

gsboro by one point put them in a difficult position of having to ' ^^""'[^ team overlapped ruriners Sarah Gault, Katelyn 

beat Arlington, Woyland, and Concord-Carlisle. The Bucs went Jonathan Gault, and Alex Bradford Jonathan Gau^ placed 2nd in 

on and successfully beat all three. Through a coin toss it was 'jl® ""^^^ and completed the 2-M,le at 9;31 .95. Jonathan| 

decided that their bowl game against Hanover would be played ^ the cross<ountry team to qualify for A ! 

in Quincy, posing an unfortunate disadvantage for the team. The States. Co-Capfam Alex Bradford s best tirrie in the two mile was 10.15.00. 

Bucs were met by proud supporters but suffered five turn-overs 
in the first half. The score was 19-0 Hanover after the first half 
and the Bucs were able to come from behind and close the gap 
to 19-18. Unfortunately the Bucs ran out of time and fell short to 
Hanover with a score of 19-18. 

Swimming + Diving 



Sarah Gault finish the mile consistently under 6 minutes. Freshman Me- 
rino Boebel placed 14th for her performance in the shot put with 9.09 m. 
Hamish McPhoil, Andrew Thomas, Jarryd Heyl, and Jonathan Gault ran the 
4x800 Relay during the indoor track states meet Jarryd Heyl placed 23rd 
with his time of 3:01 .23 in the 1000m. Andrew Thomas ran a 1 :32.24 in 
the 600 M run placing 27th Freshman Jesse Moreno time of 4:56 46 for 
the 1-Mile put him in the 15th place 

Girls Basketball 

For the third year in a row the swim 
team has mode on appearance at 
states. This year the girls and boys 
qualified in 5 different events placing 
consistency well in each. Morto Pisero 
swam in 3 events, as did senior captain 
Suzanne Warner. Newcomer Alex 
Giglio placed 5th in the state fpr her 
times in the 50 yd Free Style as well 
as participating in three other events. 

Marto Pisera, Alex Giglio, Stocey Q'^'^ played Ipswich during 

Hronowski, Suzanne Warner swam the first round of states and 

200 yd Medley placing 15th and the defeated them 63-60. Captain's 

400 yd Free Style Relay placing 12th. Joyce Mahoney and Kristen Cangiano played 
The 200 yd Free style team finished an solid games with the support of Jamie McConnell, 
impressive 6th place with members Alex Erica Hamilton, and Alyssa Moloney. During the 
Giglio, Marina Tomao, Marto Pisera. semi-final game against Central Catholic the girls 
and Suzanne Warner. Representing ^^^^ ^ack by Central Catholic's aggressive 
trie boy s team was diver Max O Brien j r j ^ i i l ^ r\ ^ iL ■ l _i 

...I I I ■_ ,1 .,1 defense and talent sriooters. Despite trieir tiord 

who placed 6th in the state with a score 
of 440.55 

efforts the team lost to Central Catholic 63-37. 

can do 
















I always remem ber^ou ^r^q reat 
season from the thrillinq'Win over 
C.C. in the first round'ofithe 

tournament to winning the league! 
But what I will remember^most 
is the bonds withlmViteammate's 

and how we all worked together 
as a unit and had one of the most 
sucessful soccer seasons in recent 



Boys Soccer 

This year the girls volleyball team's record named 
them DCL Small Champs. The team faced Burke in 
the first round of states winning 3-0. During their 
semi-finals gome against Central Catholic the team 
fell short to CentrafCatholic 3-0. 

Boys Basketball 

The boy's soccer team 
dominated the DCL 
with the best combined 
record. The first states 
game was against rival 
Concord-Carlisle and 
came out with a gut- 
wrenching win during 
overtime. The boys went 
on to beat Chelsea in an- 
other come from behind. 
The final game against 
Winchester came as a 
J heart breaking loss of 1-0 
capping a truly wonder- 
ful season. 

Girls Soccer 

The boys basketball team had another successful season as 
they went 13-6 and qualified for the state tournament. They 
dominated Weston in the first round winning 60-48. In the 
quarterfinals Bedford lost on the 2nd to last play of the game 
after making an unbelievable comeback after being down 14 
points in the fourth quarter. Kevin Congiano's basket put the 
Bugs ahead for the first time. After an intense last few seconds 
the Bugs fell Short 69-68 to Bishop Fenwick. 

For the first time ever in Bedford High School's history, the girl's 
soccer team was able to hang up their very first division banner. 
The girls ended their regular season with a 7-2-6 record and 
went on to win the next 3 games, defeating Lowell Catholic, 
Georgetown, and Greater Lowell, in the Small DCL Division 
League. The team fell short of clenching the North Champion 
title when they went up against the fierce Newburyport. Despite 
losing in the fmals, the girls had a tremendous season and le ft an 

unprecedented mark in Bedford High School's history. I 141 


Kickoff Day: 
Signing Up at the 
Activities Fair 

Be [Involved] Whatever your passion, you will surely find it here at BHS. Many different activi- 
ties are offered so it's easy to find a club you'll enjoy. If you're athletic, there's always Frisbee Club. 
Wanna write? No problem, there's Yearbook, the Stylus, and the Lookout. Into learning about other 
cultures? There's the French, Spanish, Latin and AFS Intercultural clubs. Want something more intel- 
lectual? Chess, Robotics, and Environmental Club might be for you. Want to help out 
BhHS students? Then the Student Atmosphere Committee, Best Buddies, the GLbf^ Atf^^eran( 
Junior Statesmen of America are for you. Maybe you just want to chill out and relax? Try Anime 
Club where you'll watch diff^^^^^^^^^p^^ajliQver Japan. Clubs are not only a great way to get 
involved with the school, b'uf dre^d^^^^^at outlet for meeting new people. 

1: Elyse Bloomfield, Monica Joshi, and Stacey Hronowski help out with enlisting new members for French 
Club. 2: Ben Bosco single-handedly recruits 20 people to the AFS club through his sign-holding recruitment 
wizardry. 3: Nick Vance holds up the sign for SAC. 4: GLBTS Alliance's banner advertises awareness of 
sexual orientations. 5: Grace Huemme promotes the Robotics Club. 6: Kiara Wright and Jonelle Clachar 
advertise the Step Team. 7: Angela Agiorgousis cosplays Axel from Kingdom Hearts. 8: Alex Russo and Rhi- 
ana Carignon enjoy a fun conversation by the Stylus booth. 9: Wei Yuh Chang and Holly Kelly help with the 
Environmental Club's booth while Emily Eggert signs up. 10: Tom Hatvany looks over the Frisbee Club's dis- 
play.n : James Washer, Evan O'Molley, and Ms. Alexander show their Latin Club spirit. Et Tu Dan Johnston? 


The Science Team 

The Science Team members have a passion for science, and they study everything from marine biology to chemical co 
pounds. Their outstanding performances in statewide science competitions continue a tradition of excellence at BHS. 

The Bedford 2008-09 Science Team: Top row (left to right): James Wong, Alain Slak, Victor Wang, Jeremy Poe, Michael 
Chiu, Wei Yuh Chang, Gabby Queenan, Grace Huemme, Michael Lu, and Tony Hronowski. Bottom Row; Christie Chiu, 
Kristine Tom, Derek Ching, Jack Bernardon, Alex Cuti, Mike Lee, and Paul Cho. 

The Environmental Club 

The Environmental Club teaches students how to care for our world and preserve nature.^fUcJehfs'l^arn 
Green," limit the resources they use, and teach their peers about the ever-changing environment. Th 
active, often going canoeing or on weekend hikes i 

how to "C 

The Math Team The Chess Club 

The Math Team tackles all sorts of calculations as they com- 
pete in intense mental competitions. These talented students 
must work quickly and comprehensively to get the gold. This 
year, once again, they were unbeatable. 

This group plays this intellectually electrifying game and loves 
every minute of it— and they play it well. The BHS 08-09 Chess 
team brought home the State Championship. 

The BHS 08-09 Math Team. From left: William Lee, Mr. McGowon 
Kiriti Marine, Derek Ching, Christie Chiu, Grace Huemme, Melody 
Morris, Yongyi Chen, Kristine Tom, Victor Wang, James Wang, Mi- 
chael Chiu,Shreyas Ravi 

The BHS 08-09 Chess Team, Top row: Mr. McGowan, Shreyas 
Ravi, Eric Devauxjom Barkovic,Jacob Fine Bottom row: 
Yongyi Chen,Kiriti Manne,William Lee, Michal Kruk. 


ffonly its second year, the Robotics Team has rocketed to the top of its connpetitons. Teann mennbers fundraise, de- 
ign t-shirts and buttons, and of course, build and program their mighty robot. Their great success is a credit to their 
all-round team effort. This year, they continued their winning streak in capturing their second title, and they went to 
he nationals in Atlanta in April. 


I 1 

Latin Club 





Caesar! To-ga! To-ga! To-ga! See how much the Ancient Romans gave us, culture-wise? The 
Club got to experience all this. They had toga parties, reenacted the death of Julius Caesar, 
improved their Latin language skills. Veni, Vidi, Vici! 

GLBTS Alliance 

n the fight ^^^ual rigH^^^^y and straight people of the world have to bond together to get it real- 
?1zed, and the courageous members of the GLBTS (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Straight) Alliance 
are leading that charge for change at BHS 

AFS Inlercultural Club 

The AFS Intercultural Club's goal is to acquaint members with each others' heritage, and to study cultural 
heritages from around the world. The club explores cuisine, studies holiday traditions and dances, and 
delves into the origins of cultures. 

The AFS Intercultural Club at SHS has 
lively and dedicated membership. Two 
highlights made this year special: Cheyenne 
FoxTree McGrath and Amanda Lee taught 
fellow students about native cultures in the 
Americas, and described their participation 
at PowWows. At another meeting, Mrs^ 
Laurencio described what it is like to li 
in modern Brazil. She also talked abo 
Carnaval and gave members a Samba 
son! Most meetings include sampling ethnic 
foods, such as empanadas, wojape, pou- 
tine, cornbread, Spanish rice, and pan de 
queso. Learning about cultures and having 
a good time are always on the agenda at 
the AFS Intercultural Club. 




The Christian Fellowship Club 


The CFC is a student-led club where BHS students focus on faith, fellowship, and fun. Their goal is 
to help students meet new friends, learn more about God's Word, and apply the Bible to their everyday 


The Spanish Club 

Spanish Club members learn about the music, language, and traditions in Spanish and Latin Ameri< 

cultures. They sample foods from Spain and many Latin American countries and dance to the vibroi 

Latin rhythms. gQuieres bailor conmigo? 

Officers:(at right, from 

Chiky Medina 
^^^^^)urtney Stacey 
Michtael Marino 
Estefania Casteneda 
Anne Dici<inson-Meltz 

Asian Cultural Exchange 

The Asian Cultural Exchange focuses on the foods and customs of the east. In one meeting they made dump- 
lings, as the pictures show, and then learned more about the cultures behind the cuisine. 

The Fed Challenge is a club in which members of Eurochallenge is a crash course in macroeconomics 

the senior class use their knowledge of economics to for the sophomore class. The members compete on 

devise a plan for restructuring the currently troubled plans they devise to save a country in the Eurozone 

U.S. economy. The process culminates in their pre- from the current economic crisis. And with Mr. Don- 

sentation at Tufts University. nelly's help, they also present it at the Boston Fed- 

eral Reserve. 


% 111 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies works to form relationships between BHS students and students with disabilities (LABB students). Both 
peer buddies and associate members ore encouraged to join in events, and build friendships. The difference between 
a peer buddy and an associate member is that peer buddies are placed in a one-on-one match with a LABBB stu- 
dent and are required to fulfill the weekly and monthly requirements of being a buddy, while associate members are 
students who ore still interested in learning more about Best Buddies before jumping into the commitment. High school 
students find that even though their buddies have disabilities, they still like to have a good time, like everyone else. 


The HOST club offers students from the Hanscom AFB a chance to welcome the Bedford kids into their 
world. One of the activities is to go bowling at the Hanscom Lanes. It's a great way for both groups 
get to know each other and to get a glimpse at what each others lives are like. The club j name Heij 
ing Our Students Together, and they aim to live up to that title. 


Wot America 

The Junior Statesmen of America is a debate team. They persuasively worked their way through argu- 
ments and negotiations both in practices and competitions. This year their skills brought home many 
prizes for BHS. 


Principals Advisory Council 

The Principal's Advisory Council meets with 
the principal every Day 5's X-block to discuss 
matters of school policy, school climate, and 
student learning. In each grade, three students 
are elected to represent each of BHS's geo- 
graphic areas (Bedford, Hanscom, and Bos- 
ton). Those students join their class presidents 
and representatives from Peer Leaders, Junior 
Mentors, Student Atmosphere Committee, and 
HOST to keep Mr. Sills informed on what's go- 
ing on from a student's perspective at BHS. 

School Advisory Council 

The School Advisory Council is composed of 
juniors and seniors who periodically attend 
School Committee meetings as representa- 
tives of the Bedford High School student 
body. Elections for the council are announced 
and held in the spring. 

Superintendent's A 

Home of the Buccaneers 

The Superintendent's Advisory Council Is 
group of students who look to inspire change 
within the high school. These students meet 
once a month with the Superintendent to 
discuss possible improvements. They com- 
municate the ideas and opinions of others in 
the school to the Superintendent. This council 
gives all students the opportunity to have their 
ideas heard. 

Junior Mentors 

Junior Mentors ploy a vital role in acquainting freshmen to thefr hew scndoffwTth a late August freshman 
orientation, they mode the students feel welcome even before their high school careers started. Later in 
the year, the mentors offered guidance as the ninth graders maneuvered their way through their first year 
at BHS. 

ent Atmos 


The Student Atmosphere Committee brings student input into the activities at BHS. They work with the ad- 
ministration to better accommodate the needs of the Boston, Hanscom, and Bedford students to help them 
feel more at home in the school. 


^ The Yearbook! 

To produce the book of memories that you ore reeding right now, a dedicated staff worked more hours than yc 
could ever imagine. Everyone did a little of everything: taking pictures, writing captions, creating new pages one 
spreads, and editing proofs. With the support and guidance of Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Santos, the hard work of chie' 
editors, Aimee Young, Chelsea Niemeyer, Jenna Kuhn, and Nick Neveux, and the helpful input of staff members 
this book became one of the best yearbooks that BHS has EVER produced. Well, at least we think so. :) 

^d^ien Jarvis 

The Lookout 

Joe Tiono 

The Lookout is the BHS student newspaper— a veritable institution. It is our Boston Globe. Each issue is creat- 
ed in Mr. Niven's Publishing class, and a dedicated group of editors, writers, and artists go to great lengths 
to produce it each month. 

The Stylus 

The Stylus is a lit mag that's hqr^,^ 
Anyone from BHS can submit 
The club is a great place for writers to meet 
And show their literary wit. 
If thou hast a poem or rhyme in thy head 
Just finalize and write everything out. 
They will critique it, the rhymes that you said 
And then discover what it's all about. 
After many moons we publish your rhyme 
and work on contributions for a year, 
At the end of the year you will find the poem 
you submitted in the mag, but don't fear. 
Writing something's as simple as this 
(Insert metaphor of what life is here 
Ben Bosco 


Interact Club 

Sponsored by the Rotary Club, Interact promotes com- 
passion through services in Bedford and needy commu- 
nities. This year the Interact Club stayed busy planning 
a winter coat drive for the Lowell Boys and Girls Club, 
volunteering at the Rotary Club's Breakfast with Santa, 
and helping out at the Veterans Administration. The 
Interact club also adopted a family who lost their home 
in a fire during the holidays. 

Step Team 

Stomp Stomp Clap Clop turn around, Stomp Clap Pat Pat Stomp Clop Cfop SRu^'Snap SnopT 
team sounds resonated throughout the auditorium as they danced for the student body during the Mul 
Cultural performance. """"^ 

Ulrimate Frisbee 

Jitimate Frisbee is an ever-growing sport. It combines the speed of football with the effervescence of jump- 
ng as high as you can to catch a frisbee. 

the award- 

tionsTOall of the clubs for^^^^^^our day 
ing this a great, fuir?^^ yea^^^^^^%udos to 

Chess teams. 


1 % i 


#•1 \ 




1 ^ 2009 

1 1 


Je [Creative] The students at Bedford High 
)chool have many opportunities to show their mu- 
ical, artistic, and theatrical abilities. 

Some musical groups are soley instrumen- 
al such as band, orchestra, or wind ensemble, 
aying instruments not exactly your thing? Well 
Tiaybe you could use your voice and try joining a 
inging group: Chorus, Madrigals, Buccapella, or 
leWa Chords for example. Along with singing and 
nstrument playing there is the theater. Theater is a 
:omplex art that combines a person's love of song 
3nd music, and adds the element of acting and 

Don't like to perf^l^j^y^Ui^^fg^^^^^ 
dreds of other mediums to tr^^w^W'cjepartment 
at Bedford High School offers a class for learning 
art concepts, ceramics, and photography. Many 
people have found their mediums through experi- 
menting with different classes and create enchant- 
ing pieces of work. For all of these arts, it takes 
a lot of time, practice, and commitment to see the 
activities through, but the end result is always sim- 
ply amazing. 


It all takes one man to put this together, but it takes many to bring it to life. 
Chief Edris chose the musical "Kiss Me Kate," based on Shakespeare's The 
Taming of the Shrew. "Kate" is a play within a play. The cost worked long 
and hard from November to March perfecting the dialogue, the music and 
choreography. The musical ran from March llth-14th, 2009, and enjoyed 
great success. The crew spent hours upon hours building the intricately 
beautiful set the last few weeks before opening night. All the time spent 
certainly paid off, with a full house in the audience the lost two nights. The 
show was enjoyed by all, and everyone involved was pleased with the 

rew 2009- Supervisor: Bryan Nosh; Stage: 
\ike Dunleo, Kristine Tom, Rhiana Carignan, 
oily Kelly, Sam Duda, Gregg Zollo, hiamish 
\acPhail, Richard Davidson, Devin Jacobs, 
\ichal Kruk, Evan Marshall, Mary Guay, Al- 
<a Poppas, Patrick Coady, Ben Bosco, Koylo 
ograd-Denton, Catherine Davidson; Tech: 
pencer Davis, Jeremy Poe, John Aiken, Sarah 
vany, Brendon Carroll. 

Dan Kipp: "It worked out somehow... Magic probably played a huge port."; Cheyenne Foxtree-McGrath: "The night of th 



of Plays 

[Be] Dramatic 



Class Plays 

Freshnnen: Excuses, Excuses 
Sophomores: Coffee Shop 
Juniors(winners); Normal Is 

quasoy DSS8| .'^jjoaX jxeu n op 04 4!Dm 4^udd | jayaq aouauadxa aiji a^ouj 


Foy: " I really, really loved that we 

never done it 
before, but I wish 


I'd done it for all 
four years because 
it was such a great 
experience. It 
opened my eyes to 
something new. I 
recommend every- 
one try \\f / 

X i 











^ Sfrike a pose! Eric Devaux and Jynette DeMarco ham it up while emceeing the show. 2. Hamish MacPhoi! easily breaks free of Nick Neveux's ^ 
grSTsp with his massive leprechaun strength. 3. Courtney Stacey and Anne Dickinson-Meltz wait on Kevin Criscione in "Coffee Shop" 4. While 
awaiting the end of the world due to Mayan prophecy, Max O'Brien still found time to meet up with his teacher, Kateyin Mohen, in "Apaco ^ 
Taco." 5. "I'll have a toll 6 pump spy no water extra no foam lattel" The sophomore sorority girls come up with the most complicated order ^ 
imaginable for the working staff in "Coffee Shop." 6. Tommy Barkovic lays down the law as a boy scout fighting against littering in his last day on 
Earth in the senior play. 7. Gemma Smith treats Mike Dunlea to some hot cocoa and a shoulder massage while Sophie Bell looks on with jeolou- 


sy. 8. Kylie Foy deflects accusations and points the finger at others in "Coffee Shop." 9. Bella Yancey, Shaylynn McGrory, and Tessa Rosenberry 
try to figure out what to do with themselves in their ploy about... nothing. 10. "We're not gonna kill her, you idiot!" Aileen McGrory scorns DevinCQ 


^snj OLjM a|doad (n^japuoM puo p94ua|D4 Xq papunojjns aj^noX 'Bujop aj^noX lOLjM jai4Duu oy^ aajosaMD sXdm|d s^4| ipSag^ 



BHS has always had a stellar music program, and this year was no differ- 
ent. The band expanded its repetoire from classical to things like "Seasons 
of Love" from Rent, and continues to play like it always has, like a machine. 
The Orchestra has adopted Bollywood Score as one of their genres with 
the performance of "Dhoom Machale", and Mr. Moffo and Mr. Felker still 
lead the groups with an iron baton, getting every part exact so that the 
band can sound as tight as possible. Outgrowths of these two ensembles 
are the jazz band and the pep band, who also went on to have a good 

1 : Eileen Goodrich playing her viola for the class. Good thing she's been practicing! 2: Freshman violinist Daniel Lu sifts through his heap of music 
sheets, but just can't seem to find what he's looking for. 3: Shaylynn McGrory and Jeonine Cullen talking between pieces. Don't let Mr. Maffa 
hear! 4: Phillip Moffo shows off his musical knowledge as he shows Victoria Clare and Jacqui Cohen the tricks of the trade. 5: Jocqui Cohen, trying 
to get in tune. 6: Trumpets? In the orchestra? Myles Veomont, the only non-string player in the orchestra, warming up. 7: As much as he loves to 
play his oxe, Maffa enjoys teaching his students about scales and posture more. 8: Walt Mayo, Robert Santamaria, and Robert Daley blowing the 
roof off with there sheer trumpet firepower. 

9: Andrew Thomas . 10: A handful of flutes and a couple from the brass try to harmonize their unique sounds. 1 1 : Some of the saxo- 
phones, trombones, and trumpets playing in unison 12: Mr.Felker conducts his band practice during an X-Block period, days before the 
winter concert. 

^ J!J. il - 

1 : Madrigal singers prepare for opening night of the Madrigal Event 2: Mrs. Pritchett directs her chamber choral stu- 
dents 3: Hamish MacPhoil leads the madrigals in a song during the Madrigal Event 4: Assaf Shohor serendoes the audi- 
ence during a winter BucAppella performance 5: The Madrigal Singers perform during the Winter Choral Concert 


Senior Madrigals- Your music made me happy. -Mrs. Pritchett 

BucAppellg J> 

1 : BucAppella 09's first performance of the year at Bedford Day 2: Chamber chorus 
meeting together to practise before a concert 3: Madrigals perform 4: The BHS chorus 
envelops us in angelic song during the Bedford Day dedication of the auditorium 5: 
And again they sing 

Pep Band Be fSupportivel 

Kristine Tom - piccolo 
Rhiono Corignon - piccolo 
Kct Wcleyko - clarinet 
Jacob Moore - clarinet 
Vol Whiteneck - clarinet 
Sarah Iwony - clarinet 
Evan O'Malley - alto sax 
Nick Cebry - alto sax 
Emily Waleyko - alto sax 
Bryan LeBlanc - alto sax 
Chris Bridgemon - trombone 
John Aiken - trumpet 
Carl Gocht - trumpet 
Robbie Bridgemon - trumpet 
Mark Bowers - trumpet 
Alton Barbehenn - bells 
Sean Greene - snare 
Even Marshall - bass 

Areen Kalantori - snare 
Latio Durant - toms 
Ben Bosco - guitar 
Amanda Lee - flute 
Cassie Theriault - bori 

The Line 

The Pep Band of 2008 came as 
a surprise to everybody, the marching 
band directors, the former band members, 
the newbies, everyone. It v^as simply that 
the band did not have enough people to 
continue on as a marching band. There just 
v^asn't enough people enlisted to make a 
complete marching band, so Mr. Felker 
was lost as to what to do. Cancelling the 
band was not an option here, it had been 
o long-standing BHS tradition. This was not , 
something to throw away. 

So what did Mr. Felker decide to ■ 
do? He assessed the options and came up 
with this: the BHS would have a pep band. 
Basically it is a marching band that does 
not march, as shown by the C-C pep band, i 
Ours was not as large, but it more than 
made up for the lack of people. 

The lineup was as diverse as the mui 
sic that was played. They had guitar, bass, 
drums, horns, brass, and woodwinds. The 
only reason that the pep band was made 
was a lack of attendance, and that contin- 
ued to be a problem as they lost their flute 
and a baritone horn player in the duration 
of the bond, but it still played some of the 
best music that has ever been played at o 
BHS football game. 


Congrats to my Majors Claire and Sarah - Mrs. Devaney 

Student Art 

\rt is the backbone of a society, and since high school is a microcosm of society as 
3 whole, art is the backbone of this school. It provides the kids with a creative outlet 
n which to channel their emotions and ideas. Art can take many different forms, from 
vorking with paint, ceramics, or mixed media to graphic design. All of these have viable 
jses, and our teaching staff delivers the instruction on how to moke you a better artist. 
A/hether you want to create the next Mono Lisa, design buildings, develop video games, 
3r just pound out your frustrations on a piece of clay, the Arts are something that should 
lever die. 

Congrats Majors: Dylan, Jenelle and Tom. Mrs. Devoney 



Senior Thanks. 

Jennifer Aceto 

Mom - Thanks for olwoys being there for me end trying 
to help me get through with school. Sorry for all the stuff I 
put you through Daddy - It's been hard getting through 
this without you but I know you wanted the best for me. 
R.I. P. 11.08.03, Angela - Thanks for always being there 
for me. You've done so much for me I don't know where 
I would be without you. Danny and Steven - Thanks for 
being there for me when I needed your support and help 
Michoel - Even though we hove hod our ups and downs 
with each other, I know you will always be there for me 
when I need you Kaitlyn, Billy, Haley, Maddison - You 
guys were more help than you think, getting to see you 
smile all the time helped support me and helped me get 
through everything Ashley - Thanks for being there 
for me all the time. You've been the best friend anyone 
could ever ask for Forron -We've known each other since 
diapers. You were always there when I needed you no 
matter what... thanks for that. Mrs Jordan and Mr Daley 
- Thank you so much for all that you have done for me 
and everything you put up with. I couldn't have done it 
without you guys. Casassandra - We've had some good 
times and you've always been there when I needed you 
Diane - Thanks for helping me out so much. 

Nisha Acharya 

Thank you mom and dad tor putting up with all my 
craziness and for guiding me to study hard in school ond 
providing me with whatever I needed to succeed. I am 
very lucky to have parents that bend-over-backwords for 
me. I thank God for giving me the life I live.Hemong & 
Hemant: thanks for being supportive brothers even though 
we all got on each others nerves at times Thanks to Neha: 
You moke time for me, whether for homework problems or 
general life problems; I am grateful for that Nilam: I have 
known you my whole life, sometime you know me better 
than I know myself and that's o hard friendship to com« 
by. I am very lucky for you to be in my life. Becca; You 
always accepted my nerd ways and made me laugh when 
I was in a bod mood, you also taught me how to hove fun 
in life Emily: So many good memories together, you have 
always been there for me when I reoHy n»ed yoo Min- 
Even though you live holf way across the world, the foci 
that quriftendsfiip still remains strong is impressive and I'm 

rl^we put in effort. Theresa: my 1 st HOST girt. And 
my olhef friends that guided me through high school 

John Aiken 

The things you own end up ownmg you. 
"Prove you're olive If you don't claim your humanity you 
will become o staHstic." 

Parents: Thanks for being seemingly insatiable nags. 
Thanks for leaving the light on 

Mom: My 18 year, nine month »loy has been lovely. 
Thank you for staying olive 

Dad: Thank you for poying for gas arxJ other stuff I can't 
remember right now (joke ) 

Bethany: Thonk you for being on awesom« sitter who's 
secretly a superhero. 

Philip: Thank you for being a terrible influence and for 
putting up with my antics as well. 

Boys Soccer: Thank you for lifting my spirits and merci- 
lessly worping them to brooking point Thank you for 
being on entertaining and sometimes challenging group 
to work with Indoor/Outdoor Track: Thonk you for teach- 
ing me the woy to CVS (and bock.) 
Also thanks to Donnelly. Felker, Niven, Barry low, Horry 
Anderson, and my brothos and sistos in JSA, Crew, Wind 
Ensemble, and at SBP. 

Neil Andrews 

Mom and Dad Thonks lor oil the support through out high 
school I wouldn't have done as good if you guys never 
mode me do things I didn't wont to do hence tutoring 
Also thanks for all the times you guys helped me out with 
projects and stuff. Although I didn't come to you guys for 
help that much I just appreciate knowing you were always 
there for me if I needed help I love you guys. Jimmy 
Dude! Where do I start? So many great times together, 
from swimming in Buehler Pond to thot time drivin on the 
highway, 'let's go to Coliforniol' "Dude, did you feel that 
turn?!" hoho Thanks for all those times you hod my bock 
And thanks for all the great memories, and I lookforword 
to the ones still to come, love yo bt» Dove: Thonks for 
helping my grow up iof otlhough you treated me like I was 
your younger cousin or something we still hadsomcj 
good times together ho ho Me. "I i 
not joe king" haho Thonks fofO^ 

Nicknames: Joiken, Bacon, Clay 

Quotes: "The path of the righteous men is beset on on 
sides by the inequities of the selfish ond the tyranny of 
evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and 
good will, shepherds the weak through the volley of the 
darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder 
of lost children." 

Brittany Asselin 

Mom and Dad Thanks ior olwoys being there ond sup- 
porting in everything I do. I don't think words con describe 

'much you truly mean to me. 
Friends: I'm not going to name any names, because I'm 
afraid I'll miss someone. So to all of you who have ev 
mode me lough or even cry, thanks! It s hard to find 
people who ore there for you , but t know thot y^_gvys 
nil oKvays be there. " 
Good luck doss of 2009! 

Nara Avetisy 

Noaaro (noir-uh) Haho Yesterday is history, tomorrow's o 
mystery today s a gift, that's why they coll it the present" - 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

always supporting me and believing in me You've tou 
me so much about life, ond I'm very grateful for that. 
4 Leo. my favorite boys in the world! Spending time wil(i| 
you troublemakers mokes me so happy You both ore 
olwoys making me lough with the hilarious things you i 
I love you bobies! Forron we've been best friends since 
we both moved here in 4th grode, ond you've olwoys 
been there for me. I know I con count on you I love I 
creepos with you hoho. We hove so many memories so 
mony memories together and they're oil hilarious - freezin 
our butts off on Halloween, eating holf your fridge befa 
going to the football gomes, ond o million more from so 
mony years love you forr Ashley, I always hove fun ' 
I'm wrth you I love having you as o friend and I know I 
con count you to cheer me up when I'm not in the best 
mood. Barbara, you're crazy but I wouldn't like you any 
other way. t con (ell you anything, ond you olwoys give 
me good advice when I need it I love you Bobs There's 
no way I could forget Julie, or Juweel lax wouldn't hove 
been the some without you. I'm so glad we become 
friends, because I love you crazyyy girl I know you 
olwoys got my bock, especiolty if a beat down is neededl 
hoho Congrats closs of 091 

GJ. Baratta 

I wont to thonk my parents for everything they fnivo done 
for me over the yeors. They've always been there whc 
I've needed them and given me support with onylhmg I 
hove wanted to do Thanks Kristen for being o great lm!e 
sister and always giving me someone to run around wit- 
outside And of course, thank you to Sadie who is olway:, 
the first one to *oy hi to me when I walk in the housed 
yovto oil my ounts, uncles, cousins and" 
making every holidoy summer SundoyS e» 
oil my friends We hove so mony gtec logelfS 
and you've oK mode my life a lot more e ■ ^ ^ Alt the 
pickup gomes of footboU and wofftebott ond volleyball 
■ond everythmg else were always a good time Weekend 
were never dutt thonks to oil of you. Thanks to all the XC 
teOms I hove been oport of. Not running will olwoys be o 
postime of mine All my boseboll teams hove been great, 
too. I wont to thonk all my friends who played onimol. 
mineral, vegetoble with me on the bench ond mode bos 
boll something to always look forword to Thanks lo^ 
you guys know who you are and I m stiti hoppiy to be < 
port rifjt_^^jte wf>o( most | 

Tommy Barkovic 

' \ Borky, Welt, to start thir>gs off. I vvouldlile to 

Mrs. Soflivon for giving us plenty of assignments in 
computer lob that has facilitated my ability to octuolly 
these thanks Mom and Dod - Thanks for oil the 
time you ve put in and support you hove given me over 
the years. Eric Devoux - You ore the one, the most intel- 
ligent, clever, and absolutely hysterical person I hove ever 


met Marry me? Eric Johnson - Without you, I'm about 
^ 4% sure that I would have turned in about 3.58% of 
y homework assignments, and been completely unable 
! tunction on a doily basis. J.P- Exchanging countless 
iinoture insults over the years has been a reason to show 
. I to school each day, knowing that at any moment, an 
controllable laugh attack could ensue when one of us 
I'd something unbelievably stupid. Katelyn - Thank you 
.1 being there through all the good limes, and the bod. 
Voy - Your basement has been the location of so many of 
my Friday nights, when I foil out of college, I'll be sure to 
move in full time. Mother Sims - Thank you for accepting 
me into your home. I think I owe you about $3,493.75 in 
food bills. Adam - While arguments with you have made 
me die a little inside, every one makes me smile from ear 
to ear. 

Danielle Basile 

4 LTD Oh Ricky Shwigity Shwom Everything Happens For 
a Reason Bella & Basile 

These post 18 years have been so memorable and I 
owe it all to my family and friends. Dad-Thankyou for 
making us go out to dinner with the family on Sundays, I 
now understand your objective. I'm so grateful to have a 
dad that would give up a lot to give his kids alittle more. 
Mom-Thonkyou for being the nicest, loving, and caring 
mom. You always put your family first and I love how 
close we are. loveyou both. People always say "WOW 
like o bod thing but I wouldn't change it for theworld. 
David-Thankyou for always helping me when Matt and 
Rob would beat me up. Soroh-Thonkyou for being like my 
sister. Robert -Thonkyou for helping me with my sports and 
for those lectures that seemed pointless but helped me so 
much. Matthew -You've taught me to be-tdtd^ack and 
to just hove fun. Thonkyou for always making us lough 
family trips wouldn't have been as much fun without: 
-iSveyouall. Grandpo-Thonkyou for working so hard for 
your family. Nana -thonkyou for our sleepover's & stories. 
Thanks to my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Loveyouall. 
O'Brien's -You're like my family, I know that if I need 
anything I con go to you. Cheryl &Rich thonkyou for 
keepirrg rriy parents busy! Chris&Pat Thanks for always let- 
ting me tag along. Iloveyouoll. Mrs.Billouin-Your not only 
my coach or teacher, you're someone I truly look up to. 
Iloveyou&fomily. Jake -Thonkyou for teaching me somuch 
about myself. You've helped me so much and will hold 
a special place in my heart forever lloveyou Mahoney's 
thanks for always letting me comeover. CoroJoyceKelsey- 
You guys are amazing and so much fun. I'll always 
remember our Krozy Kool times & ourteng taftcs. I'll never 
forget you! <3 lloveyougirlsl As we go on We remember 
All the times we Had together And os our lives change 
Come Whatever We will still be Friends Forever. Sheri 
-We've been friends forever and have mucho memories, 
loveyou&family Julie -The last Mello! I'm happy I found 
someone who likes to go out as much as me. Thonkyou 
for our weekly Panera(Chris)/iparty trips 2LBFL! Gionno 
•I feel like we've been friends forever because we have 
SO many memories JaimeApplesouce-Your like my little 
sister. Thonkyou for letting me beat on you. David -You're 
my bestfriend, thonkyou for always being there. NickM 
-You're definitely the guy version of me. I know we'll stay 
friends for a long time. Dewayne- You're like my brother. 
Thonkyou for always making me feel better. Tyler -I know 

neither of us would have gotten through Junior year 
without one onother, Thonkyou! Thanks to myfriends, 
We've hod o goodtime while stuck in this place! JenS, 
Taylor, Kaylyn, Diana, Rachel, Moe, Alii, Charlotte, Ma- 
rina, Annie, Mirello, Gabby, Alysso, Nikki, Steph, Oliv, 
Meg, Brittany, Courtnee, Nicky, Olga, Keith, Colin, Pat, 
Parker, Miles, Jimmy, Neil, Anthony, Tom, NickL, AlexR , 
Tim(LYLALB), Closs of '05, Cheerleading/Softball Girls! 

Sophie Bell 

"I'm killing time while I wait for life to shower me with 
meaning and happiness." 
-Calvin and Hobbes 
I want to endlessly thank: 

My friends past, present, and future. For talking until we 
fall asleep, driving without much aim, going to the some 
place every Friday night, fast food, being too loud, eating 
cheese and bread at the pork across from Whole Food, 
theatre. Madrigal, A Copella, Stylus, JSA, Dl, and Color 
Guard/Bond, opposite tastes in everything, nineties, 
music, squeezing in the backseat, pools, basements and 
videogames, witty banter, Facebook threads, movie mara- 
thons, self-timer pictures, Sharpie tattoos, eating barbecue 
chips at the beach, favorite movies versus favorite films, 
fumbling valiantly through awkward moments, just show- 
ing up, Cotch Phrase and the one game of Trivial Pursuit, 
arguments about anything and everything, secret lan- 
guages, dressing up for no reason, words of encourage- 
ment, and sitting over homemade pizza, decjartng'tiow 
much we mean to each other. Thank you. The influence 
of oil of your friendships has shaped me into the person I 
am. I will never forget a single moment of these years. 
My teachers, and two in particular. To Mr, Sunderland 
whom after being my history teacher for three years, " 
now gives me disdainful looks in the hallways-thank you 
?or being the best teacher that I have ever hod, and to 
Mr.Sheinfeld for never being lost for words. 
My family. Mom and Dad, I con never express how grate- 
ful I am to you both for your loves, support and encour- 
agement. You two have never told me who or what to be, 
but instead allowed me to find out for myself. Everything 
that I am, I owe to you both. 

To Britta: we're friends! Thank you for our weirdo tele- 
pathic relationship and for everything that we shore. It's 
impossible for me to express how much I love and admire 
you. You're the best seester I've ever hod! 
The class of 2009. Here we go... 

Cora Bentley 

MOM, DAD, JOHN- Thanks for supporting me,' arid 
mostly for putting up with me, You guys are always fun to 
be with and 1 love our luncheon safaris KATIE -Thanks 
for being the best older sister.l know I can come to 
you, especially with my outfits no matter how annoyed 
you get.p.s. I'm jealous of your shoe collection, and that I 
can't fit in them.JOYCE-Thanks for always being there and 
for letting me boss you around; you know that made me 
happy.KELS-Thanks for making me lough and always be- 
ing there for me.JESSIE-Thonks for putting up with my bull 
and bod attitudes, your stories always make me lough;! 
know that we'll be friends forever. SPENCERS-Thanks for 
being great neighbors and always having candy corn 
in the fall. DANIELLE- Even though we were only friends 
in high school, I'm glad that I got to know you, thanks for 

everything. NICK L."smelly"-You can always moke me 
laugh; I don't regret a moment I spent with you.Thonks 
for letting me win when we ploy video games You ore on 
omazing person, thonk you.ALLI,CHAZ,JULIE,DIANA,M 
you all mode HS fun, thanks. F-HO GIRLS-We may not 
win, but we're the prettiest! BOOK GROUP-Thank you to 
you, and your momslWW STAFF-Thonks for making work 
enjoyable. Good luck to everyone, I hope we all end up 
where we want to be! 

Natalia Bienkowski 

First of oil I would like to thank my parents for helping me 
with everything. Thank you so much for always being 
there during the good times and the bod You helped me 
achieve everything I hove. I am so grateful that you guys 
would do anything for me. I love you so much. I wouldn't 
have hod the same high school experience if it wasn't for 
my amazing friends, so I thank all of you. CLAIRE - we 
go bock all the way to 5th grade and we hove been 
friends ever since. Sushi. Eggs. KATELYN ^ Tremember 
how we met in 7th grade in art. You ore such on original 
and amazing person. May I ask, where is that music o 
ing from? EMMA - I am so glad we had our child Sfei- 
mofuso, I wouldn't love art as much if it weren't foi 
BOG I! SHANNON - I will always remember you saying 
fhot lava lamp quote. I love watching sappy movies with 
you. No more drama ! Hoha. KATIE - you ore such a 
funny person and you always moke me laugh. 1 am going 
to grill you like a ponini. MARINA - flaunt it ! I loved 
skinny dipping in your pool until you turned the lights on 
I SUE - you're awesome and we always hod some good 
laughs. Good luck with the polish. ANNIE-good times 
in Maine. Ham sandwich ! Alex, Roy, Erik, Joey T, Triscuit 
you ore awesome! 

Elyse Bloomfield 

"We learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to 
dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by) 
ing living, the principles are the same"- Martha Grahon 
I know that if I tried to list all the names, I would be bound 
to forget someone or not have enough room to soy all the 
things 1 really wont to say, so, in general; to my friends, 
family, and teachers- 1 wont to sincerely and truly thank 
you for everything you hove done From school to dance 
to my house to church to many others' houses and even to 
Canada, You hove really mode my experiences great. 
Et celo ne serait pas la meme si je n'avois pas qqch en 
francais dons mes «remerciements seniorsn, alors, une 
citation. ..«Les vrais passions donnent des forces, en don- 
nant du courage. »-Voltaire 
Congrats seniors! 

Parker Boeing 

Thank you, dudes 

Alex Bradford 


"You get what you give." 

"Mediocrity is unacceptable, whatever you do, kick ass 





-M- 3ra foremost I wooW like to thank my parents fof the 
e^diess love and support. Mom, thonk you for driving 
me everywhere and feeding my never-ending oppetite 
Thanks (or reading to me so much as a kid; you mode me 
love a good story. You were also o huge help with oil of 
the college stuff I had to do; I r»ever would hove gotten 
through it all without yoo. I love you Mom, thanks for 


me Aside • . - 

hove interacted cc e post years also de- 

serve endless creo s id persevering along- 

side me, especially tf>e short list of two to three students 
with whom I shared multiple classes and e ■ • 
Of these people, one stands out in their irr e 
influence on my life Gillian, you have, over \t\e past two 

Sarah Caliri 

Mom ond Dad I know wften I was a freshmen I wos- ' 
that good at the scl>ool thing, but both of you fiave i^e'pec 
me to improve so much, end now I'm going to college 
sor- ■ " • seemed so ' ~ 
Yol ere for me '• 

and sports ond I know that was hard to do. Thank you 

my best. Thanks for cheering me on at every gome ond 
meet I've ever hod, you hove been and alwoys will be my 
coach. You mode me love running and hate crobgross. 
You gave the sense of humor that drives mom crozy and 
I can't thank you enough for it. I love you Dad. Jackie, 
thanks for baking me delicious cookies, brownies, muffins, 
etc. You always got me the best gifts for my birthday and 
Christmas because you made yours yourself and mode 
it three months ahead of time. Sam, you ore o machine, 
beating me in everything thot I hove ever done in school 
ond sports. Keep hammering in crosscountry, keep that 
momentum in your swing for baseball, and keep getting 
better grades thon I did. Tim, you ore my best hiend, 
and I'm going to miss you so much in college. Thonks for 
always being completely honest with me and making me 
lough with your laugh. Lastly I'd like to thank all of my 
friends, teammates, teachers, and coaches that I don't 
have room to thank individuolly in here, I'll thank you oil 
in person. 

ng HSI of positive external and intemol changes in me, 
but olso hove been my anchor to reality; always being my 
motivation, supporl, and means of truthful expression, and, 
as I thank you for the post I can only hope that what you 

hove done moy continue in the future. 

Jen Burdge 

Alan Brun 

First ona foremost i wouia nke to thank my family for your 
love and support. I oppreciate it more thon you could 
ever know and love you oil so much!!! MOM: Thanks for 
being there for me when I need you and 1 know I always 
have someone to talk to about anything. DAD: Thanks for 
being my number one fan ond giving me good advice on 
everything ond being such a great dod SARAH: You're 
the best sister anyone could ever osk for and thonks for 
being someone I con look up to ond aspire to be like. TO 
ALL MY TEACHERS; Thanks for teaching me not just about 
a subject but obout life as well and passing me so I con 
groduate! TO ALL MY FRIENDS: You oil know who you 
ore!! What would I do without you?? I cannot even tell 
you guys how much you mean to me. Each one of you has 
chonged my life for the better and the best times in my life 
was being with my friends. Thank you for standing right by 
me no matter what. Friendship Never Ends! Congrats to 
the doss of 20091 WE DID IT!! 

Adam Brys 

As i my senior thanics, it remains hard for me 
-bglTeve that this is my finol year 
my lost year in Bedford, the epi 

very short, eighteen,.yeeT5;;^Ger&in}j3^*0uld nqtjja-liefe 
were ilJiet'^^e^^^sliMdaSrandspseifit'action of both 
3, on^fatherTWiesiek. I connol^Kpfess 

I for yourj««:C>n3itional core 
' uncorjiWiOiiariy questionable behavior at 
limes. Notonlyaid you contribute to my success as a stu- 

instilled in me a pride and passion that wih 
remain os I continue through life 
thirteen years 

Thanks to the mony people who hove touched my life, 
and gave me guidance helping me to be whom I om 
today. Thanks to of course my parents Thanks Daddy and 
Sharyn for being there the most for me during tof senior 
yeor. I don't know if I would be here now if it wosn't for 
you guys. And Steven, you tought me how to do so much, 
to stand up for myself and you tell me how I got to do 
good if I wont to go in the some direction as you. And I 
ami I love you so much! Humpo Grandma of course I 
hove to thonk, you guys hove done so much for me and I 
om very grateful, and Nona + Grompy too All my aunts 
and uncles, Lynn, Brian, Bree. Bobby, Alison, Debbi, Uncle 
B, Kristen, and soon to be Uncle Keith Thanks Debbi & 
Kristen for making me pretty for my proms! To my siblings. 
Jonine, Jamie thanks for being o poin, ond Jored, we 
hod some downs when we first met ha, but I think we are 
much better now! And than my big sis. Sherry! You hove 
always been there when I needed someone to talk to. You 
understood everything. I am so glad I hove someone like 
you! Lastly my friends, I'm gunno miss football cheerleod- 
ing, we hod some good times girls. Thanks to all of you 
who believed in me and stood by me through these four 
yeors' i love you oil' 

David Cain 

"And Jesus sold unto them . , 'If ye hove faith as o groin 
of mustard seed, ye shall soy unto this mountain. Remove 
hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; ond-noihing 
shall be impossible to you 
"Romans 1:17 

First ond feremost, I 'd like to thank the 
without Him, nothing is 
and the bod, nr 


eoch oi»<J'every day. I woufctliof 
amJgdoTr^vTfhout Him. "Jbe^rS is my rock ond 
my ioTTress ond my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom 
I tokejefygerttiy shield ond the horn of my saKrotion, my 

Shghold.' "Psalm 18:2. 
But enough of that. I'd like to thank my family and my 
friends, who were always there to support me I'd alsoljj 
to thank oil of my fontostic teoct-ers. My h 
cannot ad^ 

ho you 

crozy nights from hanging in Alan's basement and getting 
scared out of our minds, to just hanging out and doing 
nothing. Sam: We hove hod our fights and differences 
a lot over the yeors, but we have stayed great hiends 
Just remember, good job Deckord. Emily: This year has 
been very interesting, and I never thought that we would 
become this close. I don't regret a single thing that has 
hoppened with us so far, ond I'm glad it all happened. 
Shorti: I still laugh when I hear people call you that couse 
it oil storted freshman year in volleyball. We were friends 
before freshmon year and ore still friends today. I'm glad 
that I hove you as a hiend. Chelsea: You were there when 
I hod o lot of stupid problems and people wouldn't listen 
To anyone I forget, I'm sorry. All of my hiends hove ployec 
O major port in my life and I'm so glad I hove all of you 
You all mean o lot to me. 


no (wOngnan 

'What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone 
monuments, but what is vrt)ven into the lives of others." 
~ Pericles 

Mommy ond Daddy- Thonk you so much for always being 
there for me From helping me to study to teaching me hov 
to drive, you guys hove always supported me and helped 
me make the best decisions. I could never thank you guys 
enough. Nicole- From playing house when «ve were little 
to putting up with the mess on your bed when you come 
home from college, you hove always been there ond I om 
forever grateful, I love you. And to oil my friends; we sur- 
vived! Beach trips, crew, movie nights, emborrossing bom: 
outfits, snowboording/folling down irij^low Hampshire 
speeding, rock climbing^ apple picking, running up the 
down escaiotor, sunny days in Maine, Chips arid^olsa^ 

lobster. I hove hod so mo 
guys. Thank you all fn i Iiiijyil1ij)lj jMjll liu llMJM jJ U ^ one 
for moiaoa-mS^^ciSicifSiStsSiaC^e^Smoraenobie 1 


irst of all ^ wont to thonk my parents for oil the support 
ley have given me through my years of school. I wouldn't 
have mode it through if it weren't for them. 
Thanks mom for moking me who I am today, I am very 
proud to be your doughter. I also wont to thank all the 
foculty of the school because fhev ~ ~ - 
ing Bedford High a great jjjase- 
my fri^d^^^^^^^dm. locey - 

Asse . ...... 

Minghan Chang 

Wo Ninohos 

Aka: Ming, Hon, Chang, Mingo, Mr Ming, Ming-Thing, 

ing-a-ling, Ming-Ching, Chinky-Chiu, Ching-Chong, 

ing-Mong, Ping-Pong, DIng-Oong, Ming-a-Ling-a-Ding- 
ong, Ming-a-Ling-a•Ding-Ding-Chongi^y-Chang-Chobob, 

ckie Chang, Ninjo, Tai-Kwan, Ming Dynasty, Ming the 
lerciless, Asian Demon, Minghaldinho, Great Wall, The 

uth, Mr Fantastic, Shorty, Beast from the East 

aving spent my whole life in the Bedford school system, 

lave gotten to know the majority of my class. Although I 
ay not know some of you very well, I Feel like just about 
/eryone that I've come across has changed my life in 
ne way or another. No matter how large or smell that 
lange might have been, I am grateful for what you oil 
□ve made me today. There are so many people that I'd 
(e to.thank, that I wouldn't be able to fit you all in without 
aying that ridiculous 50 cents a word and I don't want 
nyone to feel left out, so I won't name people and just 
onk everyone in general. Thanks to everyone in the 
Dccer program especially for making this the best year 
f soccerl We've waited for this year for so long! Good 
jck to everyone in college and I hope I get to see you 
uys again. 

^ei-Yuh Chang 

hanks to my parents for always pushing me to do better . 
hanks to Emily for everything you've done. I'm surprised 
lat you put up with me for 8 years, but thanks to you, 
ou're a reason why I am the person I am now. Thanks 
3 Beth for always listening to my problems and helping 
le out. Thanks to Kat for all you've done. Without you, 
might have not been able to get through some hard 
mes in my life. Thanks to Theresa for being my buddy. 
Ve've had a lot of fun since you've moved here. Thanks 

Drew for always being honest with me and making 
ne smile. Thanks to Corey for everything. If not for ; 
hen I wouldn't be the girl I am today. Thanks to Grif for 
jutting up with me for 4 years. Congrats on surviving the 
rhang family tgo^ThSnks to Murph for always making my 
Iqy end being my directed study buddy. We were so G 
hanks to Soreen for being eosy to make fun of. We hod 

1 lot of good times, huh? Thonks to volleyball and frisbfee 
Of atways keeping me in shape and all those good times. 
\nd thanks to anyone I didn't mention. Sorry! 

Emily Chen 

hank you Mom and Dad, for everything. You two have 
ruly blessed every moment of my life, 
honk you Brain, for being a great brother (Really. No 
orcasm there, I swear). 

Vnd thank you to my friends, who have supported me all 
he way through high school. Throughout everything, you 
)uys were there for me for anything and ai^atrf time. I 
;ould not hove asked for onyone better, because you guys 
ire the best. 

Words connot express the extent of my gratitude. I love 

Here goes To Mommy, Daddy, and Michael: thank 
'ou for the endless love and support, the laughter, the 
;heering-up, and everything in between. For staying up 
ate with me when I was finishing homework, for teaching 
ne, and basically for giving me everything I ever wanted, 
o my friends: Hey, school wouldn't be the some without 
'OU. You're the ones to share inside jokes with, to com- 
)lain to, to ask for help, to enjoy life with. To save myself 
rom forgetting anyone, I shall write my personal thanks 

when I sign your yeorbook (sorry, but I write better in pen 
than on a computer anyways). Thonk you to the volleyball, 
math, science, robotics, frisbee, and tennis teams, as well 
as ACE, for being awesome. And thank you teachers. Not 
only for four years of education, but also for the extracur- 
riculors. Clearly, graduation means nothing without the 
knowledge. Lastly, I wont to thank you, the reader, for your 
time. All in all, these past twelve years have been truly 
awesome. Class of 2009, it's time to say goodbye It's 
been great. 
Best wishes, Christie 

ne Clachar 

I would like thank God for waking me up everyday and 
keeping in good health. I wont to thank my wonderful 
parents for putting up with me, and supporting me through 
all the good and bod times. I love you both so much and 
I don't know what I would do without you. Quan- My 
right hand. The other half of my brain. Thanks for always 
being there for EVERYTHING especially when I needed 
you the most. Danielle/Rachel- Little sis, thanks for always 
being there and knowing how to moke me laugh when 
necessary Joyce- Thanks for the ongoing advice about my 
whole life, being able to come to your house, and being 
my best friend since first grade. Kelsey-Thanks for being 
my best friend no matter what. Thanks for not giving up on 
me even when I gave up on myself.Cora- Thanks for ALL 
the laughs, especially your jokes, love you for that. Ray/ 
Malik-Thanks for always being my boys since 5th grade 
and never changing, thanks for all the laughs too. ^..—-'^ 
Alli/Diona-Thonks for putting up with me since forever, 
God knows you've beeri_a-gOod friend to me no matter if 
I give youjj-haffftime. Janelle/Courtney/ Mrs. McMqnus- 
hanks for the never ending laughs My dudes- Soo Woo, 
Miles, Mizzoni, Kloy, Tyler, Colin, jimmy, Dave, Porker, 
SFC, Neil, Ryan Carter, Joey T., Cang, Litch, KC, Davio, 
Ryne, Brendan, Pike, Pooh, Grondpo. Thanks for the best 
of limes in high school 

Thanks to any teacher or faculty member of BHS who has 
helped me through this long, dreadful journey called "high 
school", good looking out. 

Janelle Clachar 

First off I want to thank my MOM for being with me 
throughout these long years. Always supporting me 100% 
for everything that I did. Always there to tell me right from 
YOU. To the faculty who always showed me bothjgy 
support and always hod an open door and ewptyl 
for me to occupy.THANK YOU.TBOIYou guys rock my 
woridiAnd you should know who you are :-)Everythtng 
that we went through together mokes me realize that I 
hovel people who hove my bock no matter what, and I 
will forever hove yours.To the Bedford Kids who look the 
time to get to know me throughout the years, thank you 
for moking my Bedford Experience a good one. To my 
METCO fam, I love ya'lI.Even though those long trips out 
to Bedford early in the morning did not feel worth it, II did 
in the end.Dweezy thanks for always being my shoulder to 
lean/cry on when I needed it,and always giving Some(J) 
good advice & Loquuaaann, for always making me smile. I 
hove no choice but to love yo'll.To CMTITHANK YOU for 
being my right hond&there for me when I felt no one else 
was ily sislTo the CLASS of 2009. ..WE DID ITI But this is 
only the beginning, we hove the rest of our lives to look 
forward to. 

Courtney Cox 

MOM and DAD- Thonk you for showing me ine /.ofO 
Thanks for providing me with endless love, wisdom and 
humor, for believing in me, and for all the memories 
ALYSSA- Thanks for riding down the stairs on yardsticks. 
Rick Shavoughn's, sleepovers and teoching me life 
lessons. Thanks for being my travel companion, sou 
_of laughter, sister ond friend. JENNA-thanki for bio 
moments, taking pictures, spirt/hi rock, Puerto Rico and 
being so trustworthy. CHARLOTTE- thanks for dancing with 
me In public. Rainforest Cafe, Goo-Goo Dolls/ Lifehouse, 
and giving the best advise. EMMA-thonks for ham and 
cheese, buns of steal (free style shoulder rolls), molas- 
ses cookies, brownies and nachos, and the meaningful 
conversations we've shared. SHANNON- thanks for 
the cope and P-town, girls' nights, your ping-pong table, 
chick-flicks, family day and being the wild crazy girl i love. 
CLAIRE- thanks for my neighbor, playing teacher, making 
me laugh, bus stop, and seeing the best In me. MARINA- 
Thanks for gym/Spanish class, random stories, Puero Rico 
ad being hilarious. RACHEL-thonks for birthday parties, 
recitals, spirt/hi-rock, our "notebooks" and always being 
there. KELSEY-thanks for wearing purple pants, helping 
me survive photo, digging for nuts in ice cream, eating 
with me and being a crazy white girl. CORA-tbonksror 
colliding into me during soccer,J»emg1ocker neighbors, 
playing gomeboysrOUr Spanish skit and being easy 
going. JOYCE-thonks for being smart, stea 
my physics tests, Billy Page, and teoching Ant-loe-tnee 
and the gong. DIANA-thonks for alwcy_sJ©okIn^beauiful, 
giggling, for being the strongest persorrTtnow and living 
life to the fullest. Eveyone else-thanks for the memories, 
nonstop laughter and love. 

Claire Criniti 

Dad - thank you for teaching me to look at life with the 
glass half full, being my number one fan, and encourag- 
ing me to do what I think is impossible. ILYTTMAB. Mom 
- thank you for all the talks, words of wisdom, fun travel 
memories, and for always being there for me iloveyou. 
Alicia - thank you for always keeping your arms open, 
and always being there to listen Michoelo - you are my 
best friend in the whole world, and you have 
influence on me. I love our late night laughs and our stu 
insiders. I will oKvoys be there for you. Iloveyou squtshy) 
ifincenl/Ava/Stella - yoo guys have taught me !o oppfsci- 
Qte the strtpie things in life, ond wit! forever put a smile 
on my face. Morino-our loughs tears, and indescribobie 
moments, thonk yoo for teaching m»-1d be spontaneous 
ond less of a worrywort. You ve helped me to lough at my 
quirky habits and stand up for myself, 
wan 4ever! Emmie - GURU thonk you for always being 
someone I con coll for help, for taking adventures with me, 
& for being incredibly supportive (and bringing me corrv 
breod). Shannon - for always being someone I can come 
to when I need to vent. For being unbelievably empothetic 
and considerate. For sharing your house with me and 
letting me drive your car! Natalia - since 5th grade you're 
the only friend that con moke me fall on the floor laughing 
(till I cry) when you impersonate your parents, or go on 
Chinese buffet tongents. Thanks for always being there for 
me, and making me smile Sushi+tuno Katie - Thonk you 
for being someone I could coll for whatever, whenever 
And sharing in my coffee addiction Katelyn - endless 
chots, postcards, and finger drawings in English You ve 

been someone I can always trust & shore everything with 
To oil my friends, Sarah (ceromics buddy) Brett, Brendon, 
Jce, Alex, Hamish, Ryne, Annie (girls night), Courtney 
(neighbor, work buddy, and the best person to laugh with) 
Chorlotte/Kristina (WHAT DA), Rachel (are you good? 
ha), Tommy, Eric D, Julie, Kelsey, Gillion and to all my 
friends that mode my H.S career so much fun ty And the 
SOCCER GIRLS (Gabby/Steph) (The Team) you guys are 
the best, and made my soccer experience incredible! 

Stephanie Crockett 

Crockett, Staph, Crock Pol 

High school has been one of the toughest, most stressful 
and by far the best time that I hove ever hod! 
Mom and Dad - Where All those late nights, midterms, fi- 
nals and choosing colleges, I couldn't have done it alone. 
You both have helped me through so much that there is no 
way that I could ever thank you. You both have supported 
me and it means the world! 

Kaitlyn and Paige - You've made my life an adventure! 
You've come to so many of my games shared my obses- 
sion with friends. Love you both and I'll miss you next year! 
Jessica- Since freshman year, you've always been there 
for me. I always love hanging out with you and I probably 
wouldn't have hod half as much fun during HS as I have. 
Thanks for teaching me how to say "like" like every other 
work and getting me hooked on iced coffee. THANKS J! 
HT.LPLC.LW.NK and BA- You guys are awesome and 
always seem to make me laugh and I'm gonna miss you. 
CC.MS.GW.BN.CN.HK and the rest of the soccer girls- 
All those bus rides, pasta dinners and practices with coach 
have been unforgettable. This year's been awesome and 
I'll miss you next year! 

Thanks to CD.SD.GZ.MJ.BM.GR.ES.KJ and everyone else, 
you've made BHS awesome =) 


er <^umnnings 

I would first like to thank my mom for raising me, support- 
ing me and for being a pretty chill mom. Second I would 
like to thank my entire family for all the love and support. 
Thanks, Muna, Grumpy, and all my aunts and uncles. 
Third, I would like to thanks all my friends, teammates, 
coaches and teachers for making high school a great time. 
And last but not least the entire class of 2009. 

Stephen Dalrymple 

Nicknames ;Stevey D Ultimate Destroyer 
Quotes: "Hard Smart Together", "Aim for the sky and 
you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay 
on the floor." "If you are first you ore first. If you are sec- 
ond you ore nothing." "Uhhh oh." "reh reh reh" 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for being there to help ( 
way and driving me to all my soccer games Thank yooTo 
everyone I have played soccer with because it made my 
high school career. Jenno: Thank you for always being 
there for me Tommy: Going to Wendy's and wasting so 
much money on McDonolds Monopoly and being so 
good at the cones. Hamish: Blue Ribbon the state of 
Houston. Dunlea: for being nasty at soccer. Nevin: for 
being from Belgium and sharing that stadium bucket. Reh 
reh reh Joel: for carrying the water everyday ond being 
a freshman. You have to carry on the tradition of the 
soccer team. Eric: for being the best manager ever and 
putting out the cones like a pro. Thank you to the Social 
Studies Department especially Ms. Last, Mr. Donnelly, Mr. 

Boschetto and all the teachers I had. for onyone I forgot 
too bod Just kidding thank you 

Rachel Darby 

Mom&Davide: for giving me the warld& more I'll olwoys 
be grateful for the opportunities, possessions, &talents 
I hove, thanks to you. Dad&Theresa: for teaching me 
everything you know& introducing me to a newly blended, -Mrs. Holupowski- Thank you for guiding me around this 

Without you .1 don't know .1 wouldn't know my way 
around this school and moke os mony friends oron^ her 
Thonk youlll 

-Beth, Alex, Kol, & Drew you guys are seriousiy rmc- oui, 
thanks for being there for me and being great friends 
ever since I moved here. You guys better keep in contact! 

for not having a dog. Becco: for being the best sister& 
friend I could have, letting me wear your clothes, &paying 
for Starbucks. Eleni: for never leaving me, you need both 
halves to live Diana&Mae: For tolerating me I'm very 
lucky to hove two true friends. You'll always hove me. 
Diana for being fabulous, you're one of the strongest 
people I know. Mae, for being a veggie& the little angel 
on my shoulder. You taught me a lot &helped me grow as 
a person The three of us have withstood the impossible, 
I know we'll never be broken. Ms. Holupowski: for being 
the greatest counselor& advisor I could ask for, guiding 
me through high school, &being my in-school mother. I 
couldn't hove gotten through it without you. SenoroBor- 
nett: For the opportunities& guidance you've given me. 
Mr Sills: for four excellent years @BHS. You're the man. 
09's student government officers, working with you was 
amazing David: for never giving up on me, or punching 
me straight in the stomach even when I knew I deserved it. 
You deserve the best &I know you'll gel it. Dewayne: for 
being my brother Girls: Claire, Cora, Courtney, Danielle, 
Emma, Jonelle, Jenno, Joyce, Julie, Kelsey, Nora, Shannon 
Sorry if I missed you, it's expensive. 

Diana Darkazalli 

Mom ! miss you everyday, until I see you ogam you will 
live through me, I hope I am making you proud. Dod-I 
love and admire everything you've done for our family, 
you ore on amazing man. Nadio&Adam-l love you Thonk 
you for helping dad raise me when I'd act out a little too 
much You're more than just a sister and brother to me; I 
value your opinions and would do anything for either of 
you in heortbeot Moe-you're on amazing friend with a 
truly unique chorocter that's hard to come by in a person, I 
love you. Rachel-you were there no matter what, the good, 
bod, and ugly, you're like a sister to me, I love yo«>. Joy-for 
making me port of the family. Alli-yoo're the best listener 
ever, crazy times, people, and places, the memories are 
endless Kelseylike my other half, so muchfjjn Ipgetfii 
I hope we will olways be obli 

tences in song at ony given moment Joyce>fc<ffO, tmmi 
Julie, Danielle, Shonnon, Chorlotte, jenno, Courtney, 
Kelly. The Boys-for the crazy lote night colls and knowing 
yoo'd hove my back if I ever needed it. Pat, Nick, Miles, 
^Pfiwayfie, Joe, Dave,Jf»ithrlimmy, Parker, Andy, Colin, 
and KMS. Lestty-Ms H, Sro. Barnett, and Mr. Tracy, for all 
the support and helping me moke it this far. 

Theresa Deang 

-Mom & Dad- Thonk you for everything you ve done for 
me, for supporting me thrbugfiSff these years and all the 
love you've given me. I love you both so incredibly much. 
-Christine- i love you very much. Thank you for being 
the greatest younger sister anyone could ever ask for. 
Contitjue doing the best you can in high school And don't 
forget to have fun! 

-Nisho- Thank you so much for showing me around the 
school and being a great friend ever since I moved here 

-My teachers- thank you for teaching everything that yo. 
could possibly teach me. J 

-Anyone I missed- sorry (there's just so many)! Thank you 
oil for being so nice to me since I moved here. 
-Lyon, Komela, Misha, & Leighondro- 1 love you guys! 
We've been through everything together We ve known 
each other for so long. Thanks for being there for me 
through everything and know I'm always here for you! 

Jynette DeMarco 

Jozzy, Jyney D 

High school has been amazing and I hove so many 
people to thank for that! MOM and DAD: Thank you for 
oK^oys being supportive, coring, loving, and tons of (unl 
MARISA: Thanks for being the best sister ever! Your humc 
and kindness ore unmotchoble Most of all, thanks for 
making me see the phrase "codes on the bogs" in o new 
light FRIENDS: We ve hod so many good times these pa 
four years thaf it's impossible for me to describe how muc 
you all mean to me. I love all of you and I know we'll still 
be chilling for yeors to cornel HF: "To legit to quit!" Thonk 
for making the ride to the top so much fun I II never forgi 
our hours of lobor and the sweet prize at the end of it alll 
RANDY: Thanks for all of the "gloriooi' times that we've 
hod together Wherever we are, you always moke me 
smile CHEERLEADERS: Practices, competitions, and Fri 
night gomes have all been a blast! Thanks for (almost) 
always catching me when I foil! BEDFORD: Thanks for 
hiring those special teachers in the social studies and 
English departments as well os KP ond MS B Oh yeah—- 
ond thonks for putting my grade through construction 
almost every year Nevertheless, BHS has been more thoi 
memorable and times here hove been great! 

Eric Devau 

All work and no ploy make Jack a dulFOOy 
All work and no ploy moke Jack a duJHjoy 
AH vrork ond no ploy rooke Jock q d^ftrcy 
I wqrk-aftd'no playjueksTack o dull boy 
I work OMi no play make Jock a dull boy 
^,-^¥6^5, Tommy I will (Don't worry, ladies, I'm joking) 

Davio Dispena 

First off I would like to thank everyone in my life thot has 
both supported and been there for me, especially my'-^ 
family Growing up in on Italian faJBily t tKJve a long li^g 
of thanks for my family. Mom and Dad, i love you guyst^ 
"^^^^*fith ail my heart. Thanks for being there for m« througi^ 
everything, including both the ups and downs ond olwj^ 
believing in me. Christian and ic^o, thonks for being 
at all my sports games ond moking everyday enjoyable 
and filled with tougfiter. Thanks to all my family for comini 
to alt my sports gomes to support me. Allesondro you 
hove been like a brother to me and kept me laughing oil 
the time. Thanks to my Grandparents and my Nonno ond 
Nonna for supporting me throughout my whole life and al 
ways being there for me. Thonks to my Zitzi who has been i 

e a second mother to me and hos olwoys been there 
r my brothers and me. Special ihonks to my grandfather 
fio I love with all my heart and has been my best friend 
roughout my whole life. Thonks to all my friends who 
ive been like brothers to me and have mode my high 
hool years one of the greatest experiences of my life 
Iso, special thanks to Mrs.Guisti for helping me through 
y high school years. Thanks to my man Aaron who has 
sen like a third brother to me and hos be come o port of 
e Italian family. 

Ihris Donovan 

enior thanks is ridiculous, how ore we supposed to thank 
veryone within 250 words? I mean Mom and Dad are 

given. They've been there for me through thick and 
lin, allowing me to pursue many opportunities. Also how 
ould I ever forget your jokes, Dad? Plus, they've given 
\e the best gift ever, a cor (and more than once!) I guess 
have to include Nick, because even though you annoy 
le at most times you're a good kid when you wont to be. 
lus I would hove never known all of your friends. Then 

gets difficult, don't want to forget or offend anyone. If 
could I would just thank everyone because believe me 
ou've helped me in one way or another whether you 
now it or not. Ok, so Russo, you've always been there 
3r me from being chased by o bear to giving me good 
dvice. Solomon Chebor; Cheb, your coaching styles 
/ere quirky and unorthodox, but your heart and stories 
/ere in the right place "mountains don't meet, people 
leet" good luck in Kenya. Coach Gilfus and Cissy, you've 
5ally helped mold me into an even better person. AB you 
Iwoys moke me smile, don't lose that gift. Ben Weaver, 
eed I say more? Alan Rooney, Shane Walsh, Dell, the old 
oker, tennis team, and ski team crews. And to everyone 
Ise, thank you. 

I. P. Driscol 

irst and foremost, I would like to thank my porgrfe - 
/ere always there to help me whenever I need it From 
lere I would like to thank ail of my friends. You guys 
Qve made my high school experience fun. To everyone 
lat come to poker nighl, thanks for giving me some of the 
lost fun nights of my life. David, thank you for letting us 
ash your house so many times. Ray, thank you for letting 
s practically live at your place all summer, and for all 
le mitten games. Tommy, thanks a lot for all the scaring 
lemories that I will never be able to repress, no matter 
ow hard I try. EJ, thank you for mooning my father, be- 
ouse it was one of the funniest moments of my life. Devo, 
lank you for all the wonderful puns. You guys gave me a 
sason to come to school everyday. 


lom, Sammy, Duda, Somononah 
There ore three types of people in this world; Dudes, 
)udettes, and Dudas."- Jynette 

or starters I wont to thank my family for all of their love 
ind support, but especially my grandparents. GRAND- 
AA- Thanks for always taking me shopping and having 
|irl talks with me. I never would hove mode it through high 
chool without you. PAPA- Thanks for putting me on the 
lUS every morning, doing all my laundry, and for taking 
are of me when I stayed home sick. You guys always 
lelieved in me and I love you both. THE SMALLENBERG- 
:RS- Thank you guys for being my second family. When 
need somewhere escape to or go I could always count 

on you guys ALAN- We've shared so many memories 
from furbies in 3rd grade to forts in ] 1 th, and I couldn't 
ask for a beMer friend. JYNETTE- We ve shared so many 
memories over the years. From playing Barbies and spit, 
to sleeping over each other's houses, we've stayed friends 
through everything, and I love you for thol BECCA- My 
cootie queen, we've shared some great times. With all of 
our video game wrestling battles, ceramic mishaps, late 
night chats, and boy problems, we've stayed great friends. 
Thanks for being there and listening. SARAH- Thanks for 
all of our crazy memories! SHORTII- Thanks for being my 
twin over the years! GREGG- Thanks for everything. You 
will always have a special place in my heart, no matter 
what happens. EMILY- 1 will never forget you. You hove 
been my support system through absolutely everything. I 
grew closer to you in one year than I hove with others in 
many. The secrets we've shared mean more to me than 
everything. I love you always! COLIN- 1 haven't known 
you that long, but you already mean a lot to me. Thanks 
for listening to me when I just needed someone to talk to. 
VOLLEYBALL TEAM- Thank all of you guys from every year 
and every season for the countless laughs and memories 
you have provided for me! Sorry if didn't mention anyone. 
Good luck to everyone and I'll miss you all. 

Mike Dunlea 

Nicknames: Dunlea, Mikey Doo Wop, Egads, Strumper, 

"Life is like topography, Hobbes. There ore summits of 
happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, ond 
volleys of frustration and failure. "-Calvin and Hobbes 
"Don't underestimate jh§ji^€tltJ6'of Doing Nothing, of just 
going along and not bothering. "-Winnie the Pooh 

"Hard, Smart, Together!"-Coach Boschetto ^"^^^^^^^^^^nougn i in 
"What fun is it being cool if you can't wear a somfe^^^::::::^^you aroun 

soy I'm really going to miss our weekly dinner doles and 
Valentine's Day surprises I love you 
Michelle, Mr H, and Doug- Thanks for being my second 
family Keep extra Jr. Mints in the fridge for mel 
Joey- From our movie nights to our Christmos Eve slee- 
povers I hove enjoyed every moment of being your older 
sister Good luck in high school Love you 
Emma- Thonk you for knowing me better than I know 
myself. You will always be my other half end my person. 
Love you girl. 

Claire- All your quirks just mokes me love you more! You 
ore the most understonding person I know and hove 
always been there for me. Flutter!! 
Marino- The core four wouldn't be complete without youl 
Thanks for all your good advice and making me lough 
until I cry. 

Natalia, Katie, Nikki, Charlotte, and Courtney- Thanks 
for always laughing at my jokes and making high school 
memorable. Good luck next yeor! 
Brett, Alex, Ryne, and Joey T- Thanks for being my big 
brothers, and always wotching out for me. 
Luke-"Anyone con catch your eye, but it takes someone 
special to catch your heart." Thanks for catching mine. I 
love you. 

Jonathan Gault 

Calvin and Hobbes 

"Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, 
[gasps] the tank is cleanl"-Peach from Finding Nemo 
"Be who you are and soy what you feel because those 
who mind don't matter ond those who matter don't mind.' 
Dr. Suess 
Thank you all. 

Emily Eqqert 

"thank you" 

would I 

have inspired, encouraged, befriended, or otherwise sup- 
ported me. For lack of better words, thank you, frorj 
depths of my heart. Dod, for the love science Qnafarifasyi 
Mom, for kindness and enthusiasm. Bill, for tolerance 
and example. Jill. My Dl team and dedicated coaches. 
Pineshore, Luke, Jenny, Jussi. For challenge and inspire- 
tion, Ms. Haines, Ms. Luke, Mr, Donnelly, Ms. Sollee, Mr. 
Griffin, Ms. Nguyen All my friends, specificotly, Abby, 
Stacey, Charlotte, Dole, Becca, Sam. 236+ authors ond 
365+ characters. Those at church. For brevity and turn of 
phrase, sorry. 


Mom- You're the absolute craziest, most free spirited per- 
son I know, and I admire you for it. Thank you for helping 
me spread my wings, and teaching me how to be myself. 
I love youl 

Dad- You and I always understand each other You always 
bring o smile to my face, and listen to everything I have to 

"Somewhere in the world, someone-isTraining when you 
ore not. When you race him, he will win." 
-Tom Fleming 

First, thanks to my parents. You have alvvoys been behTi 
me 1 00% in everything I do. Without your love and guid- 
would not be the person that I am today. Sarah, 
nk you for putting up with me for all these years. Even 
rJhough ! may not always act like it, I will miss not having 

d next year. Thanks to all of my family who 
hove supported me through the years. Thank you to every 
teacher who has challenged me and pushed me to my 
potential. Thank you to every coach who has taught me 
to work hard and always do my best. Thank you to every 
teammate who has endured countless practices with me 
Thank you to all my friends for making high school so 
much more interesting. You know who you ore. Thanks 
to the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics for many titles since 
I moved here. In high school I enjoyed: running, soccer, 
football and basketball gomes, YDK, History Day. JSA, 
wotching, talking about, or playing sports. I'm sure I have 
argotten something or someone, so thank you to anyone I 
may have missed, 


First off, thanks to my Mom, Dad and Sally. The past four 
years would hove been so much more stressful without 
you Andrew, despite all the arguments we got into over 
the years, I really couldn't imagine school without my 
brother. Nona, Nancy, ond Michael, thank you so much 
for listening to me talk endlessly about nothing in por- 
ticulor over the years. To oil my other Aunts, Uncles and 
Cousins: thanks for all the comic relief over the vi/eekends. 
I think I would hove gone insane without the family get- 

As for my friends: Stephanie, I really can't Imagine high 
school without you. I'm glad we were stuck in Freshmen 
English and Physics together. If I hod never become friends 
with you, so many exploits wouldn't hove happened. I 
mean, who would be my concert buddy or listen to me 


ron! unlil I was too tired to talk anymore? You helped me 
get through so many things, and for that, I thank you. 
Becco, you're next. I'm so glad you decided to leave prep 
school behind and come to our wonderful high school. If I 
hadn't met you, so many fun memories that I have wouldn't 
have happened. Without you, I wouldn't have anyone to 
eat lunch with or to provide the stupid jokes all through 
class. Thank you so much. 

everyone I didn't mention, don't think you didn't he 
in some way too, becouse you did, and for that, I 
thank you. 

Brendan Gibson 

i want to say thank you to all my family and friends and 
who hove been so important to me throughout my life. 
Football coaches and teammates, you've been awesome 
and I've had so many fun times with all you guys. There 
are too many people to name so don't get mod if you're 
not in here, you know who you are and thank you for 
everything. Allison, we had some great times bock in the 
day, you're an awesome friend. All of my brothers friends, 
some of the advice I got from you guys was priceless. 
Mom and Dad - without you two I wouldn't be half the 
person I am today, I love you both. Aunt RoRo and Uncle 
Bill, you guys are hilarious. Jake, you're the best dog ever. 
Annie, thanks for so many good times. Tom, you're my 
best friend and closer to me than most people ore to their 
own families. Dominic, without you I don't know how I 
would hove made it through everything that I did. Not a 
single accomplishment of mine would hove been possible 
without you. 

Beth Goeke 

I first thank God and my parents for helping me through 
school all of these years and sometimes dragging me 
when I needed it. Not only school did you help me 
through but also life lessons that I will never forget. 
I want to make a shout out to my fan club and the vol- 
leyball team. Love you guys. To Emily Pietrasik- I'll always 
be up for rolling in the grass. You know the rest. To Morcy- 
you're going to become on amazing volleyball player so 
never give up and always do your best. 
To Tommy Waghorne- thanks for sticking with me since that 
first day freshman year JROTC class. You're a great loyal 
friend. I want to give a big thanks to the JROTC corps. I'll 
never forget you guys. 

To Robert Potter- Sorry for forgetting you were in my fresh- 
man Civ class. You've been a great friend to me and I'll 
never forget our interesting, to say the least, conversations. 
To my closest and best friends- you know who you are- 
thonks for being with me these past years. History, English, 
and Dance were a blast. 

To Kot- you are hands down my best friend and I love you 
a lot! Thanks for these past years together; no doubt we' 
were jointed at the hip. We'll see each other at our wed- 

fngsl WOOT! 

Sai Haran 

There ore just way too many people to thank individually, 
-but there are a few that really stood out to me. Mom and 
Dad, thanks a lot for everything that you did. I wouldn't 
be where I am today without you. I also want to thank 

y brother Prashanth for always pushing me to be better 
-ihan I am. If it wasn't for him I would have nobody to try 
to one-up and I would have no drive to do better. To all 
my friends, thanks for sticking with me and putting up with 

my BS. I don't think it's fair to single out people since all 
of you hove been equally great to me and I really want to 
thank all of you. 

Katie Harkins 

Katie, KitKot, Chomp 

I hate to admit it but I think I'm feeling some class of 2009 


Alex Heyl 


First off, I want to thank my family You hove always beer 
there for me and I really appreciate it. I also want to thor 
all of my friends for making High School worthwhile I ho 
a ton of fun with all of you, and I hope that we will stay 
in touch. I've made so many memories with you guys - 

Bring your bird, we'll wing it. 

I have to give credit to my parents and the brothers for 
supporting me over the years. Gracias to my friends, you 
know who you are, you have made these years absolutely 
amazing and I love you all for that. Cheers to Sudsy, Rich, 
Sheinfeld, Bernini, DonDon, Dave, Katie Paul, Flan, Se- 
norita, Marjomomo, and Kimmy. And now for something 
completely different! Thanks to StumbleUpon, Seneca 
Falls, Wikipedia, chocolate, poker nights, Fluffernutter, 
the Fellowship, Pop Rock and Drop It, Hellcatz, LOST, rap 
music. Band of Brothers, Easy Mac, dressing up, emus, the 
tuck, Starettes, the Columbus Day essay, corny jokes, La 
Senza, Boy Scouts, movie marathons, SporkNotes, The 
Last Supper, vulva, curry chicken, FaceBook, frost heaves. 
Madrigals, Electric Avenue, londshork, I call Lance, critical 
thinking, decorum, Horry Potter, in tents, chicken-on-o- 
stick, W.E.T,, clutch-cb-force, 6-6, witty banter, smallpox, 
lobsters, Gomefuel, SpongeBob SquorePants, water buf- 
falos, CatchPhrase, Slytherin, Quia, Me-and-Er, corn pan 
cokes squared, the economy, poon jabs, shun, WoW, epic 
cakes, Friendly's, Monterey Jock-ed up, Jimmy Babcock, 
Great Meadows, the Philippines, Hoyden Christensen's 
terrible acting, oscillating, fat people, Fran's pick up lines, 
nondertal, and to all the other memories I've gathered in 
my time here, they ore truly irreplaceable. 

Kelsey Hartwell 

"Those that mincTdon't matter and those that matter don't 

It's been a crazy ride. A lot has changed since I was a 
freshman, but the people who hove stayed by my side 
have remained the some.Mom-you hove worked so 
hard to support us kids and done your best to moke sure 
everyone is happy. I don't tell you enough how much I ap;^__,-«ternally grateful for them. Mum-for 

my life ,,, thonk you Class of 2009! 

Andrew Hiniker 

Andy, Andy Mac 

First off I would like to thank my parents who hove olwoy 
been there, especially with money if I needed it. They 
hove given me so much, in the thought that they would 
get something in return. Well, I promise that one day I on 
going to put them in the best retirement home I con find. 
Well, maybe not the best but a damn good one. The cor 
was really great too, some of the best memories I hove a 
with it, all of which you don't need to know obout. Thank 
Ashley and Aaron, even though I never talked to you I or' 
sore you helped me along the way. Next I would like to 
thank Sarah. I sot here for a while thinking of what to soy 
and at one point I thought of something, but that's gone 
now. Truthfully I hove no idea whot to soy. All I know is it 
has been the greatest time of my life going out with you, 
will never forget you. Finally for my friends I did not wont 
to type everything obout everyone so I chose the easy 
route and decided to go with this; 
Thanks (enter your name here), you ore one of my best 
friends and I will always remember our friendship. 

Emma Howie 

"We con only be said to be alive in those moments when 
our hearts are conscious of our treasures." Numerous pe; 
pie hove helped me throughout high school and I would 
like to thank them for their thoughtfulness and guidance. 
Mum and Dad- for helping me the whole way througti. 
You hove been here for my every need arxi guided me 
through many challenges. The lessons and love that you 
hove provided TTie with have been so profound anJJ^am 

preciate it. Soro/Bobby/Abby- We haven't alwoyi gotten 
along but we at least kept each other entertained. Love 
all you guys! Cora/joyce/Donielle-over the post few years. 
we'vJB become more like sisters than friend^ 
hove helped me so much andj 
going to get stronger. Diono/Afli- youfeSofr^Jrealways 
up for anything and I'm so glad I got to share these past 
years with yoo. Dewayne- we've hod our shore ©fups 
downs but. in the end you've always been there for 
cforia-you're^ijsekjtely^y favorite dance partner/ 
pee ponts/c-oifipetitive eater. It's crazy how you're one of 
♦he funniest people I know but also one of the best listen- 
ers. I'm so lucky to hove a friend like you. Gionna/Julie- 
you girls are crazy ladies and I can always count on ypu 
for a fun time Boys-you guys arga|^^^^^^ple. Thonks 
tor all the good time 


Thanks everyone, Bedford Soccer, the clqsi of 2009, and 
especially The G.C, ' 
"Aquila non capit musca," 
And can I get a shout out to Kenji 

yoga, girl talk & sleeve of wizard! Odcf for KoTsa wTes, 
apple picking & fires in the winter. Doug, for being the 
st older brother I could ever imogine of, eg; rides, bein 
rioos & morgarito pizza. ShcmnoT)- for being your 
lovely needy self andior"being there every step of the 
way You witi always be my best friend, I don't know whc 
t would do without you. See you at cottage 5. Claire- fo 
always being o great listener, helping me, amazing times 
and for being a crazy exerciser like me. GURU. Ryne- 
thank you for being you and letting me be me. Natalia- ft 
being insane and fabulous Courtney-from blue dfes5^g 
to cheese pizza and buns of sleet you hove otvvays i 
a true friend and o joy to be around. Katie- for alvwiy^S 
speaking your mind=) Tommy/Eric/Devaux- thonk y^S 
for being my favorite metL Sue- for being my first frien^ 
nd great memories. And Ms H- for being a great odvis© 

illiam Muggins 

I would like to thank my parents for pushing me to better 
myself, and for always being able to help me with any 
problems that I have hod. My parents have always 
helped me in and out of school. I would also like to thani 
the rest of my family for supporting, and helping me. I ol: 

jnl lo thank my friends for making school a little more 
laroble, and a little easier. Finally I would also like to 
jnk my teachers for making me become a better student 
d person, even if it seemed hard at limes 

Prom committee, Dl, ond everyone else I love you nil' 

!olin Hurley 

]d, mom, Erin, all my cousins, my grandmother, my aunts 
d uncles, all my friends, the New Englond Patriots ond 
islon Red Sox for showing me how a great orgonizotion 

When I first thought about writing senior thanks I thought 
I would just write "Thank you" and thol would apply to 
everyone. I cannot think of oneperson that I would not 
thank, for they have all done something So for the more 
specific thonks I would like to say "Thank you" to all 
of my family, friends, teachers, and cooches everywhere 

I'd like to thank the Bennett family for always bemq there 
for me and being so nice, I love you all. 
Laura my bff and sis I wanna say thanks for always being 
there for me, all these years You know I love you chical 
Lucia my sister I love you and your elbow Haho I'd like lo 
thank my dear seniors '08, I hod great times with you oil, 
junior year was awesomel Thanks to all my friends, Ihey 
mode high school so much fun I love you all -) Thank 
God for energy drinks, without ihem I wouldn't hove been 

run ond for letting me see many championships that I'll 
ver forget, the Boston Celtics for renewing my interest 
the NBA, the Boston Bruins for having 12 dollar tickets, 
id of course that Bedford High School Basketball team 

having some exciting seasons and the best fans in high 
hool sports. 

\drien Jarvis 

Vhat lies behind us and what lies before us ore tiny 
alters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo 

St and foremost, I would like to thank my family. You 
ive always been there for me and I have no idea what I 
ould do or who I would be without you. To my parents; 
)U have supported me even when I didn't support myself, 
key: I hove always admired you. You're the perfect 
other and friend. I know you will do oil that you set out 
Derr: Even when we couldn't drive, we managed to 
be best friends. I love you so much; you're the best 
)usin imaginable. To Aunt Tori, Niki, and Sarah: Thanks 
r letting me spend the summers with you. Each summer 
new, amazing adventure. I can't wait for the next one. 
all my friends: The space limit prevents me from thank- 
g you personally, but I love you all. You are all amazing 
opie. And finally, to my teachers: You hove provided 
e with the foundation to go out and do what I wont to 
3. Mr. Niven: Your support and guidance has changed 
y life forever. Working on the newspaper for the lost two 
;ars with you has been the highlight of my high school 
ireer. Thanks, everyone! 


loni, Mo, Jon 
>anks to: 

ly parents for everything they hove done for me- espe- 
olly pushing me to try my hardest even when I didn't 
ont to and putting up with me when I was a total drama 
jeen; for always believing in me even when I didn't, 
ly "older sisters" Anjoli and Steph- I've always looked up 
you and you've both given me so much advice. We've 
^d so much fun going to weddings, making cooking 
3SCOS, learning how to use a fox machine, and running 
*/ay from certain people (you know ,.). 
\y friends at BHS- We've vented about ex-whalevers lo 
jmpulers, procrastinated on history projects, had movie 
arathons, and just hung out. 

\y friends from ballet- You're my second family, seeing 
>u 3 or 4 limes o week, venting (hey look a venti) and 

fui blisters has only made us closer, 
y ly nchers- who have taught me so much: from critical 
inking to designing. Especially Mrs. Kotelly who's taught 
e everything I know about ballet and has showed me 
hat true passion is. I aspire to be more like you everyday 
^y family in various cities- you've been supportive 
roughout all my life. 

\y pseudo parents, brother, and sisters- you know who 
3u are; you keep me (somewhat) sane. 

all over the world. In Bedford High School, the art depart- 
ment and reading department helped me get through 
these four years and figure out what I would like to do. My 
friends in Bedford, the rest of the US, ond overseas thanks 
for being fun, it is always great to hang out. For those few 
friends that know me better,its greot to still be a friend of 
yours. Lost but not least, my family here at home. Making 
me lough and smile, and for being so cool with everything. 
Friends always thought it was awesome that my Mum and 
Dad listened to the some music as Craig and me. Part of 
this may sound selfish but, thanks to 
everyone and everything thol hos helped me make it 
this far, and I hope I'll be as fortunate the rest of my life. 
Bedankt, Go roibh moith ogot, Merci, 
Donke, and Thank you very much. 

Celeste Kopperl 

Top family, Jubiloides, and Shamrock for always being 
there for me with love and support. To school friends for 
singing late at night; midnight homework check ins, Bill, 
Lady Sovereign; walking to each others houses from age 8 
and meeting half way, plus the famous, Reny's tootsie roll; 
the star bowling teams and elaborate schemes; ranting 
and life or death encounters in my cor; the flute quartet - 
breakfast club and quote writing; argument over sweater 
vs. sweatshirt and playing with beanie babies on the bus; 
my favorite juniors for the huddle when we fell the same 
way; volleyball - signature dance move and coach Chris- 
lie obsession; tennis; nature walks. Thank you. 

Jenna Kuhn 

Mom&Dad:Thanks for always being there for me and 
helping me develop into the person I am today.Thonks for 
having the answers to oil of my questions. Nina:You're the 
best sister, I couldn't ask for anything more. You put up with 
all of my moods. You have such a unique style and person- 
ality thot I admire. Thanks to all three of you for being my 
number one fan and being there to support me Stephen: 
Thonks for teaching me more about life, and staying true 
to who you ore. Courtney: I can always count on you 
to moke me lough and be there for me, these past four 
years would not hove been the same without you as my 
friend.Emma and Shannon, you guys made freshman ond 
sophomore years interesting, it was never a dull moment 
Rachel/Diana:thanks for being a port of my life and oil the 
fun times we've hod. Thanks lo oil of the fh and LAX girls 

Nicolle Kuhn 

I'd like to thank God for being so generous to me and 
helping me through everything. I'd like to thank my parents 
for being supportive and understanding. Also for putting 
up with me for all these years haha. Pai&mae eu omo 
voces mais que tudo no mundo, sem voces eu noo serio 
noda. Werner voce e o or que eu respiro, TE AMO Dell, I 
love you babe, "if you called my name you know I'd come 
running", you're my everything. I'd like to also thank my 
relatives for always wishing me all the best. Amo vocesi 

able to stay up in class and graduate. 
"Don't let your dreams be dreams". 
-Jock Johnson. 

Congrats to the class of 2009 =) 
Paz & Amor BHS! 

Erik Larsson 

EK, Swede 

People from all over the world have had on amazing 
impact on me. Mom, it was always awesome to see you 
in the crowd whether it was cheering me on at a soccer 
game with our dog Yodo, or watching one of my music 
performances. Dad, I will always remember our long 
commutes to soccer events, as well as working side by side 
reffing soccer gomes. Carl, it was awesome having you 
to ploy music with, even though I cannot count how many 
times your piano ploying woke me up in the m,owMngT 
Thank you to Grandpo Kurt for givmglSeThe' opportunity 
to pursue music, and to Grandma Anita for being a greot 
hostess every time I visit. Tock sa mycket formor "Jo-ja' 
Britta, you were like a second mother to me lost foil when t 
was living in Sweden. Fortor Anders, vi mottes aldrig, men 
^^Jflgj^t alt du star bredvid mig vorje dog And thank you 
to the Wallstrom fomily, I hope to see you all again soon! 
Thank you lo my friends in Bedford, in Sweden, my boys 
from Saltsjobadens IF soccer, and to my teachers at BHS 
and IB that were so good to me. Thank you God for giving 
me the gifts I hove and for giving me the strength to moke 
it this for. And lost, thank you Tiesto, Hakon Hellslrom, and 
Mono for making the music that has distracted me from my 
homework for nearly four years now. 

Selby LeBert 

First off I would like lo thank my best friend Robert Potter, 
without you I would have never started drifting. Second 
would have to be Elijah Webber, there's no way i cct 
thonk you enough Lay, somehow you warn otways tl 
to roll your eyes at me and call me an idiot, thanks for that. 
A shout out to Sue Potter for be able to help mo out when 
things got rough, I'll forever be addicled to your cookie*. 
Also I want to thonk Captain ond Chief, and everyone in 
the AFJROTC Corps, you guys have been like a family to 
me and you all mode school the best port of my day. I 
wont lo thonk Schilder and Cheb for being there to coach 
me for the post three years, there is no way I could hove 
done it without you two. Mr. Niven you always mode 
English enjoyable I'm sorry I didn't always do everything 
but I hope this makes up for it. Finally my famity you guys 
drove me nuts a good port of the time but you kepi life 
interesting and you supported me fully especially during 
these past 4 years, thanks for that 

Casandra Lentine 

Sandra, Soma, Cozz, Cos, Casper, Casandnno, Cas-ass- 
andra, Misz. Siciliana/ltaliana 

MA: I'm sorry for always being such a pain, as a single 
mother, I know raising me wasn't anything easy, just hope 


you know all your herd work never went unappreciated, 
letting me move in with dad to go to school here was a 
difficult decision for you to make, but you did.. You're truly 
one of the strongest women I know, all the qualities you 
are as a woman, is the kind of woman I hope to be. I love 
you Ma thanks for all that you've done & still do. 
DAD: I'm sorry for all that I put you through everyday., 
raising me wasn't a piece of cake for you either., hope that 
all I soy when I'm angry you don't take to heart because I 
really don't mean it there isn't a thing you wouldn't do or 
haven't already done for me & I truly do appreciate that, 
don't know what I'd do without you. I love you & couldn't 
have asked for a more kind, caring, forgiving & loving 

been there to make me lough, to listen, give advice & sup- 
port whatever decisions I make & I'll forever be thankful 
for that. The good times have become priceless memories 
that I'll never forget, you showed me what true o friend is, 
but you're more than just my best friends, you're the sisters 
God never gave me. Words could never explain how 
I love you girls, -shout out to my big brothers FRANKIE, 
TOMMY & MATTY & much love to the rest of THE FAMILY. 
MICHAEL MARTINES: more like a brother then a cousin. 
We've had some crazy times since we were little living 
next door on hill rd, till now & many more to come. 
STEVE KAZARIAN: thanks for always answering a late 
night phone call just to hear me talk when I needed some- 
one to listen. SKIPPY: thanks for olways making me laugh 
& keeping oil my secrets. ALEX RIVERA: thanks for all your 
encouraging words, support & advice, teaching me a lot 
about life & for all the good times. MICHAEL PACHECO: 
things between us aren't quite the some, but most of my 
high school memories include you as one of my best 
friends. I'm always here if you need anything, you know 
that. MS. LOHRUM: me graduating wouldn't have been 
possible if it wasn't for you always having on open door 
for me to walk into, open ears always listening to my prob- 
lems, & an open heart. I love you. Thanks for everything. 
MRS. JORDAN: I love you & I'm so thankful for teaching 
me what some of the teachers couldn't, always believing in 
me & having patience with me.. I don't care what you say, 
WE ARE FRIENDS! MS. G: I love you & will never forget 
all that you've done for me. MR. BERLINO & MR. AMICO 
A.K.A. MY MAFIA BOSSES: thanks for putting up with me 
in class I know I was a handful! 

MRS. BRYAN: my favorite substitute teacher! I love you & 
I'll never forget oil your encouraging words. 

Annie Leslie 

Mom and Dad Thanks for everything you've done for me 
these past I 8 years. TJ, thanks for being both an amazing 
cousin and my best friend. Thanks to all my other Maine 
friends, skiing wouldn't be nearly as fun without you. Sam, 
We were literally covered in road" pretty much sums 
up our friendship. Thanks for always laughing at dumb 
things with me, OC parties, trips to Bedford Forms, all the 
ski team memories, and Maine trips. Adrienne, thanks for 
all the concerts and other great times from 6th grade to 
today. Suzanne, thanks for always knowing how to cheer 
me up, keeping me entertained at work, and knitting me 
wittens and socks. Katelyn: Cape, camping, concerts, cast- 
ings. Marina, thanks for oil those Wedgewood memories 
and screaming "SCIENCE", Thanks to Leah for concerts, 
mix CDs, and boy talks. Emmo: for all that we've done 

together. Kristine, thanks for having the patience to help 
me with things I don't understand and many lacrosse 
memories. Brendan, thanks for making my summer and se- 
nior year so much fun Thanks to all my teachers for giving 
me the greatest education I could ask for. Also thanks to 
Ski Team and Lacrosse, Shannon, Claire, Natalia, Saroh, 
Katie, Brett, Joe, Matt, Tom, Alex R, Tommy, and anyone 
else thot has been a friend to me over the years. 

Farron Lomot 

Mom- Thanks for being my best friend, sister and mom. 
I appreciate everything you've done for me my whole 
life. You're constantly supporting and believing in me 
in everything I do. Thank you, I love you. Dod- Visiting 
you is my favorite time of the yeor. You mean so much 
to me Love you Barbara- So many crazy memories, all 
the times you come with me to New York were the best. I 
don't know what I would've done without you. Love you. 
Ashley- We hove so many memories together its insane. 
I always hove fun with you, your hilarious and one crazy 
girl. Thanks for everything. Love you. Jen- I've known you 
since diapers. Our memories ore endless. Thanks for being 
the best neighbor and for making me feel like part of the 
family. Love you. Nora- We've been friends since 4th 
grade and you've been a wonderful friend the whole way. 
It's crazy but I can't think of one time when we fought. 
Thanks for always being there. Love you. Jen S- We've had 
so much fun together, thanks for all the hilarious memories, 
I'll miss you Bruss- We've been through a lot but we're 
still close. We have so many funny memories. From the 
parties at your house or being stuck in on snow days we 
always hod fun. Dstudy was the best with you and Leek. 
Thanks for always being there. Chris M- Thanks for being 
there for me through out high school, I con talk to you 
about anything and everything and you olways know 
what to say. You're on amazing person and I know I won't 
find anyone like you You're going far and you know it. 
Thank you for everything No matter what I'm here for life. 
Love you. JC- You've been my best friend for years. Even 
though you moved, we kept it strong. Love and miss you. 
Quan- I'm glad I had so many classes with you cuz you're 
hilarious and always made my day. Thanks for being one 
of my closet friends. I know we'll keep in touch, love yo 
punk. Thanks Bee, Roy, Malik, Dewayne and Tim You 
guys are amazing. Love you all. Thanks to all my teachers. 
Thanks to the rest-of' rny girls and boys that have modi 
high school experience amazing, you know who yo«raTe 
Congrats 091 

Joey Lua 

First off 1 would like to soy thank you to my fownfy. Thanks 
Nikki for helping me with my homework, and thanks Alii 
for letting me teach you how to throw a football. Kori, as 
much as I say that you ore annoying I really do love you. 
Thank you Frodo, you were always there when I came 
home to greet me with a smiling face. Most of all I hove to 
soy thank you to my parents. You guys always stuck wilh 
me and helped me when I need it, with out you t would 
not be graduating high school. Thank you to all of my 
friends, ond to all of my teachers who also stuck with me 
when I was in trouble. I will miss all of you when we go to 

Hamish MacPhail 

I would like to thank my parents for roising me with 
patience and love. You allowed me to grow as o person 
and your love and support helped me be the person I 
am today. Milo, Dinah and Ion, my life would not be the 
some without you there to keep me in check From the late 

cannot thank you enough. Soccer: Through the four years 
on the soccer team, I hove built relationships that I feel wil 
lost a lifetime. Ever since red-shirts it has been o great ex- 
perience and I would not dream of giving up. BucAppellc 
Between the two years of BucAppello I hove created 
lasting friendships. Thanks for all the fun times and for my 
confidence in singing I would not have hod without you 
JSA: Who ever thought debating would be fun? With the 
many fun and entertaining times at JSA, I have been able 
to socialize outside my school (although Bedford Chapter 
is the best chapter) and learn about the world around us 
Class of '09: Thank you for oil those memories throughou 
our schooling. Our class has proven to be a great one on 
I am sure we will go on to better and brighter things 

Joyce Mchoney 

"Lough as much as you breathe and love osTong as you 

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, 
but by the moments that toke our breath away " 
Mom&Dad-Thonk you so much for everything you hove 
done for me. You both hove ohAroys supported me in 
everything I do and I know I can come to both of you 
about anything You hove helped make me the person I 
am today and I couldn't express my oppreciotion I love 
you both so much. 

Sheeno-You're not just my older sister; you're truly my bes 
friend. I've always been able to look up to you ond come 
to you for anything. Thonks for putting up with me no mot- 
ter what and teaching me more about life fhaji^gu^-eoutd 
ever imagine. I love you 
Jake-We may not always^get olong but we've had some 
good times, thanks for olwoys looking out for me 
Mikey-Thanks for being such on awesome little brother 

Cora,Kels,Danielle-4 ( don't kr»ow what I d do without 

you, love you! Coro-for olwoys being like foowfy since 

it grode, you've been there foHrairthe.^«otfond the 
bod Kels- I can olways count on you to moke me laugh, 
or cry with me when one of us is sod. The good times are 
endless, Donielle-for olwoys being there for me ond find- 
g woy to understand exocHy how I feel. Thanks for oil 
the rides, sharing your bed oil the time, numerous trips to 
Ponera, and for letting Snickers come over all the time 
Julie-THE crunk betch and I love you for it. You're olwoys . 
up for a good time. Thonks for always making me lough 
no matter what and always having my bock. 
Diona&AJIt-Thanks for all the good times Hanging out«^ 
when there was nothing to do we found o way to hove ' 
fun. Alii thanks and for loving One Tree Hill with me. Dior 
thank you for sf>owing me a whole new world of rap, I'rn 
always educated when you're in control of the rodio. 
Rachel&Moe-l would not hove mode it through all my hig 
school classes without you two. Thanks for always mokinc 
the classes bearable. We've hod so mony good times in 
and out of school! 
Nick L-for being like fomily 

1 tor being my best bud 

M-for being such a good friend all these years and 

, s being there for me 
Je ■. ayne-for and always being (here no matter what, I con 
jlwoys count on you. 

Kf. boys-for oil the loughs and the good times 

laJessie.Sheri.Chorlotte-thanks lor all the good times 
:iy for hanging out, talking, taking Spanish with 
(ne.gnd olwqitt b«l|| ^ "] 

uniors-Alyssa, Victoria, Nikki, Tim Pike 
Anyone&everyone else who has been a part of my life in 
iome way or another throughout high school, Thank you! 

Ray Maladowitz 

^irstl would like to thank my mom and dad, I love you 
guys. Their support wos never ending, and without it who 
<nows where I would be. They've always given me what 
've needed to succeed and more. I would also like to 
hank all of my friends, they have all been there for me 
■hrough the good and the bad, and provided me with 
3II of the laughs I could ever need. I would like to give 
3 special thanks to Sophie, Moni, Kristine, for putting up 
with me in Dl and in all of life in generol. And onother 
speciol thanks to all my bros Tommy, Eric Devoux, Eric 
lohnson, and Soi. We're oil going to be moving onto the 
lext chapters of our lives now, and you hove oil mode a 
osting impression on me. I will never forget oil of you guys 
and I can't waif to see all of the crazy stuff you guys get 
/ourselves into. Thank god for Facebook so we con oil 
;tay in touch where ever our lives may takes us. Thanks 
again to all of my friends and family, ond I hope that we 
ran all live life to its fullest. 

Marissa Masek 

rhank you Mom and Dad. Thank you for pysbinglfie and 
supporting me. Diono, I thank you so much for always 
ending o hond or on ear. Thank you for always being 
here for me. I hove known you over half my life, and hope- 
ully we will stay close for many more years to come. Al- 

we all know you con do. Moxie - you are the coolest pet 
Paws down Okay, now comes the hard part, thanking 
other people First with teachers. Mr. Sunderland - You 
ore the man The greatest teocher ever. Mr McGowon - 
You ore the coolest teocher ever. I will remember the good 
limes we were always having in your class Shout out to 
Gregg Zollo (all the awesome pro|ects), Chris Donovon 
(what would I do with my breaks?), JV soccer team, ski 
■JBQiiLkQQlMLMPPIe and the bait teom EVERIL Fiiibaa 

teom/club, and tennis team. I would continue but words 
cannot come close to the thanks I hove for all the people 
who hove shaped and supported me. Every one of you 
has helped me become a better person and for that I am 
ever grateful. 

Ashley Mclver 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for always being there for me 
and waking me up every morning for school I love you 
both very much, olways & forever. Bernie - Thanks for al- 
ways supporting me, I love you. Sean - You always hove 

way to get on my nerves but I'll love you no matter what. 
Jen - You hove ALWAYS been there for me no matter 
what, and I know you always will be. Thank you so much 
for being there for me. I love you with all my heart. Forron 
- We have had our ups and downs but we always stay 
close not matter what. You've been there for me when I 
needed you the most. Thank you for everything you have 
ever done for me. I love you with all my heart. Shown - 
You changed my life. I'm glad I met you. You're one of 
the best things that has ever happened to me, evenjbough 
we hove hod our rough times I'm glad we've remained 
friends. Cassandra - You have taught me so much in my 
life, I'm glad -we became friends. Stay in touch - I love 
you! I love you all and thank you for everything. 

Thomas McNult 

Caryl and Bruce; Thank you for olways being there to push 
me to do what's right and to do my best at whatever I do. 

1 would not hove made it where I am today without you 

ison, Marshall, Islands, nuclear, bomb, and rubber cetngnf^^^^uys. Ashley: Thank you for always being there to help 

«ill never be the same otter history fair. I truly appreciate 
Fie weeks 1 basically lived at your house. I hope that 
3ur friendshtp"will continue to grow even after we leave 
iedford. tsh, thank you for being yourself. You hove made 
Tie laugh so many times I cannot try to count. I hope we 
itay close. Nick, thanks for letting me design murals for the 
ibrory. It was so much fun working with everyone involved, 
you know who you ore. Thank you to all my extroordinory 
riends. Holly, Sheila, Charlotte, Aimee, Charles, Jessico, 
^ssaf, Kotherine, Abby, Nathan, Jacob, Becco, and Jessie, 
rhank you for being my friends, listed or missed, my life 
MoM be a lot less fun without eoch and every one of 
/ou. Thank you to ail those in Oklahoma, Into the Woods, 
and last year's JV lacrosse; it was a blost. Thank you to 
''■Madeline, Greg, and Alex for making community service 
sngoging, interesting, and rewarding^^^^^=:=^^ 

Brendan Maxon 

Senior thanks. Wow. High school went by fast. Just yes- 
lerdoy I was a tiny freshman getting lost. Mom and Dad 
- you guys have been amazing You've nourished me with 
food and love. You've helped me grow into the person I 
□m. I con only hope to be a shadow of you guys. Roro - I 
know that my sample size is pretty poor, but I think it is safe 
to soy that you ore the best brother a person could ever 
ask for. I hope you find something you love ond do what 

me with my school work and for always just being there 
for me. Chris: Thank you for olwoys looking out for me 
but never letting it get in the way of hoving a good time. 
Brendan: Thank you for just being there for me and looking 
out for me when ever I needed a friend. I'll never forget 
following through with our ridiculous spur-of-the-moment 
plans. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Mr. and Mrs. Gib- 
son: Thank you for always treating your home like it wos 
my home Heather: You ore a great girl and by for one the 
most fun people I know to hang out with. Thank you for al- 
ways letting me be me ond for still going out in public with 
me I hope you hove a great senior year. Dylan: I'm going 
to miss you kid I always had a blast hanging out with you. 
Good luck next year. 

Sarah Medwar 

"People walk in and out of your life, but friends leove 
footprints on your heart " 

Mom and Dod-Thonks so much for supporting me in 
everything I do and being there when I need you the 
most. Julio/Emily-even though we have dumb fights you'll 
always be my portners in crime. Good luck with the rents 
while I'm gone, and Emily nice try but you can't bake") 
and your such a WD. ..wiener dog. Celeste-synchronized 
swimming in my pool dancing in the roin at 2 in the 
morning Bridget-alwoys there bf adventures and BSBIII-) 

we bake. Thanks for always being there 10 have or chats 
and being my dance buddy Marino- So many good times 
at concerts end girl nights Stop spilling your sodos on 
random guys ot concerts") Genesivgood limes playing 
sing slor early in the morning, osking neighbors for ice 
cubs and rondom things embarrassing ourselves in front 
of strangers Andrew-thonks for always being there when 
I need someone to talk to, ond for oil the crazy cor rides 

9sirpflpflfl limti iiumiiiiiihiiMiiiMiiii 

chatting about our lives Alex/Chris-so many good times 
like flashlight tag, racing wagons down the street, and 
neighborhood baseball gomes. Collie-So many good times 
at edge=) and in ceromics. All of my dance girls, so many 
great times and I'll miss you oil. Congratulations and good 
luck doss of '09! 

Julie Mello 

MY FAMILY- you guys hove all put up with my ups and 
downs, and were always there to moke me lough with 
some dumb joke. I love you all so much. DAD- you ore. 
my rock. You've always been there for me when I needed 
you, from school science projects to directions when I'm 
lost. I know that you ore always here for me. MOM- you 
ore the strongest and most loving person I know. You've 
always been there to keep me sane, and have done 
everything you can to help me. HAILS- Thank yo*^ft5r^very 
single dumb joke you've ever made. We've had so much 
fun together through the years and thanks for always 
having my back. EMILY- You are my greatest inspii 
Everything I've accomplished in life is because of wl 
you've shown me. You are my best friend. I love andtlp- 
preciate you more thon onyone else, and will always be 
there for you, just like you've always been there for me. 
Thank you for always letting me steal your clothes, and 
etting me know that "lip liner and belly shirts went out 
when Selena died.' ALJSTIN- Thanks for oil the good times, 
you truly are a brother to me. MY GIRLS- I love you all to 
death and we've hod so many good times over the years. 
2LBFL, SMC, trips to iporty and Ponero and our notorious 
tubies. DB-i-JM-We've hod so many good times over the 
post few years. Thank you for always being there to listen. 
MY BOYS- thanks for always giving me o good lough. 
LABBB- you guys have taught me more about life, love and 
friendship than anyone else You ore the most caring Ond' 
genuine people I know, and if it wosn't for you, I virouUn'! 
be the person I am today. 

Rebecca Miche 

Thought out the four years thot 1 have been in the school, 
there have been many who were inBoentiol in my life, i just 
would like to acknowfedge those significant people who 
have helped me be who I om today 
My mother. The most important thing in my life. She has 
olwoys been there for me, in the good and bod times. 
She has loved me and always supports me, even when I 
didn't deserve it. I am so grateful to hove f»er in my life I 
am strong because of her, and she is who I hope to be. I 
love you so much and I would be lost without you 
My friends. Without you guys, high school would not been 
as enjoyable. There are too many people to thank, so I'll 
just talk about the most significant. Christina, Ashleigh, 
Aren. My ride or die chicks, especially during Summer '08 
You guys are always there for me ond we always hove fun 
Nisho and Emily, you guys hove pushed me to be the bel- 
ter person I om, even when I didn't want to. Samontho D. 
There are to many memories to remember Thomos, we've 


had our ups and downs, but hey greenish brown female 

sheep You're a great person. Daisie, too many fun times, 

love you booboo. Finally, Jaime and Catie. I love you guys 

with all my heart. You are my sisters. 

Thank you Bedford High School for a wonderful four 


Dave Micu 

"The older you j 

the student I om now.. And of course my friends- where 
would I be without you? You guys should know who you 
ore, I love you all and will never forget all our memories: 
Maine/OOB, Latin classes, Tournoment of Plays, CVS 
runs, late nights and baking, poker, painting our nails in 
the Friendly's porking lot, finally having o class together! 
(chemistry), Armo picnics. Biology, N Y , stalking Andrew, 
rainy visits to Concord, math closs, not letting the frogs 

I love you 

And to everyone else in my life, for your generosity and 
thoughlfulness, I sincerely thank you 

Nick Neveux 

One connot fit tour years into a 225 word senior thanks 
So I raise a glass to the people who've provided mony 
a memory, o story, a friend, a focebook quote and been 

■ , i ! ,o<: I J follow. You just gotta keep on livin', man. 
L-l-V-l-N. " -Wooderson, Dazed and Confused 
"Well, all I'm soying is that I want to look back and soy 
that I did the best I could while I was stuck in this place. 
Hod as much fun as I could while I was stuck in this place. 
Played as hard as I could while I was stuck in this place..." 
-Dawson, Dazed and Confused 

Mom, thanks for always pushing me to be the best that I 
can be. Without you I don't think I could ever hove gotten 
this far. Dad, thanks for always being there for me. Ever 
since I was born, you were teaching me the right things 
to do. Also thanks for teaching me how to fish; no one 
can out fish me and you. Leoh, although we don't always 
agree on things, you always have my back whenever I 
need help. Jim, we got way to many good times for me 
to list. Ever since like 4th grade me and you have been 
causing trouble and always looking to have good time. 
Partying in high school would not have been the some 
without you man. Also thanks to Joyce, Danielle, Neil, and 
oil other friends and teammates. 

Nick Mizzoni 

I just wont to say thank you to my porents and Ms. Gisone 
for getting on my bock and without whom, I probably 
wouldn't be graduating this year. Also to thank my friends 
Pot, Parker, Miles, Dave, Colin, Keith, Tyler, Jimmy, Joyce, 
Cora, Danielle, Kelsey, Nikki, and to everyone else • you 
made it oil very interesting to soy the least. Also to Joey 
and Tricia, thanks for all your help, and being there when 
I needed it 

Katelyn Mohen 

"I just want to keep doing what 1 feel " - Ben Harper 
Looking back on these past four years, I realize that all 
of the stresses and changes I hove experiences were 
well worth it. I owe a great deal of thanks to my family, 
because without you three, all that I hod experienced 
and accomplished would have been much lonelier path 
traveled. To my Nona; you never cease to amaze me^ 
(and for oil of those Entenmanns Danishes bought). Hey, 
Uncle Mark, thanks for all the grilled meat theses post few 
summers- it was awesome when I used to eat it! Thank you 
friends old and new, without your love ond advice, my life 
thus for would hove been filled with a lot more worry. Hey 
Sue, thanks for it all- you're one in a million. Finally, to my 
dog Sophie; only your heart con speak your age. 
_^^^^^Cy©tj later BHS. ^,,,..- ^^^^^.^--^ 

teah Moo radian 

Lulabell, Leemoo, Lulu, Lu 

I hove to thank my family, you will always be 
most important to me. Mom and Dod- you have always 
helped me get through anything, I couldn't be where 1 
am without either of you. Ahni- What con I say? You 
'"'^ gave me o memorable sixteenth, amusing car rides, and 
arm muscles from lugging your laundry everywhere 
Love ya. My teachers- 1 thank all of you, because you 
have tolerated my rnony questions and crafted me into 

pointing faces, suggestive cokes, charging our phones (but 
not together), challenging snow storms for Great Woll, 
countless entertaining weekends. There are so many more 
1 could list. We've stuck together, even in the hard times, 
and we've helped each other become the best individuals 
we con be. Good luck class of '09! 

Jacob Moore 

I want to first thank my parents and my brother Daniel for 
always being there for me, whether to help me in some of 
the harder spots or helping me to enjoy the better ports 
of life. Whatever happens, I know I con always depend 
on you to be there, and that thought has helped me more 
than you know. My friends, you made school bearable 
and gave me something to look forward to when I woke 
up every morning. Jesse, Becco, Nathan, Chorles, Assof, 
Abby, Nick, Jess, and anyone I forgot to mention and will 
subsequently feel like a complete jerk for leaving out, you 
guys made it all worthwhile. I'll never forget you guys and 
the chillness we shared. You made the bad times olright 
and the good times better. My teachers, for always push- 
ing me and being willing to help me out when I needed it. 
Solso Doritos (R I P ), Tommy Boy, Chuck Palahniuk, and 
the music of Weezer, 'cause they're just awesome. 

Melody Morris 

Remember when. 

*We got completely lost on that first day of freshman 
year just trying to find our X-blocks? *We had our first 
GBYSO concert? *We pulled our first all-nighter .. and 
then another one. . and another? *We thought we were 
doing history fair projects? *We really did NHD projects? 
*We took AP Foods? *We won math team states? *We 
come in second in New Englonds (BEAT CHOATEj? *We 
went to Europe? *We tolked until 3 AM2 Mom and Dad: 
Thanks so much for always being there. You've done 
so much for me and I don't think I con ever thank you 


to get me the footage for the PetitPrince project, when 
Sundo, T-Woggs, Aimee, Charlotte, and Nick Vance 
helped me film "The Bedford Club"; when Tate and Assof 
helped hong up my monster campaign billboard. The 
good times at spring track, bleacher painting, creating 
the BHS Class of 2009 group on focebook, 1 st lunch 
sophomore year, staying up until 3am finishing the Stalin 
doc, my brief stint on team dOOt, crazy dancing ot prom, 
everything that's happened this year, two years of Mr. 
BHS, tournament of ploys '08, Mr. Low's choir, Hebert's 
English-lll/World Myth and all the quotes that come out of 
that, two years of Sundertal, Boschetto's Psych, "Seasons" 
and those who come together to help me complete it. As 
we all head out on our various paths of life, I'm reminded 
of these words of wisdom: When you find yourself at age 
78 o consHpoted Pirate stepping in puddles, don't be o 
meon twyping looser, listen to some of earl's Hebrew Rap 
yell "MAKE ME A SANDWICHI" ond you shall get one, 
you will hove bragging rights No schpoof 

Chelsea Niemeyer 

So, I have 225 words to thank all the people that hove 
inspired me to be nothing but the best everyday. Mom one 
Dad, you are truly the most amazing parents anyone coulc 
ask for. Thank you for teoching me to not only respect 
myself but respect the people around me. I love you from 
the bottom of my heart each and every day. My little goo- 
bers, Brittony and Allie, thank you for brightening my days 
Brittany, you have tought me to be confident in everything 
I do Ailie, thonk you for teaching me to be patient and 
spontoneous You two ore so ir>CTedibly special. Kristen 
and Melissa, yow guys hove been my best friends since 
,5th gfade. Thank you for always being there, ever. -o' 
we all live so for oport. I love you boJh tike sislef?. Con * 
wait tor my wedding when y alt ore my brtdiesmoids. Gil 
lian, ihonks for moking high school a blost. You're the besi 

enough. Christie: You've been there every single do^Jjlt — ond deserve nothing but the best in life. Jenno- Thanks tor 

me. I have been so lucky for hove you as iuch on an 
ing best friend for the post 12 years ond I kf\ow well stay ^ 
that way forever. Alex. You make me lough woy more 
than I should, but I need it Allison: I'll never forget our 
inside jokes about irtside jokes and all oxir actual inside 
jojsBSt-Sfacey, KrisfirieJl>eresarEmily, Abby, Becco, and 
everyone I don't tiove space to mention: You guys ore 
owesome. Moth Team: You guys ore just amazing. Keep 
kicking Burlington's behind. Teachers: You have just about 
killed me these post four years. GBYSO kids You hove 
all changed my life so much. JEQUI! Class of 2009. WE 

Drew Nearing 

There ore too many people that have helped me through 
my life.So many people to say thank you loo. But no two 
people more than my Mother and Father They hove been 
my rock through all ot my moves, oil around the world. 
They hove always been the ones to reassure me that it 
will always be okay.To them I say forever thank you, and 

rrelpingjjift-matce tWi%ygarb6A the best it con be! We 
tSckI To all my Mossochusetts friends: Ryan, Joke, Gobe, 
Genesis, Barbara, Joimie, Aaron, Heother, Ashley, Walt, 
Ashton, KD, thanks for being so incredibly awesome I 
hate to think whot high school would ve been like without 
you guys. High school has been o roller coaster ride, and 
it's only the beginning. Thanks again. I love y'ol 

M&D; Thanks for pushing me to be olTthot I can be, and 
always being there for me. Megcn: Thonks for putting up 
with me in the mornings and helping pick out dresses, i 
would be lost with out you. Kotelyn; 'Wo con be opart for 
months ar\d still be the best of friends" 1 can confide in yoc, 
with my darkest secrets and know they'll be safe. Marina:: 
Thanks for singing in a different longuage, attending din- 
ner with our parents, getting a flat tire, talking about lost 
with me ond hating the some people Claire: Thanks for 
surviving Civ with me (Ghana=Gross), and for thinking 
summer jom was a monster truck show. Natal: I love heor 

ing your ranis you're crazy "Chinese buffet" Emma; Ttionks 
for stories about tfie creepy guy at tfie gym, getting ice 
cream in Billerica ond letting me crosti on your basement 
floor after a long night. Shan: Thanks for putting up with 
my fussy mornings and failing English junior year with me 
ond having to write for the school newspaper. Annie: SAT 
class was hilarious thanks for all your Maine stories and 
letting me see the trains Sarah: Broadway, Disney and 
^ Ofd ^oines...gnough said. Sue; ihonks for mqki.ngjgnoj. 

Natal with me, making trips to Boston for Thai food, and 
baking Dotty Blake's birthday cake with me. 


Sam,. Shortii 

Who you are defines your individuality; it's what sets you 
apart from the crowd. 
Laughter is timeless- 
magination has no age 
Sc dreams -are forever. 

Dad: Thank you so much for being there for me through 
everything and putting up with my stupid mistakes. You're 
Tuly my best friend and my hero. Thank you for the laughs 
and all of the talks. I couldn't have asked for anything 
Detter. I love you. 

3ramps & Grams: I love you both with all of my heart, 
rhonks for the support all of these years, 
lohn & James: Thank you for everything, the fights, the 
imiles, and the laughter. You're both a huge part of my 
ife. Love ya bros! 

^keem: With out you all of these years, where would I be? 
t'ou helped me through the hardest times in my life and I 
will forever be grateful for that. Love is when flaws become 
serfection, complete pain is endurable, and forever is all 
»or\h it. I love you. 

■riends: Special thanks to Ash, Liz, Sarah, Sam Duda, 
Zhelsea, Jen Burdge, Kamil, Jon, Thomas, & Camryn. I 
ove you guys. Remember all of the good times we had. 
.ive each moment to the fullest, you only have one chance. 

Max O'Brien 

'II begin this by thanking my supportive and^rtainly in- 
eresling family. Aiex-You're too smart for your own good! 
?ul in all seriousness, we've experienced some epic times, 
rhanks for tolerating my constant complaining and for 
aking me clubbing in France [did I ever pay you back?] 
V\aman-Thanks for forcing me to apply myself through 
neons of tutoring, and daily trips to Sylvia Wilson [except 
or that one weird Russian math tutor, he may have been in- 
lOne] Thanks for providing me with such independent and 
etting me develop as a person. I'm thankful and apprecia- 
ive of everything you've done for me, Merci! Dod-Thonks 
or punishing me to reach my full potential, it mode me a 
aetter person. Also, thanks for just being a funny person 
n general, and for always keeping an optimistic outlook 
30 life, Friends-So, you guys helped me keep weekends 
ind vacations interesting Thanks for that. Lindsay- thanks 
or lost summer; we've really hod some amazing times 
ogether. Definitely going to be cruising to some Marley 
.ooni Poul-You're a chill person, and we've hod some 
aretty awesome nights [minus that monster concoction at 
ritz's] Stay true to yourself and keep on producing music, 
ritz- you really do hove some kind of a secret double life 
outside of school, I'm convinced. Thanks for having people 
3ver a lot bock in out sophomoric days, always a blast, 
.astly, thanks: Cotter, Alex, Gabe, AJ, Matt [keep sparing] 
.iz, Becco, and Hope for all the good time, empty houses. 

and adventures. Lastly, I'd like to thank Mr Niven for 
putting up with my cynicism, and for being the dedicated 
teacher that he is. Solid, peace out class of 20091 

Michael Pacheco 

Hi mom, dad, David. Thank you everyone for making 
this the best 4 years. Buso for being the most annoying 
kid ever but thank you for spotting me on a bunch of stuff 
ihqnl^ you for hpying a rich flrqndmothef. Ro_iTiQ.stQB,j^_ 

the baby voice and grow up. Sheezy for having the best 
spot to chill at. Jen S. even though I didn't know you all 
4 yrs. But the 1 .5 years I did it was fun. My main man 
Ryan "universal" Pitts we had good times and we will still 
have more good times at Middlesex next year. Roopy the 
funniest kid I've ever known. Keep doing the opera voice. 
"Whoopee I'm all set Whoopee I'm all done Whoopee" 

Pat Packenham 

Thank you to all of my family and friends. 

Robert Potter 

I've always been one tor being strait forword so here 
it goes. I wont to thank my family. Mom and Dad. You 
always pushed me and drogged me back when I got dis- 
tracted, you taught me that the real world is going to stink 
but you just hove to deal with it. Locey, you hove always 
had my bock and you always knew me best, it's going to 

h« not liwino with TKri. <,^.M^k^^^ 

Ryan Pitts 

Brett Plugis 

Hi Mom. Thanks. Keith keep practicing on that Oprah 
voice of yours. Especially on the weekends haho it might 
take you somewhere in life. Good times Chico I can't wait 
for Middlesex next year if we both make it there this year. 
Romo believe it or not your going into college please no 
more of the babiness unless it's to make Busa mad. Busa 
don't be annoying next year. I'll probably be hated for 
mentioning you name but thank R. Paganetti for actually 
knowing what your doing in the weight room so I don't 
hove to deal with Romos and Busas in there. I can't believe 
I'm mentioning your name so close to your best buddy 
Fags, but thanks Jen Soto for being my bestest budday 
ever since I moved here. I'm telling you you're going to 
be old before you know it just wait you'll see. Hoha. Last 
thing. Thank you Universal for the great suppys over the 
last year. 


Thank you family, friends, team motes, and everyone else 
who has helped me out along the way. 

Lacey Potter 

Mom, Dad, I couldn't ask for cooler parents. Nothing 
can top our times together in Michigan, at Gunstock and 
our family dinners. Thanks so much for getting me this 
for! Dan, Robert, and Chris, my three brothers who love to 
drive me crazy. Dan, I'm so glad you entered my life even 
though these past nine yeors weren't easy. Robert, it's go- 
ing to be so weird going our own ways but at least I get a 
break from those near death experiences we've hod when 
you've driven. Chris, thanks for the crazy nights at the 
bowling ally with the gang. Sarah, Caroline, my sisters, 
one who spies on new neighbors and the other a world 
traveler Over the past seven years we have had some 
amazing adventures like Conobie, Plymouth, Vermont and 
hospital trips. Sonya, another member of the Potter family 
and best friendl I hove so many memories of us from 
our DC trip to our Harry Potter movie trip with my family. 
Thanks, you guys, for always being here for me. I love 
you guys! Lindsay, Katie, Heather, Steph, Laura, Nicole, 
Brittany, Angela, Emily, and Nisho. I hod some great times 
with you all! I wish you guys the best of luck next year! 
Thanks, Ms. Sovorino, for helping me survive high school! 
Congratulations, Class of 20091 


pain in the butt you were we still hod some good times I 
wont to thank my best friends. Selby you're like a crazy 
brother conjoined at the hip. You're my best friend and I 
love you man. I'll always remember our crazy ideas, hang- 
ing out, drifting (sorto) and so much more. Lucia you've 
always been there when I need a smile. Elijah and J.D. you 
guys ore awesome We had some great times I won't ever 
forget and I hope we keep in touch. Since I'm running out 
of words and I don't hove $ 1 00 dollars to spend for more 
I'll moke the rest quick. Thanks to Captain, Chief, Jessica, 
Andrew, Ben, Tommy, Grant, Sam, Matt, Sonyo, Betb.^You 
guys all mode high school bearable I can't thank you all 
enough, please keep in touch. To everyone else: hosta la 
vista baby! 


First off, the rents. Mama-Gracias por todo que^ 
para mi, te omo muchisimo y realmente creo que tu eres 
la mujer mas fuerte en mi vida, Te aprecio mucho por 
todo que me has enseriado. Puedo hoblar contigo sobre.. 
todo que paso, y se que siempre puedes ayudorme 
necesito como cuol trajes debo usar paro los bailes, |aja 
y tambien consejos sobre mi novio. Ken-Thanks for being 
the coolest dad ever, fun times playing XBOX,haha. I ap- 
preciate all that you've done for this family, I'm extremely 
proud of you. When you decided to take over the station 
in Springfield so that I wouldn't hove to move Junior year 
meant so much to me, ill never forget it. Thanks for actually 
letting me drive your car, you took some risks there,& 
for all the advice and help you've given me. I love you. 
Jen&Jess-ore the best sisters anyone can ask for. Fun times 
staying up late, joking around, karaoke & dance nights & 
playing Taboo(even though we've never finished a game) 
Ms. Paul-Dance these post 4 years was awesome, thanks! 
Thanks to all my friends who've made these 
unforgettable. I wont you all to know that the time we've 
spent, how great it's been and how much it's meant. Love 
you guys! <3 

Adam Richichi 


Wow, writing this is truly a surreal experience Looking 
bock on my life, specifically high school, there ore far too 
many people to thank for me to fit them all in this. First, 
I'd like to thank my family. I love all four of you, even if at 
times it doesn't quite seem like it. Dad- Thank you for being 
the best role model a person could hove and helping instill 
some of the most important qualities a person con have 
in me. Mom- Thank you for supporting me in everything 
I've ever done. Brian- Thank you for olwoys being ther* to 
offer wisdom about life. Dan-Thank you for always helping 
me no matter what it involved doing on your part To my 
friends, you know who you are, thank you for all the amaz- 
ing memories. I'll always remember poker nights, lote night 
Wendy's runs, watching all the good movies I should have 
already seen, "Lost" marathons, Border/99's/Chili's, wo- 
ter basketball, Eogle's Deli, really long Facebook threads 


' , Man;ent of plays, hanging out at whoever's house was 

- j.loble (usually David's), all the talks, and all the other 
good times I'm probably forgetting about. I'd just like to 
thank my friends for sticking with me through the good 
times, and the bad times. Finally, thank you to anyone 
who has ever supported me in any way. 

Nick Romanelli 

1 want to thank my Mom and Dad. My grone 

ouiils and uncles I want lo thank tlie commissionef of 
tcilgating Keith Roop who never showed up. I want to 
thank Pitts for training me to be Ronnie Coleman. I wont 
to thank Mrs. Giusti. Davio and Carson for being the best 
L.C buddies. I wont to thank my toiigoting crew Tyler, 
Colin, Pat, Miles, Mizzoni, parker. My volleyball crew 
Heyls, Lorsen (buffalo chicken) Hot Shots part 2 Pogs, Luo, 
James, Will, Ethon, Tiano, Shaun, natty. Willy Moe for 
teaching me how to hit o baseball. Busa for not giving me 
rides because he's too lazy. Checo the big cheek checo, 
Wiffelboll, fishing. Neil (Obregotho) and any friend I 
forgot to mention.... Patriots and WEEI 850. 

Keith Roop 

Id like lo start of by thonking my Mom, Dad, Nan, Grampy 
for everything they hove done in my life so far. Next I 
would like to thank my good friends who I have shared 
many memories with up to this point in my life Jimmy, Nick 
Mizzoni, Nick Lorsen, Dave, Tyler, Colin, Pat Packenham, 
Parker, Miles, Ryan the hillbillie Pitts, Neil, Ryan Pogs, 
Mike Martinez, Ryan Clark, Steve Kozorion, Fritz, Checo, 
Romo. My best female friends Danielle, Joyce, Kelsey, 
Moe, Rachel, Diana, Alii, Julie, Sheri, Gabby, Charlotte, 
Victoria, that's all I can think of sorry to the others I forgot 
to mention High school was o great memory all the par- 
ties, and the other good stuff that go with parlies. Ill never 
forget my neighborhood memories though, with Big Jim, 
Tyler, Kyle, Jeff, Mike, Max all those kids who I grew up 
with, it stinks that its already over with im gonna miss the 
"rippa shack" that we built. All the partying and fun will 
leave good memories, the movie that built us oil "dazed 
and confused " I will always remember because I've seen 
it 376 limes. It's sod its all over but the fun wont stop here 
thanks for oil the memories guys and girls ill really miss 
it all.... Keith "Kloy" Roop out! Class of 09! We will be 
remembered forever. Heavy! 

Gionno Ruggiero 

I live by the quote, "everything happens for a reason." 
I would not hove been able to go through high school 
without the people I have met and grown to love. 'Family. 
Mom- we have had our differences but you always have 
my best interest in mind and I thank you so much for that. 
Dad- I can talk to you about anything and everything ond 
I know you will never judge me. Thank you for being there 
whenever I needed you. Mirella- we have become sooo 

-jjgse these past four years and you are my best friend. 

"Tm so glad and lucky to hove on amazing sister like you. 
Anthony- you're my baby brother and I can't wait to watch 
you grow up. John, Kerian & Lauren- you ore all such 
amazing people and I am so grateful to hove you in my 
life. I love you all so much. * Friends. Jen- you're my rock 
and my best friend. I would not have made it without you. 
We've been through so much over the past four years and 
we are closer then ever. I love how I om completely myself 
around you and you still like me =). Taylor- even though 
you moved you're still my best friend no matter whot. You " 

always know exactly what to soy and know how to make 
me smile. You're o friend I know I am going to hove for 
the rest of my life. Donlelle- even though we weren't as 
close OS we used to be you are someone I know I can 
always talk to about anything We hove been friends since 
I moved here and hove been through so much together 
Kelsey, Joyce, Julie- thonks for always listening when I 
needed to tolk to someone. We hove had so much fun 
gether and become so close these post few years Vk 
rio, Coio, Mcie : ' . - " ■ ' . ' ' ' ^ - ';.ara, 

Sheri, Alysso, Brittiom, Ryan, Davio, Neil, and Jimmy thank 
you for all the great memories. All my cheerleaders, you 
girls ore so awesome! just remember, live, laugh and love 
to your fullest. 

Alex Russo 

Thank you Mom and Dad. You both were olwoys there 
to support me and I know I can always lean on you guys. 
Jillion and Stephanie- Thanks for being greet sisters, and 
making sure I knew what I was doing throughout HS. 
Charlotte- Thanks for always being there, good times 
driving around and hanging out . SMD BLT. Rooney- 
Thanks for basically being my brother hoha. Brett- Thonks 
for being my pal Basement talks, Phish, Halo, Biddy. 
Donovan- Best Buds Sledding, Ribs, Mittersill (bears). 
Knockout Whist, good times bro. Emma and Shonnon-You 
guys ore awesome, thanks for all the awkward chats! Blue 
Hots- Thanks for all the great times, YDK included. Poker 
Crew(Cains)+Women-All of you ore amazing, I have 
never stayed up all night eating Ramon until this year So- 
phie and Leah let's get the BIG 3 bock together sometime 
alright? Thank you Sophia and Michoela for being my 
trock pals. Sai-thanks for helping me survive sophomore 
year. "Soi Horon Alex Russo Team" And thank you 
Kristino, Brendan, Claire, Courtney, Morina, Jenno, Tills, 
Anderson, Luke, Little Donovan, Brittany, Sarah, Bochman, 
Jimmy, Dave and you. Lastly, thank you Rhiana for all the 
good times we've had. Walks, Saints Jeans, Biggihi4xml, 
NH, watching the cars go by, drives. Prom, lots of really 
bod chick flicks with no plot (John Tucker Must Die), 
lobster. Journey, and Summer. 

Joamio Sims 

I would like to thank oil of my teachers for putting up ' 
with me for the post four years. I would like to thank Mrs. 
Larimore for being my moth teacher three years in a raw 
an over lood but I have enjoyed every moment in your J- 
"class. I would like to soy thanks taJ^rs. Luke (or being 
patient with me when I would get angry because I did 
not get something in biology. Mrs. Bornett The Student 
Atmosphere Advisor ond the head of the foreign language 
department you are the best. Even though t hove never 
been yoor student we hav&fcfmed a bond through SAC. 
My years here at Bedford High School hove been quite 
challenging and interesting with especiolly with all the 
drama that occurs between different students even some 
who ore friends. To Courtney and Jonelle after all of that 
drama in middle school we have turned out to be the best 
of friends Each of us individually has grown os o person, 
which has helped us grow as friends. The years hove gone 
by so quickly that it seems as if yesterday I was a fresh- 
men. Although I will become a former student and member 
of our BHS family there will always be a reminder of the 
work ihot 1 hove done 

Poricha Sims 

I want to thank God for blessing me with the life I om 
living, the people I share it with, and the lives it will • '• 
The most important woman I know, my mother, yot 
always got me out of my troubles, looked out for rr . 
interest, and gave me the means to push forward. I i ^ 
YOU, MAI TBO - how would I survive school without 
■11? This friendship is everlasting I so hea 

- m , . ^ . . . , our teet 
Take advantage of it! You truly ore my best friend, and I 
love you! KEY - My world would consist of meaningless 
thoughts without you. Our bond is 1 in a million. You're my 
sister and my best friend. I love you! CECE, MIA, CHRISSY 

- I love eoch and every ) of you! My life would hove no 
meaning without you! Chrissy, you are my inspiration! 
Aunty Trona - my idoll I remember saying, "when I grow 
up 1 wanna be just like her!" You mean everything to mel 
We hove this bond that no 1 else has and I cherish it. I 
love you G - our friendship is beyond belief! I love you 
girl! The Metco Fam, Bedford Fom, Faculty, Mr Berlino/ 
Mrs. Ford- You really helped me through some hard times. 
Thank you oil! Closs of '09 we did it! 

Alain Sick 

"If at first you do not succeed don't go skydiving. "-Some-l 
one, Sometime, Somewhere. 

"You should not live every day like its your last because 
thinking about tomorrow is important You don't moke ev- 
ery move in chess as if it were your lost, so why should yoi 
treat your even more complicated life any differently?"-if 
no one hos already claimed it then I'll take credit for it 
First, I would like to thank my friends. You guys mode 
the good times great and the hard times bearable. I still 
laugh every time I remember "Its not wet roin'-Victor Higl 
School was much more worthwhile for your being there, 
and I don't know if I would hove mode it without you. 1 
would also like to thank my parents. You olwoys mode 
sure that I didn't overwork myself, you always encourogec 
me to try new things, and you always mode iure that I 
got where I needed to be. I would also like to thank my 
teachers. What would High School be worth if I finished 
tl»foljr years having learned nothing? So 4 itiofjlL yotJ 
teachers for teaching/forcing me to leorn. Lastly, thonlr*' 
you robotics teem for being so awesome! 

^aisie Smith 

Dad: I hove learned so much from you, you taught me to 
be a strong person and to stand up for myself, even at o 
young age. You've always been there for me. And I love 
you for that. Mom: We don't olwoys agree on the same 
things 1 00% of the time but 1 know that you care and su| 
port me more than anyone. I love you so much You 
hove been so amazing. Thank You! Devin: Thonks foro^ 
the nights when it would be the night before the first doy 
school and you would know how to calm me down just b> 
sifting up with me; reading, sewing, or just letting me sleer 
in your room. You have oKvays been there to talk to even 
when you had no idea what I wos folking obout; you still 
had inspirational words for me I love you. Dusty: We havl 
had so many fun times together Whether it be playing 
Santo and Rudolph or Laser Tog, you were there making 
it that much more enjoyable. Thank you for making the 
transition to high schools so easy and being there though 
all the hard times. I love you for that Montana: You have 


icled like my second backbone these post few years, 
here have been many nights I thought I hod nowhere to 
jrn but you were there I know you're always going to 
le there to keep me in check about everything. IF it wasn't 
V those strawberry shortcake pjs L love you so much 
122. Alan B, Sarah C, Sam D, and Becco-boo-bear: all the 
■ • we have spent together the good and the bad were 
H it. I couldn't picture my high school experience 

without you guys. I love you so much tl Seriously, you guys 
■» itie hmM lol ChorUodom Thuhi ifaw all tha graui n 
mes and o great season!! 


b begin with, I need to thank the triumvirate of the social 
tudies department: Jim, who hod the privilege of seeing 
ne way too much for three years in o row, Dove, who 
ikely got on overdose of me in one year, and Rich, who, 
jntil this year, only hod to watch me from afar. I have 
tontinuolly showered them with my high regards, but I 
«ave no qualms about repeating myself: their critical think- 
ng attitude allowed us (their guinea-pig class of 2009) 
o gain a global perspective on the world today, as well 
3S become the independent thinkers we all are. You ore 
jreot people, as well as inspiring teachers. I wont to thank 
iich (the other Rich, Mr. Stephenson), for allowing me to 
ive in the moth office for a year and for treating me like a 
)erson, not just a student; I loved our conversations, 
hate to sound typical, but I need to thank my family, 
^atty has always been there: as a role model, as my 
jrother to talk to and joke with. My parents managed to 
\elp me succeed in doing my best. Most of who I am and 
vho I will become I owe to them. Sincerely, to the three of 
'Ou, thank you. 

honks to oil of those I know too well, to those I wish I hod 
jotten to know better, to every person that ever made me 
-mile, and, of course, to my friends. You have truly mode 
ny life. 

Jen Soto 

f I could thank everyone I've ever tffi&f op tcrfttisp6ffii; 
would because every one of you has mode me what 1 
ira today. Doddy, thank you for inspiring me, pushing 
ne to my limits and being there whenever I needed you. 
vlom, thonks for dealing with my mood swings. Manny, 
errance, thanks for being protective older brothers, best 
riends, and for keeping me in line. Armani, Jasmine, Felix, 
V\iguel, thanks for being supportive. Gianno "people say 
)est friends ore hard to find - that's because the best is 
already mine." - Thanks for being my best friend - love 
'Ou! Dillon, thanks for giving me a reason to go to school 
or 2 years, making me lough, ond being an amazing 
jerson - I love you Ryan, thonks for beitig my best friend 
jnd listening to everything I have to say - I can't wait till 
we get old. Brittiani, Mirello, Danielle, Farron, thanks for 
he good times. High school flew by and the only advice I 
lave to give is, "Live your lite to the fullest without regrets. 
V^ake mistakes and learn from them, mistakes only moke 
/ou stronger. Do what makes you happy, be with who 
Bokes you smile. Lough as much as you breathe, love as 
ong OS you live. Hove fun and don't worry about what 
)thers think. Whatever happens happens!" 

Nathan Spector 

remember walking into school freshman year, and seeing 
all the kids who were so much bigger than me there. It was 
overwhelming, at that point in my life. I know the freshman 
n me did not think I would make it through 4 years in this 

place Yet here I am I think I owe it to everyone for some- 
how keeping me from just giving up, my friends for making 
school bearable, my parents for never truly giving up on 
me, and my teachers for pushing me to do better than I 
already was doing 

Jessie Spencer 

Mom, Thanks for being there when I needed you. Thanks 
for the help that you gave me and the laughs that went 
■along thank you (or the memon««.«MM'~th».__ — 

years and being there to support me. Thanks for giving me 
what I needed, Jenny thank you for all the help that you 
gave me and all the fun times we hod together. I enjoyed 
all the laughs. Brian thanks for all the jokes that were told. 
And doing fun things with me. Thanks for being a really 
great brother. Friends, CB Thanks for helping me out when 
I needed it. You are my best friend and thanks for including 
me in everything. Thanks for being a really good friend. 
MS, thanks for all the laughs when I needed it. Thanks for 
the trips that we went on in the van. JM, thanks for being 
a funny friend when it was needed. Thanks for having the 
parties up in the apartment, Joyce, thanks for letting me 
talk to you when I needed to, KH, thanks for the laughs, 
AH, thanks for being a friend. Thanks for making the best 
grilled cheese. MT, thanks for the jokes that were told 
during field hockey. DD, thanks for the fun times. VT, thanks 
for the jokes that happen during field hockey. Mis G, thank 
you for all the help you gave me when I needed it and the 
fun things that we did in LC. DD, thanks for being a friend 
that you were and making me laugh. DM, thanks for the 
laughs and being a great friend. Bentleys-thanks for letting 
me use your house when I needed it. Thanks for making 
me lough when I came over to your house. 

high school experience by (or the best port of my life. You 
know I couldn't leave out the GREATEST one of them all, I 
thank my mother for everything LOVE YOU MOMMY! 
I love yall, every last one of you ond the ones thol I miss 
which I am sorry and the ones that are falling soldiers. I 
can't proy for a belter life and the people in it I appreci- 
ate it and I hope yoll wish me the best of luck for the 
upcoming years that goes by. And I pray that you all stay 
by my side forever ond ever. Thonk youl 

Mae Steinberg 

Mom and Dod- thanks for supporting me in every endeav- 
or, it's meant the world to me. Mom- thanks for listening (or 
at least pretending) to everything I've ever said, which has 
been a lot. Dad- thanks for fixing everything I've broken, 
which has also been a lot. Tim- thanks for being my best 
friend and partner in crime. Phil- thonks for letting me call 
you Dad way back when; you've always been there for 
me. Laura and John- thanks for being like family. Thanks 
to the Spencers, Dorbys, Dorkozollis, Mellos, Mahoneys, 
Mozels, Basiles, and Bentleys for opening your homes to 
me over the years, Diono- thonk you for inspiring me with 
your beauty and groce, and for always rocking to your 
own beat. Rachel- thank you for being quick thinking and 
level headed, you hove balanced me out these past four 
years. I hope we never forget the time we hit that deer,T& 
Charlotte, Joyce, Jessie, Cora, Danielle, Julie, Kelsey, Alii 
H, Janelle, Claire, Jenno, Courtney, Kelly, GBoby, KBToys, 
V, Dave, Dewayne, Joe, Soi, members of the Frat, 
Ashley, Nicky, and everyone else. .. THANKS fofcKeering 
me on and making me lough throughout the years. To the 
faculty- you ore oil my favorites, thanks for teaching me to 
read between the lines. 

James St.Onge _ Matt Stretch 

First off, I would like to thank my family. To mom and daC 
you were always a big help. If I ever hod any trouble you 
two were there. If I needed a good laugh I could count 
you. Michaeto ond Corey you always made it fun at 
home. I don't think there was ever a dull moment when 
you guys were around. Secondly, I would like to thank 
my friends. To Alex, Jorryd, Joey, Shaun, Nick, Natty, and 
Homish it was fun always having a place to go watch 
the gome or ploy bosketboll with. Thank you everyone 
at poker night for a good time, even though you would 
beat me it was fun to go and hangout with you guys all 
the time, I especially wont to thank David for all those 
times that you let us ploy poker at your house when most 
other people would not let us over, Cheech it wos greot 
having you around, whether we were on the tennis court 
or just hanging out you always soy something that would 
make me lough, mainly in water basketball. Lostly, 1 thank 
everyone who worked at Wedgewood. Without you 
people I wouldn't have been able to sit in "the born" all 
day. Thanks again BHS 

Laquan Standberry 

I would like to thank God for allowing me to be on this 
earth. I would also like to thank my family, especially my 
grandmother, who's been there since day one and my 
father, aunts, uncles, sister, cousins, grandparents, my role 
model, my brother Rickey, and Ms. Owens, words cont 
even explain how much I thank you Oh mann my friends, 
or should I soy my broz and sisz from another mother., 
haho. Dweezy, CDz, TFovz, Twizzy, Jerry, Dov, Tiliz, 
Bee, Skee, Leek, Abner, oil y oll ore my boys and all the 
females(way too many to name, lol) but y'oll mode my 

First off I'd like to thank Matt Roth, you've been a good 
friend and high school would have been horrible without 
you. I'd also like to thank Eli, Greg, and Billy. Also I'd like 
to thonk my parents, you guys have been awesome and 
hove supported me in everything I've done. It's been fun 
and I'm looking foword to the future, 

Kelly Sullivan 

Mom and Dad, you guys ore the greatest parents I could, 
ever ask for, thank you both for encouraging ond support^ 
ing me through the years. Mobeor-I cant thank you enough 
for driving me to oil my golf tournaments, cheering me on 
and being my best friend in the world. Big Sull- Thonk you 
for getting up every morning tor the past twelve years and 
making me the best breokfasis of all time and for otwoys 
starting my car. Christian and Patrick- thank you so much 
for not only treating me like your sister, but your friend. 
You guys always included me in everything you did, and I 
appreciate it more than you know. Abby and Lily-you Quys 
ore the best little sisters in the world, thanks for always 
keeping me company at break. Wendy and Scott-Thonk 
you for your hospitality and welcoming me into your fam- 
ily, being a port of the Hortman family has changed my 
life. Uncle John, Thanks for always cheering me on M golf, 
I promise when I ploy with Paulo Cramer you can come 
caddy for me Sodie and Hodor-Thonks for being a part of 
my life and helping me through high school Sod, I'll never 
forget the time you ran over the curb with John and Kyle. 
Mr Niven- thanks for being the greatest teacher at BHS, 
and always welcoming me into your classroom when I 
needed someone to talk to. 


k Tate 

AOM and DAD: I wish I had more space to thank you for 
everything you hove done over the post eighteen years but 
I think you know all the gratitude that I reolly hove for you 
when I say thank you DEVON and ERIC; You two are the 
best siblings a brother could ask for and hove made my 
life fun and enjoyable; I can't thank you enough. ASSAF, 

where to begin, you guys hove been my best friends tor 
all of high school. Every one of you has changed me in 
one way or another and I'm going to miss all of you next 
year. MR. BERLINO AND MRS. PRITCHEH: Of oil the 
teachers I have had in BHS the two of you hove been the 
most influential on me and have mode me a better person 
both academically and personally. BUCAPPELLA: Guys, 
this year has really been a pleasure and I enjoyed every 
minute of it. No matter where I go next I will never forget 
where my roots lie "we ride together we die together 
bucoppellos for life." EVERYONE ELSE: unfortunately I 
only get 225 words, so as for the rest of you who hove 
influenced me you know who you ore and thank you. 

living hell! We shared some of the GREATEST times EVER 
You guys will truly always be my besties for life!! Finally to 
my Ride-or-Die chico Elly, It's been you ond me since 5lh 
grade; you ore truly a sister to me. WE FINALLY DID ITIIII 


whether you know me as Cassandra, Cassie, or even 
kiddo, I'm the same either way. No one has chonged me. 
Thank you to my family for always believing in me. Thank 
you Mom and Dad for believing in me. Thank you Brandy 
for all your help when it come to boy trouble. Thank you 
Lonnie for always being there to cheer me up when i was 
down. Thank you Jason for pushing me to read, even 
though I hated it. Thank you Grandma Staples for always 
listening to me. Thank you to all my friends here and in 
Tennessee. Thonk you Heidi and Roy for being like parents 
to me, and Mitch, Mason, and Max for dealing with me. 
Thank you Choquanda for helping me with step. Thank 
you to my art buddy, Teebabi, for letting me be myself. 
Thank you all, I love you. 


WOW! ! can't believe that I'm a senior at Bedford High 
School, and about to graduate with the class of 2009!! So 
many thoughts run thru my head, as I get ready to join the 
real world and embark on odventures that I con call my 
own. But before I do there ore so many special people in 
my life that has made this possible. First, off I would love to 
thank my parents. Rhonda and Otis, who have been there 
for me thru it all. If it wasn't for them guiding me in the 
right direction I don't know where 1 would be right now 
Secondly I would love to thank ALL my teachers especially 
Mrs.G who has made my years at BHS the best time of my 

t-wasn't for Mrs^J^-f-tJofTt know how I wojjy^+r&ve 
riode it tfiru all 4 yrs of high school IhirdTy I would love to 
-thank my sister Kirby and brothers Justin, and Logon who 
were there for me in times no one else was. You guys are 
great role models! To my METCO FAM I love you guys 
so freaking much. I couldn't imagine sharing as many 
memories that we shared together with anyone else. To 
Qy/eeeezzyy and Quany, thanks for being REAL ond there 
for me thought all our years together. I would LOVE to 
thank "TBO" if it wasn't for you guys my life would be.o 

Joe Tiano 

Joey T 

First of oil I want to thank my parents, without your guid- 
ance and all of your love I could not hove become the 

tun getting used to o quiet house wiltioul me, I love you 
both. Falzones, Eldredges, O'Connors, Catherine, K C, 
and all my Grandparents thanks for always moking me 
smile. To all of my football boys past and present, thanks 
for all the greot times and know that I will always have 
your bock no matter what To all of my football Coaches, 
especially Coach Belcher and Cooch Moclssoc, thank you 
for teaching me to carry myself with humility and dignity 
and also for all of your dedication. Mr. Berlino ond Mr. 
Niven: thank you for making my time at BHS more bear- 
able ond olso for encouraging me as a writer To all of my 
friends: At the risk of leaving anyone out, thank you oil for 
the times we've shared and the impact you've hod on me. 
I love you all 

KrisHne Tom 


You must be the change you wish to see in the world 

Mom/Dod-for teaching me everything, letting me be 
myself, and encouraging me to be open-minded You've 
pushed me to my limits, given unconditional love, and 
always supported me. Love you always. Corina-deod 
donkey, gronny's got it, moose! You've always mode me 
laugh, and hove given me something to aspire to, being 
the guiding hand when I've lost my way Thanks to my 
teachers for inspiring me to be curious about the world. 
You've shaped my mind and how I think. To oil my hiends 
in Bedford-you know who you ore. Here's to the people 
who've pulled all-nighters with me to finish schoolwork; 
taught me way too much about Yalta and sports trivia; 
hung tampons in the guys' bathroom, filled with balloons; 
watched KungPow while supergluing our fingers; called 
me Wide Load in locrosse; watched movie morothons; 
made infamous phallic cokes; bouldered wtfh Pop, Rock, 
and Drop it; painted hidden gnomes; taught me to bike 
and swim, hove loved my decrepit cor; and hove stoyed 
vp really late sharing secrets. It's been fun and I I! never 
forget any of these memories t mean, it s not necessorily 
the end-The trodemork of true friends is that they grc 
seporote but never opart 

Marina Tomao 

MOM&DAD; Thanks for your unconditional love and 
support, for being my #1 fans (ond for all my notes in my 
lunch!) I love you! ANTHONY; from the "loughing gome" 
on long car rides, or chasing each other around the house, 
thanks for being the best Ittffe brother. Live the rest of high 
school to the fullest. CLAIRE: What would I do without 
you?! "shawonwon" hoir dye. You give the best advice 
ond are olwoys there for me. I wiii always be here for you, 
iloveyou. KATIE(ond hunter)- IGFUADI Thanks for riousinq 
me when I needed a home, for introducing me to the best 
shower, LOST! - then talking to me about it throughout 
the next doy.Thonks for ALWAYS making me lough, and 

for always beign there numo numo EMMA my lough 
apple-loving cripple You are so easy to lolk to, ond when 
im with you it is never a dull moment SHANNON My 
horseback riding "I'm needyl" girl, you make me laugh jo 
much. COURTNEY "Flclooser For our gym classes ond 
toub ;) and you can't forget thot time I threw the corroi w/ 
hair at you ANNIE: Conoe rides with penny, the wood 
and whale class SARAH: traveling taco & ootmeol cook- 
ies NORAISENS KATELYN long walks i 

ihanlcs tor always holding my hand at ww when it wos 
dork. FHO GIRLS: v, honni, mondo, Sophia, nikki, erica, a 
lie, collie; Goodluck! I'm going to miss you guys so much. 
Please win. for me? "To the farthest star and back"<3 

Nick Vance 

Thonks: Thank you mom and dad for helping me moke 
it through high school. If it were not for you keeping me 
focused and showing me the way I would have never 
finished A special thanks to my mother because even 
though we mode it through the hard nights and shedding 
tears on bod grodes, she still never gave up on me. ThonI 
always to my fother who molded me into the man I om 
todoy and showing me how to accept responsibility for m' 
actions. Thank you Ms. Sovorino for oil the support and 
skills that you hove given me for the future. I con see how 
much you hove done for me and how you hove become 
my second mom, your legacy will live on. Mr. Boschetto I 
wont to soy thonk you for teaching me the study skills a 
the workload that I wilt need in college. Lastly, thonk you 
to all my friends. I will remember the times we shared ai 
the love you oil hove given me for the rest of my life. I 
miss you Bedford High School with all my heart and I 
never forget the tools and the guidonce you hove given 
me that I con now share with the world Always remembi 
" Spreod The Love " 

Tommy Wag home 

Woggy, T-Woggs, Woggs 

First off I would like to thank Dr. Pepper for be'iDQ-th^ 
best drink. Mom- You taught me all my lessons, monners, 
and how to cook and you were olwoys there.Dad-You 
taugh^^nS pretty much everything that can I 
outside world. Captain Corson-You loogbHTreTeadefslS^ 
and mode me able to go out of my comfort zone Chief— 
Edfis-You taught me even more manors, v<htch hove Mpt 
-me greatly. Mr Hebert-For providing me wtth great 
jokes Nick Vonce-For tokijig^ne^ almost into your family I 
Martha's Vineyord, and always being there. Ben-Alwoy! 
cheerrTig me up since the age of 3, like the time we got 
kicked out of Friendly's Alan-Being o good friend ond 
taking me to the barbecue and beach in local getaway. 
Andrew-Making me lough even at the worst time. Robert 
We've been friends since JGMS and the first time wej 
out ot the movies with the spilled popcQCic^^ 
me over, playing holo, and getting ir>}o trouble wilh : 
bolls. Mcur4or the interesting times in algebro I! with ' 
homework" your weicome. Nick Neveux-Fof oil of o«r 
movie discussions ond sandwich jokes. Lucia-Domg such 
a great job with drill. GJ.-All the COD4 B«th-8emg one 
my best friends. To others including: Dewoyne, BarkovK 
Stretch, Oovio, Jimmy, Brendan, Kercher, Drew, Rose, 
Nathan, List, and Everyone Else in ROTC. 

Katherine Waleyk( 

To my parents, thank you for everything you hove done. 

ilways being there for me in ond ou( of school Even 
yh all the fights we hove had. I love you and I thank 
lor being by my side. To all my friends, thanks for 
Hi great limes vi/e have had, you hove mode me the 
ml am today ond I am glad I met every one of you. 
e thanks for being there when I needed to talk, and 
J me the best advice. Beth, thanks for being my best 
I, always being there for me, and always telling me 
uth. Holly, thanks for being my lacrosse and snow- 
'joardin'g buddy ond^otways being there to ^a^k."Ate5Ka, 
emember all those great times we hod in marching bond? 
Wouldn't have been so much fun without you there. Alex, 
honks for being such a great friend through these post 
^earSj and talking to me through every rough patch. Mr. 
Felker, thank you for shaping my love for music, through 
all the years of band and marching band. To all my friends 
outside of Bedford, thank you for all the fun times we've 
had so for and how of you always make me lough. My 
four years of high school hove been amazing, and it 
wouldn't have been that way without all these people in 
my life. 

Sonya Walsh 

Thank you mom and dad for always being there for me. I 
love you both and I wouldn't change anything about the 
past 18 years. Brianno, I know we fight all the time but I'll 
miss sharing a room with you. Me, you and Maria have 
alwoys been close, but the trips to Italy only brought us 
closer, I love you both. Michael, I love you and hope you 
have a great time in High School. I don't know what I 
would do without you Nonno, I love you so much. Lay, I 
love you like o sister, you will always be part of the family. 
I'll remember everything about the past few years. Robert, 
I wouldn't want to learn how to drive with anyone else. 
Linds, I have known you since 1 st grade and I'll never 
forget oil those years together. Katie, Heather, Nicolle, 
Laura, Brit, Hoyli, Angela, Emily, and Nisho, I love you 
girls and you hove always been there for me, I wish you all 
ifie best of luck. ECE class, I love you girls and we hod a 
great year lost year. Drew, I hod fun lost year in math class 
singing "Teardrops on my guitar". Chris, I hove known you 
for forever and I love talking to you. Congratulations Class 
of 09 and I wish you all the best. 

Victor Wang 

Alright - Senior Thanks at 1 1 :50 P.M. the day before 
it's due: Thank you, mom and dad, for feeding me and 
sending me to school and putting up with me for 17 years 
and giving birth to me and oil that stuff. Thank you, Mr. 
Venkatesh, for being the awesomest teacher ever, even 
though your tests produced averages that were, and I 
quote you, "like the Titanic". Thank you, Ms. Sargent/ 
LeShoy/LeSarge, for taking us on educational field trips - 
Pwice. Thank you, Microsoft Word, for pointing out that all 
of these sentences ore fragments, even though they most 
certainly ore not. Thonk you, Mr, Griffin, for not giving me 
a detention when you caught me launching pencils across 
room with an air pump. Thank you. History Fair Group, 
For all of the fun we had together that was a reprieve from 
the horrors of Junior Year, and o time that I will remember 
forever, and didn't exist Thank you, Mr. Boschetto, for not 
getting mad at me when I asked you to write my college 
recommendation and then told you not to write my college 
recommendation because I needed a recommendation 
from a science teacher. And thank you, everyone else I 
forgot, for the things that we did that I enjoyed and later 


Lindsay Wilkins 

"Las Perros" 

"Why is this so difficult"- Emily and Nicolle 
"TRAD"- Brit 

Thanks to everybody that I have known for the past 
seventeen years! Thanks mom, dad, Katie, and Tom for 
always supporting me. And Kira thanks for dealing with 

meTi-knwwi-carr b'e^a~p"atn7bxrt^e' hudwan^goochtfTftBr, " ' 
Love yo! Then there is Sonyo, Lay, Nicolle, Emily, Brit, and 
Laura. You guys ore the best friends ever, thanks for always 
being there. I can't believe we ore seniors! Sonya, I hove 
known you forever and it's sad this is our last year of high 
school. And Brit, I just met you Jr. year and we became so 
close and hod many great times. Love you both. And the 
rest of you guys high school has been great. Drew you're 
a great friend, I know you enjoyed me and Sonya singing 
to you in math class! Doisie and Jynette cheering has been 
awesome. And ECE class, I am going to miss you guys. 
Then there is Heather, Hoyli, Angela, Katie, and Nisha, 
you guys are great friends too, high school has been fun. 
And thanks to all you guys who hove graduated already, 
JD, Grege, Billy, DB, Aaron, Matt, Jason, Corey, and 
Dennis, all those summer nights. And Congrats to the class 
of 2009! 

Aimee Young 

Thanks Mom & Dad! You guys are awesome! You've 
guided me oil through my life, teaching me everything 
I need to survive in this crazy world. Thanks for your 
patience, kindness, and generosity throughout the years. 
Although I may not show it from day to day, you both 
mean a lot to me. Thank you to oil my teachers who have 
influenced me and the way I look and think about things,. 
bet you've prepared me well for college. A special thank 
you to Mr. Sunderland who's shown me through history 
fair how hard I can work and how far I can take things if I 
hove a passion for them. Thanks also to Mrs. Sollee who 
helped me to improve my writing a lot in a single year. 
And finally, thanks to oil my friends, especially you, 
Charlotte, who have supported me and helped me through 
the stressful times during the school year, shared my 
complaints, and laughed at all the stupid things we do. 
I've known you guys as friends since about 4th grade, and 
that's pretty cool. I hope we continue to share that awe- 
some bond for the rest of our lives. 

Natty Young 

Thank you mom and dad for all you have dorie for me 
ond for always supporting me. Nick for all the laughs, tree 
video games and being o wicked chili older brother. Toast 
to Niven. Thanks to ail my guys for ail the crazy memories 
and great times in and out of school. Finally thanks to the 
Class of 09 for o fun four years. 

Bailee; for helping me find my own voice ond discover 
my style of writing Mrs Bloke: for being such a great 
swim coach, end pushing me to do my best Aiom, Victor, 
Adrien, Soi, Andrew: thank you all for being best of friends 
and sticking it out with me. Alain, Victor: couldn't have 
done history foir without you. Soi, Andrew for all the great 
times ond video gomes. Thonk you iPod, cell phone, AIM, 
Sporknotes, my cor, ond Focebook for making life that 
much easier. Lostly, thank you to everyone thol has been 

(I'm sorry). Thank you oil for making high school such a 
great experience and best of luck in the future. I'll never 
forget you guys. 

Gregg Zolla 

Triple G 
"I meon, what?" 

"I'd put in more effort if I wasn't so lazy" 
"You're skinny for a fat kid" 

To my parents- Thank you for always being there to sup- 
port me, no matter how stupid I may hove been ot the 
time. Thanks for always keeping me from doing terrible at 
school, mostly by forcing me to do my homework, despite 
my protests. And thanks for making me repeat the some 
conversation twice within 1 minutes almost every day. To 
my sisters- Kim, thank you for baking me delicious daserts, 
no matter how much of a pain in the rear I was to you. 
Jen, thank you for always having my bock and for putting 
up with me offer Kim went to college. To Sam- 
for always brightening my day, making mcfeel better, and' 
for always being there for me. To Brendon- Thanks for 
being my best friend, for mon-talking with me so often, and 
thanks for carrying me through school through all those 
projects. Thank you to all of my friends, who have oil been 
so supportive over the years. Thonk you all for supporting 
me through my life, and for anyone I may hove missed in 
this short space, thanks so much. 

Jun-Qi Zhai 

First and foremost, thank you mom ond dad. Mom: thank 
you for being there when I needed someone to talk to 
and understanding me. You've always supported me and 
wished me success, and I'm sorry for putting you through 
so many troubles. Dad: you've always been there to guide 
me and make sure I'm the best man I con become. You've 
always been o great role model for me, and I can only 
hope to be like you, Thonk you to teachers. Mrs Miele, 
Mr. Huff: for helping me understand ond enjoy moth. Ms. 


First grade seems like just yester- 

• A class of kids who played all day. 
Recess throughout Davis and Lane,' 
Even the classes: simple and plain 
We showed little appreciation. 
Except for now, at graduation. 
Little by little, we came of age. 
Learning together, at every stage. 
But now we're leaving, moving 

Headed to college, it's a new start 
Senior year fades, a mere memory 
I -Christie Chiu 



Congratulations! We are so proud of you. May your 
life be filled to the brim with happiness. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Becky 

Tommy Waghorne 


^liappy heart makes the face cheerful 

'My son. if your heart is wise, 
then m\ heart will be glad." 
Proverbs 15:13a, 23:15 


Dad. Mom. Hcthanv <fe Philip 

Nathan Spector 


We are so proud of 

you and your 


Love always! 

Mom, Dad, 

Andrew and Eric 


May you always be able to have 
die two-fisted McDonald's sa- 
lute without gaining an ounce, 
ind may your concerns onl\- be 
Love, Dad 

Heartfelt sentiments for a 
deeply fulfilling academic 
career. May you have many 
August l8ths and few Bill 
Paxon movies. 
Love, Jillian 

Congrats on graduating, Bobo! 

I'd give you advice but you 
gave me the best before I left. 
Just remember, "Mama always 
Love, Stephanie 

My house will seem empty, 
but my heart will be full ot 
laughter and memories and 

music: "Junebug skipping like a stone—with the headlights pointed at the 
dawn, faster than we thought we'd go..." 
Love you. Mom 

Alex Russo 


It seems like yesterday 

when I first held you in my arms. 

Pride and joy filled my heart. 

It seems like yesterday 

when you first looked into my eyes 

as if to soy, I love you. 

It seems like yesterday 

when you were just a tiny babe 

so tender, so precious, and loving. 

Yet you filled our home with 
love, joy, and happiness. 
Where have those years gone? 

'Cause it seems like yesterday 
when you said your first word 
and took your first step. 

To watch you grow has been 
such delight! 

Thought, it seems like yesterday 
You were running into my arms. 

I love you! 


James St. Onge 

Congratulations James! 

Your determined and easy-going 

nature will ensure your success in life. 

We are very proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Carev and Michaela 


As you head dowi life's road 
w w<!iif you to hum Ijiiu' 
jjroud w are of you and mr 
accomplishments. You've a 
mnderfid youn^ man and a^reatjoy lo all who hum you! 
we wish you a lifetime of love and ham'iness. we hum' that 
you mil always he successfid in whatever dir ection y ou (]o. 
Keep your head uy, looh 
ahead, hut don't for(jet where „ ^ti- 
vou've been... ^ 
With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, Robert & Maxie 

I am so proud of your accomplishments 
as "Tootsie The Clown" since the age of 
two, and Volunteer Humanitarian Worker 
through most of your growing 
years. You have always 
been my STAR. 
With love, Mom 

You go girl!!! 
Love, Aunt Jan & Uncle Phil 

I am proud of you "Baby Sis." 
With love, 


Take pride in all that you've 
achieved thus far, but more 
importantly, in all that you've 
become. As a daughter, sister 
and tViend you make the world 
a better place with your graceful 
yet tenacious strength and caring 
spirit. Thank you for the great 
joy you spread to all of us. We 
are excited to watch you grow 
into this next phase of your jour- 
ney and are always here for you 
as you go forth to create the life 
you've imagined. 

We love you "to the moon!" 

Mom & Dad, Alicia. 
Michaela. Vincent, Ava 
& Stella 

"In your hands lies the future of your world 
and the fulfillment of the best qualities of 
your own spirit.' 

Robert F. Kennedy 


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That's why 
it's called the present. • Hkanor KooNmlt ( 1884-1962) 

To our fabulous Katie • Vic couldn't be prouder of the woman you fiave 
become. You bring joy to us each day; ahvaw making us laugh, a.ha.\s gising us your 
opinion. You have taught us by your example to li\e in the moment and find the won- 
der in each day. \i)ur patience and your caring nature are w hy you are such a natural 
working with the CASE kids. You connect w ith each of them you let them 
connect with you. You will go places, little girl, and we will always be w aiting to hear 
\ ( )ur stor\- at the end of the day. Love, Mom, Dad. Megan 

and Hunter 

Do what vou love - Love what vou do. 

From your first steps onto the 
bus in kindet^arten to your final 

Lx-ci. . - .u , , .... .^..itcr 
who has brought joy into all of 
our live*. As your i 
l?cfi;ins bo'ond 5c\;.^ . mi. a 
lliat we will always be there \o 
love and support )'Ou. 
l.o\e. Mom, Dad and ' ^ ^' 


'the (girC 

you fiave 
worked so 
very hard. 
yVe are 
proud of 
you. you 
can do 

Love Lasts, 
Mom, Dad 
and Dennis 


Dear Neil, 
You came 
through all the 
challenges of 
growing up 
to become a 

man. You 
have a good 
to enter the 
world and 
take advantage 

of all the 
opportunities it 

Find your passion, follow 

your heart and leave 
your mark on the world. 
We'll always be there 
for you. 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad 
and Jake 

Jessie Spencer 

Our iJt t le Girl is All Grown Up!! 
Your big heart and thouglitf iilnps.s \mkes you ono of a kind. 
Tiiere is no doubt that your detorniinat ion and }3(TSLstpnc(> 
will tal<p you far in life. Make all your dreams coiik^ t rue! 
We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Jennv & Brian 

TOe one ail ^ finoucC cfoui 

out cumC m<x^ CMnicC <x ^ettci fei<icc 
Love, Mom, Dad & Corina 

He arrived. 

Parker Boeing 

You Made It!! 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - 

I took the road less travelled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Robert Frost 

Where you go 
our love will forever 
go with you... 
Mom, Dad, Greg and Jenna 

He conquered... 

Brad, Max, Jessie, Courtney, 
Kayla, and Kevin 

There are doors out 
there for you to open, 
find them & walk 
through! Never forget 
Einstein's quote. Live it. 

Mrs. G, Miss Dresser 

You will always be outstanding in your field! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

You have made us so proud and have 
brought us more joy and happiness than you can imagine. 
Boy we're gonna miss you! 

Mom, Dad, Matthew & Maria 


We are so proud of you and your 

accomplishmcnls You arc your 
own person and wc know you will 
always remain true to yourscll. It 

seems like yesterday when you 
started 1st grade, and now you're 
graduating from high school. Wc 

have enjoyed and loved every 
moment watching you grow to be 

such a beautiful, happy person 
Remember the world is yours, set 

your goals and you will achieve 
whatever you want. 
Your Loving Parents 

For J.P. DriscoU 

'^There's jubilation in the land... 
When Johnny strikes up the band. 

(Warren Zevon - 
Johnny Strikes Up The Band) 

**The grass, greener 
The light, brighter 
With friends surrounded 
The nights of wonder** 

(Pink Floyd - High Hopes) 

man ikat *jou ^ kzcome,. . .<mi3 
Ukal ijou^ 

"Oh, father of the four \> mds, 
fill my sails, across the sea of years. 
With no provision but an open face, 
along the straits of fear." 
(Led Zeppelin - Kashmir) 

"Well ever\ body's 
dancin' in a ray of 

bright sun; 
Nobody's finished, 
we ain't even begun. 

So take off your 
shoes, child, take off 
your hat. Shine your 
wings and fly me out 
where it's at." 
(Grateful Dead - 
The Golden Road) 

"Don't you know your 
riding with the King?" 

(Eric Clapton - 
Riding with the King) 

"Well I don't know 
but I've been told. 
You never slow down, 
you never grow old." 
(Tom Petty - Last Dance With Mary Ja 


Congratulations to our favorite sister... 
talented, gorgeous, friendly and kind 
is not a bad way to go through life! 
Christian & Patrick 


Colin - We are so proud of you and all that you have 
accomplished. We cheer and support you in this next exciting 
phase of your life. We love you! - Mom. Dad and Krin 

Congratulations, Dave!! 
We know that with your strength and determination you 
will be successful. Stay positive and ENJOY the ride. 
The best is yet to come! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Leah 

Congratulations G.J. 

We are so happy and very proud of you! You've grown from one 
terrific little boy to a wonderful young man with a killer smile and 
easy-going spirit and attitude. You bring us so much happiness, 
and we have no doubt you will succeed in fulfilling any goal you 
set, or whatever your "call of duty" may be. Remember that we are 
unconditionally here for you. Always be true to yourself; live boldly; 
laugh loudly; love truly; play as often as you can; work as smart as you 
are; share your heart as deeply as you can reach; and choose in ways 
that support your dreams and honor your actions. God bless you 
every day with love, health, happiness and peace. 

With all our love today, tomorrow and forever, 
Mom, Dad, Kristen & Sadie *#* 


Maxime - It seems like only 
yesterday you vvere a four-year-old 
jumping off the couch, and now 
you're a seventeen-year-old doing 
a double pike off the three-meter 
board Thanks for 17 years filled 
with great moments and memories, 
from the Tournament of Plays to the 
young man you have become, and 
look forward to seeing you make 
your hopes and dreams come true 
Love. Mom, Dad & Alex 

A loving son, a great brother and a loyal 
friend. We're so proud of you, 
Mom, Dad and Greg 

Congratulations, Brendan! 

We are so proud of all that you have 
accomplished, and the obstacles you have 
overcome to get there. As you start the next 
chapter of your life, remember that the best Is 
yet to come, and we'll be cheering for you every 
step of the way. 

With love - Mom, Dad, Dominic & Jake 


7^ *' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * 

"The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the 
things that endure. These qualities are so much more 
important than the events that occur" 

Vince Lombardi 

Dear Patrick, 

Since you did not arrive in this world with instructions, we did 
the best we could to raise a good kid. However, we really had 
no idea what we were doing (as you can see). Nonetheless, we 
are very proud of the young person you have become... you're 
the best. And to think, usually you have to throw out that first 

Congratulations to you, Patrick, and the class of 2009. 

Love, Your Mom & Dad 






"Go confidently in 
the direction of your 
dreams! Live the life 
you 've imagined. " 

-Henry David Thoreau 

We are very proud of you. 
We will always love and 
support you in all that you do. 
You have brought so much love, 
joy, and wonderful 
memories into our lives. 
We look forward to sharing your 
exciting years ahead! 
We Love You! 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations Joyce! 
We ore so proud of you and all 
your accomplishments and the 
person you hove become. There 
ore no limits to the goals you can 
attain or success you can achieve. 
Shoot for the stars and follow your 
Believe. ..Imagine. ..Dream... 
Always remember how much we 

love you, 
Mom, Dad, Sheene, Joke, Michael 


"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied 
with the best." - Oscar Wilde 

We love you Big Andy, and know you will have 
much happiness and success in life. 

Love always, 

Mom and Dad, Ashley, Aaron, and Tara (woof) 


Vour first day of school you ran to get tht. 
bus, backpack in hand, smiling and ready to 
learn. You always approach life with a smile, 

stay that way Stay who you are, we are 
proud of you. Make others happy be well, 
have fun. And keep smiling. 


We are so proud of 
Mom and Andrew 


•MR; ' • • . ^* * 


We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Steve, Nikl<i, 
Alii & Karl 


Congrats, Sam! 

We are so very proud of you; 
Sweetie, you have grown into a 
wonderful young woman, but you 
will always be our little girl. 
We love you. 

Dad, Crams & Cramps 

We are all so proud of you as a young child through your teens now. 
You have always been a kind, gentle, loving soul, with a passion for 
life and all it has to offer. Your optimism and strength in character is 
inspiring, and each day has been a gift for us. We know that the world is 
yours. You are a wonderful role model for your little sister. This is not an 
end, but the beginning of your journey down the path you will choose 
for yourself. We will always be here to love, encourage and support you 

In your life. 

Love you baby girl always, Mom, Dad, Nina and Trixen 


Sunshine when 
she smiles, 
beautiful inside 
and out, laughter 
soothes her soul. 

Jennifer! We are 
so proud of you! 


Dad, Sharyn, , 
Jared, Jamie and 
Janine , . 




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